The Owners Of War
By Judith Moriarty


This morning, listening to C-Span, I was sickened at the inhumane remarks made by callers from across the country (both parties). I would estimate that 90% of the people had no problem with the recent massacre of civilians in Haditha. It was apparent, listening to their comments that few had bothered to read the initial accounts of this massacre. There was the usual lionizing of the military ­ fighting for peace, justice and the American way.
Haditha: A roadside bomb went off at 7:15 a.m. as local families were preparing for the day. They had the bad luck of living adjacent to this incident which killed a Marine. Immediately afterwards, Marines stormed the house directly across from the attack, shooting as they approached ­ though there was no gunfire from any of the homes.
A video shot by a local journalism student shows the bloody aftermath of what happened. Inside this home (the first one) was a 76 year old blind man in a wheelchair and his 66 year old wife and nine of their sons, daughters- in ­laws and grandchildren. The  Corner's report obtained by NBC News reported that the wheelchair bound, blind mean was shot in the stomach and head. The wife and five other relatives were killed by multiple gunshot wounds.
Ten year old Iman, who survived, told news reporters "The Americans came into the room where my father was praying and shot him. They went to my grandmother and killed her, too," Iman says. During this raid the house caught fire when a propane tank in the kitchen blew up. Marines then moved next door. Nine people were inside, and eight were killed, five of them children. Twelve year old Safa says she hid under the bed. "They came in and shot all of us", she says, "I pretended I was dead".
Marines then moved to a third location ­ a taxi parked by the side of the road. In it, were four university students and a driver. A witness watching from a nearby rooftop says Marines took the five men out of the car and executed them. The driver was screaming in English, "Please!, please!" but they shot him in the body.
At approximately 10:30 a.m., Marines stormed the house of Eid Ahmed, where they separated his four sons from the women and children ­ before killing the men.  Nine year old Khalid was in the house. "This is my father!" he screamed, "God will take my revenge!" Note: And we wonder how terrorists are made (JM)
If not for the story in Time magazine, months after this event, it is doubtful it would have come to light. The first reports from the Marines, were that these civilians had died when the roadside bomb went off. Afterwards the story changed. It was then reported that they were being fired upon from these homes ­ and fired back. Investigations proved that this didn't happen, as the bullet holes were all within the homes, and not on the outer walls.
Citizens calling into C-Span were as cold blooded, as those who participated in this alleged attack on civilians. They casually, some vindictively stated;  "This is war, things like this happen, everybody is the enemy,  including women and children, our troops have to protect themselves."  The tragic thing is, this event happened to get news coverage, most don't, including whole families shot up at road blocks and the massacre at Fallujah (no media coverage) where males from 15 -65 were not permitted to leave the city.
Thousands of Iraqi citizens in Fallujah died in the midst of napalm, bombing and phosphorous weaponry. Bodies were found charred and melted; with the newest annihilating inventiveness of civilized man! With the Geneva Convention mocked by top officials, as being "archaic", the way has been paved for all kinds of mayhem. The torture, humiliation, and deaths at Abu Ghraib, were for the most part, reported by the American media, as nothing more than hazing! In this situation ­ only a few grunts were held accountable! Whatever the horror story, over and over, we are given the "bad apple theory". It seems apparent, that in this impossible madhouse of slaughter, this barrel of apples is now fermenting.  While there are (obvious) sociopaths in ALL walks of life; from politicians to your local minister,  the theater of war is a Disney world of delight for these soulless ones,  permitted to  kill legally?
Marine General, Smedley Butler, a 34 year veteran of wars, stated upon his retirement, "All war is a racket". He went on to explain that he until he was out of the service; he never had an individual thought, but just followed orders. One can never excuse indiscriminate slaughter, but you can understand how it can happen. Men removed from the 'civilized' world; and thrust into a desert land thousands of miles from home, certainly don't have the option of quitting or calling their representative! Like any organized group of people; be it doctors, lawyers, politicians, police, the workplace or the military ­ there's an unspoken code that the group mind rules! Rare is the person (sad to say) who will step outside this cult ­like obedience, should anything untoward occur. People basically have a herd instinct, fearful of facing the wrath, vindictiveness, and isolation of being set apart from the group. Many may not participate and be quite outraged at some of the things they witness ­ but they remain silent nevertheless and therefore accomplices. The military (and police) are especially close knit groups with a special bonding taking place. They depend on each other for their very lives. The whistleblower is seen as a 'traitor'. Society bears this out, when time and time again, you read of the person who reported such and such a wrong in the workplace/government/medical etc; being fired from their jobs and black balled!
Muslim cleric Abdul ­ Al ­ Kabaissi stated, "The situation has reached a level when the U.S. soldier becomes a professional killer, who kills with premeditation and deliberation". It is simply comedic theater,  to watch politicians or these paid 'expert' talking heads, who spend the days of their lives, in protected gilded environments, giving their talking points on the inhumanities of war. War, plain and simple, turns ordinary people into barbarians ­ it's the nature of the beast; when death and melted flesh are daily events! FEAR has the soldier ­ shooting, killing and destroying all who threaten his existence! You don't experience  this fly fishing, on a private hunting preserve, bike riding in Crawford, or slurping it up,  in some Georgetown restaurant! Hell, someone drops a hammer in the Capitol, and the Suits go scurrying like rats deserting a ship.
None of the callers to C-Span, it appeared, were able to relate to the terrible ordeal that the Iraqi people are being subjected to. They are not safe in their homes preparing breakfast, not safe on their farms (Ali had his arms blown off), not safe in the Mosque or marketplace. Food, fuel, and electricity are in short supply in the scorching desert heat. Their culture was destroyed, on the first days of 'Shock and Awe', when museums, schools, and libraries were allowed to be looted of their antiquities or destroyed. Rumsfeld remarked "Stuff happens". With an attitude like that in leadership ­ is it any wonder that this surreal landscape, of a Salvador Dali painting, resembles a maniacal video arcade with no exit door! Every moment is a Dante's Inferno.
The answer to the massacre at Haditha;  is to institute seminars on ethics! Is it any wonder that thousands returning from war are mentally unhinged? How do you train youth from impoverished America (the elite don't do war ­ ask Cheney), to kill in the morning and then teach 'ethical' killing in the afternoon? I fear we're creating a generation of schizophrenics! Many returning from this bloodlust ­ are supposed to return to their, once upon a time suburban or rural environments, and live happily ever after! Only thing is, once men and women have been in the midst of war ­ they are forever changed. War opens a dark chamber in the recesses of man's psyche of the 'Silent Scream' that goes on forever.
It is my opinion that many give no thought to the war at all. I've met them. When I have attempted to broach it with them, all I hear is "they should kill all those rag heads and turn the place to glass ­ nuke'em ­ that's what we should do". I once thought that if the war was brought closer to home ­ outside the media propaganda, that there would be an outcry of one accord, to stop all war. I thought, if only they were witness to the children, shredded and traumatized in the name of democracy they would care. I don't think that way anymore. Ownership of an ideology ­ no matter how perverse; blinds men to truth. They adherents to war, and all its 'glory';   own the crazed youth shooting up Iraqi homes, the dogs set on terrified prisoners (caught up in village sweeps), the terror stricken children, the weapons that melt flesh from bone, the blind man in his wheelchair (not seeing his end coming), the pulverized cities, the poisoned land/water (depleted uranium), the grotesquely deformed babies, the limbless soldier, grasping his tarnished medals, the multitudes of gravestones, the echo of taps,  on a mountain top in Vermont, and the empty tortured eyes of the conqueror and conquered ones ­ unable to speak of that which is ever before them.
Dear Judy,
I just read the owner of war article on rense.   I am always amazed to read your thoughts. I was a youth in germany during and after WW 2 . As such I experienced all the horrors that the People of Iraq now endure.Had the crooked media of the 1940 and fifties reported the excesses and the brutality of the allied troops toward the defeated Germans things might have turned out differently in the sixty years after WW2.
Thousands of the troops saw the crimes commited but were sworn to silence as condition to have a honorable discharge. To my dismay almost none of the US soldiers had the decency and honesty to report what they did or witnessed with their own eyes. I, personally, at age 14 saw the German POWs in their barbed wire cages starved to death at the hands of eisenhower's soldiers. My own father, after 4 months in the US-run camp in Heilbronn was released to work as barber for the US army. When he got out he weighed 90 pounds and looked like Mahatma Ghandi. The brutality we see in Iraq is nothing new for the conduct of US troops. It's just a repeat of brutal crimes that started already with the American Civil War in 1863.  It is no wonder that the United States have such a high murder and incarceration rate. The violence starts at the very top. I have many Americans as friends but they are almost all in denial.  Please keep up the good work.
Sincerely Yours,
J. Kiso
Hi, I'm an American living and working in Europe. I can only hope that your article and others like it wil be understood by the people of the US before it's too late to say 'I'm sorry'...If it isn't already.  I hope thet men and women like you will soon be leading the people back to a healthy and good life, and that these sick people who  are now in power get some kind of help and treatment.  They are sick and are spreading an epidemic of evil throughout the world.  These sick people are giving the rest of us a terrible name in the world. 
I also used to believe that , given the information and awareness that the American people would not stand for the horrible things happening today, but this is just another example of the extent of control that can be exercised on the population.  It's happened before and will probablly happen again.  I personally am praying for a sunami of goodness enlightening the people , and showing the extent of this sickness.  I can't say and don't know how to change what is going on, but I do know that nature and the power of good, will ballance this terrible journey to darkness and destruction that we are now experiencing.  Sometime soon these lost souls will not look so powerful but will seem small and weak, sick with all of the negative and cruel thinge that are following them, about to swallow them up.  You are a very fine writter and I'm proud to see that some people are aware and involved . 
I wish I could do something to help.  Our newspapers and media here in Europe are reporting more and detailed information about these terible times, but it doesn't get much attention or real concern.  I can't understand how our so called leaders are able to do so many things that are destroying all of the principles of goodness, right and wrong as defined by the law, and any sense of moral or spiritual understanding. this sickness has been terrible before infecting millions of people. I cannot and do not believe that these sick people are very many of the worlds people. I have traveled to many countries in my life, and I'm sure that most of the people are busy trying to care for their families and are victims of a few ugly and powerful slime  who are able to control us through fear and lying.   I am hoping and praying every day for an end to this storm.  Even one more day is unthinkable.  
Thanks again for the strong words.  Please keep up the good work.  Here are some Questions that need to be asked.  What have these people done to deserve such treatment?  Do you think that a fear of the truth means that someone is lying?  Can we live in a world where we can't trust one another? How long can we pretend that we don't know the extent of the sickness?  When will the people of the US pull together without fear and say no ? 
Response from Judy Moriarty --
 Thank you for your heartfelt words. I have received many responses to this article ­ (one quite hateful ­ shrug). I regret that the photographs included with this article were not printed.  I am a strong believer ­ that we are, due to 'programming' (TV ­ movies), a people impacted more by graphics, than words (shockingly many do not read today, and illiteracy is high in our nation). Like you ­ I too believe implicitly that the greater majority of the world's people; are  loving, hard working, gentle of nature, wanting nothing more than to raise their children free from want and perpetual war and FEAR.  Due to the corporate control of our media (I read your European/other papers for real news), we get a daily dirge of fluff and nutter nonsense! There is basically no in-depth reporting of the war (absent a high profile terrorist killed).
I believe that a person should be an active citizen involved not only in their own pet causes ­ but in all aspects of their town/state/domestic issues. I am adamantly opposed to welfare (having been a social worker ­ advocate for those in institutions etc). This misguided philanthropy of tax monies does nothing but force dependency and apathy on people. I am of the mind that if the Church were not intent on filling their own coffers ­ and building their mega ­ ministries, etc; that the widow, the orphan, the elderly, and those with special needs (without family - or financial means) would be adequately cared for within the community.
I believe,  that ever so insidiously and diabolically;  these past decades (while the populous was distracted with the superfluous) , that a breed of men, with financial means, power, and titled influence ­ (insane as it sounds) believe that they alone are the keepers of the world ­ and all that is within it. Their goal, is nothing short of building themselves a global plantation (thus trade treaties), with multi ­national companies, (World Bank ­ IMF ­ various influential groups -  absent any allegiance to any country ­ Economic Summits) enslaving the multitudes and controlling the resources (gas, oil, water, timber, food, minerals) of every land.
How foolish (ignorant) people are to think that the pawns, the political hacks, in the public eye, hold any influence or power!  They are a pitiful lot ­ not even reading the bills put before them (or treaties). I don't see them as 'evil' or of a malignant nature. They simply made the 'choice' to indulge themselves at the public trough, relishing their minuscule influence/titles/perks/and security if they play the Game according to the rules. The real power is not seen on the public stage ­ those of a psychopathic nature; who charm, manipulate and ruthlessly (thus war) plow their way through life without the slightest sense of guilt or regret. There victims (consciously or unconsciously) ask, "Who are these people?"  People (wrongly) are made to believe that psychopaths are the disturbed criminals who capture the headlines (and some are). But not all psychopaths are killers (at least not in the sense that we identify killers). They are more likely to be men and women who move through life with a supreme self confidence (answerable to no ­ one) but without a conscience (which greater society cannot relate to ­ themselves in possession of a conscience).
Your Questions: "What have these people done to deserve such treatment?" Well Joseph, history proves, that the people of the world ­ the 'common man', have done nothing to deserve genocide, famine, shredding, nuclear melting, shattering et al, other than to be in the way of a greater agenda;  of psychopathic mayhem seeking to control and rob a region or county of its youth, resources, and land. In these elite circles, if perchance,  you read some of their ego-centric writings the masses are referred to by these 'self ­ appointed' gatekeepers; as "the herd, cattle, useless eaters, human resources, acceptable risks, collateral damage etc." Fact is, if they (various statements) had their druthers, billions should be done away with to make the world more habitable and manageable by 'them'.
"Do you think that fear of the truth means someone is lying?" For those in positions of power ­ (corrupted power), I don't believe that TRUTH ever enters the picture. Life to them, in the public arena, is a continual PR campaign ­ distracting, patronizing, and presenting the disinformation ­ newspeak, scripted message of the hour. The 'common man' is not thought intelligent enough, or genetically qualified; to absorb anything more that Simple Simeon BS. Only those most qualified ­ are to be the Keepers of the Crypt's secrets.
FEAR of the truth for the ordinary man is another matter. Men fear the unknown and they fear change. They fear that educating themselves ­ seeking objective truth, in a matter, will set them apart ­ mark them as 'other'. Group think is in ­ individuality is passé. They fear being alienated   by the 'group', isolated and labeled. Man is a social creature ­ and seeks approval above truth. I once worked in an institution ­ where work ­ a ­day people from the community, was witnessed the most of horrific of abuses, against helpless residents and said NOTHING. They would whisper to me in the hallways on the way to another court hearing etc, "We're with you" (I reported everything) but they were paralyzed with FEAR; of being set apart, from those who intimidated them, through physical threat etc. They finally did get the courage, after a long period (another story).
"Can we live in a world where we can't trust one another?" Trust involves emotion and logic. Emotionally it is where you expose your vulnerabilities to people believing they will not take advantage of your openness. Logically ­ we predict the actions of another based on past actions ­ words ­ promises etc. We really don't have a choice of whether we can live in a world where we can't trust one another ­ we simply have to work around those who have proved untrustworthy and align ourselves with those we do trust.  There will never be a time (man being who he/she is) when we are not gravely disappointed in another in whom we placed great trust, i.e. a doctor, spouse, alledged friend, politician, minister etc. We have to on guard against harboring bitterness,  and un-forgiveness,  thus tarnishing all future  relationships. Trust is hard won and once lost harder to regain.
"How long can we pretend we don't know the extent of the sickness?" The question should be, how long can people deceive themselves to the extent of the sickness? Funny thing about deception ­ people do not recognize it. Many die 'pretending' or 'deceiving' themselves. I have dealt with some pretty rabid (to be expected) people in my writings ­ I would estimate, that I have (with some patience), managed to convince about 20%,  to view things from a different perspective ­ but it's worth it.  It's a tedious, one by one endeavor. But that one will influence how many others?  Given the times the 'sickness' may impact them sooner than they realize ­ despite their denials. It's called a "rude awakening".
"When will the people of the U.S. pull together and say no?" Don't be fooled on the 'no' aspect. Remember one thing ­ the media here is very controlled and one sided. There are many people saying 'no' in their own unique ways ­ yet it is never reported. In our town, every Sat, without fail, a small group of people gather with their signs on a main thoroughfare, with their "NO"in NYC last month, approximately 350,000 marched saying "NO" (not reported on any station). The "NO" is gaining momentum ­ listen can you hear it? I'll leave you with a more uplifting article    
Warmly yours,
J. Moriarty
The Owners Of War
What a powerful piece of writting Judith Moriarty! I am feel it is only the beginning of war and the end of the USA home of the brave. As a Vet I am very saddened by the turn toward Fascism.
Last Sunday, the Seattle Times printed my letter in the lead position. Take Care!
Dear Editor -
Zarqawi Jr.
A billion dollars a week for a total of a quarter of a trillion dollars to kill the boogey man Al-Zarqawi? He may a have been a real scary guy, but what about the ten thousand potential Zarqawis being allowed over the USA border everyday?
I suppose that thousands of violent drug-peddling, South American gang members aren't nearly as scary as Zarqawi was. They just lack the proper media attention, that's all. Fox News, where are you on this?
We will most likely be getting a new boogey man soon, just tune into Fox News and CNN. Don't worry. You won't be long without someone to fear! A billion dollars a week guarantees it. You can bet there is a Zarqawi, Jr. out there ready for prime time.
Mark Lemmon 
Root Man
Hello, I read your piece on war.
You are right.
Don't judge the US population by the callers that were screened and let on that stupid show.
Most people are good. Most people know it is wrong. They have been dumbed down and filled with lies and fear so they do not want to admit what they know.
The soldiers are volunteers (at least at first) they will reap the results of their actions in this life and the next.
These things do happen in war but the good thing is that with this war it is taking far less time for the truth to come out.
Eventually, war will not be possible the only problem will be the iron fist of the world police state.
The only solution is for everybody to look within themselves and try to reduce their anger, greed and delusion by cultivating ethics, concentration and wisdom.  
Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja
Dear Judith,
Thank you and kudos to you for your beautiful and powerful writing on the horrors of war in Iraq and God bless the honourable America you so eloquently represent that has not lost its humanity or ability to see beyond the hypocrisy and lies of this so called War on Terror, initiated at the behest of Israel's friends in Washington and which has conveniently shifted attention away from their protegé's daily atrocities against entire Palestinian populations under occupation.
With best wishes.
Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja
Florence, Italy 




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