Another Suspected H5N1
Bird Flu Cluster In Indonesia

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD

\"Patient suspect bird flu, the citizen of the Village liked the Well-being, Cinunuk, Cileunyi, the Bandung Regency that was treated in the Handsome Sadikin Hospital, Ai Tati, on Tuesday afternoon (23/5), died.
Casualties began to be treated in RSHS since Monday (22/5) at midnight with his older brother, Ade Firman, after beforehand was treated in the regional Public Hospital of the Berung Tip, the Bandung City.
The handling doctor of RSHS bird flu, Polite said, was based on results x-rayed to casualties's lungs was seen by the existence of the swelling.
The swelling like that was suffered by casualties, according to Polite, generally often was experienced by the sufferers of the bird flu illness.
Casualties's body, Ai Tati, at this time still was buried in RSHS. In The Meantime, casualties's older brother, Ade Firman, his condition was increasingly critical.
The team of the doctor was forced to have to install the ventilator implement took the form of respiratory aids."
The above translation describes a suspect H5N1 bird flu familial cluster in Bandung, Indonesia..  Additional media reports indicate a third sibling is being treated at home. 
This cluster in Bandung raises concerns that the number of familial cluster is increasing.  The cluster in Northern Sumatra has an extended transmission chain and 7 of the 8 family members have died.
Additional outbreaks in Jakarta and Surabaya raise concerns that the number of cluster in Indonesia will continue to grow,
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