Modesto CA - Object Flying
Into The Wind - Video

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Date:  May 22, 2006 
Time:  7:54pm to 8:05pm
Good Day to you sir!
Was enjoying a most lovely day while visiting in Modesto California. I was trying out some old lenses and filters on my camcorder/binocular combo set-up and really having fun watching the sun go down. I had just attached an older 3X optical conversion lenses (from yesteryear) and was preparing to videotape the sun setting.  Nice cumulus clouds were gently lying on the horizon in the distance and I knew I would get some good footage.  The only doubts I had was in this old lenses and thought I'd better check it out first beforehand to be safe.  I always align my camcorder lenses to reflect exactly what I see in the binoculars, this way I can view thru them and if something gets my attention, I can just flip the record button on the camcorder to capture what I'm viewing in the binoculars without moving my eyes away.
I was just getting ready to start my alignment and aimed my binoculars at these trees in the distance to be a centering point for both devices. As I was center targeting, an object of some form with some length to it in an upright stance was traveling to the right of my POV (Point of View). I instantly flicked on the record button of the camcorder and started taping.
I have to apologize as I didn't get everything aligned up nor had a chance to turn on the "anti-shake" mode prior as I was caught a bit off guard. Needless to say the footage is quite shaky even on a tripod.  Nor did I have the tension set for tilting and panning ready for any form of recording on the tripod.
The object was going slightly into the blowing wind which in my mind eliminated the chance of it being a balloon. While observing it moving slowly to the North (I'm facing West at the time), I could see that it had some length to it despite the distance from the camera. It resembled a large piece of pipe or a section off an aqueduct. It's trajectory was smooth and slow moving (evident despite all my shakiness). It appeared to maintain the same constant elevation throughout my viewing and capturing of footage. In the last two minutes it's speed appeared to have increased by maybe three or four hundred
percent. Usually an object as it gets further away would give the illusion of slowing down, this was not the case here. It also had the appearance of a shape change shortly after recording and passing in front of some trees to a more spheroid shaped object. This could also have been caused by a change in the angle of the object itself. For the continuation of the capture it maintained this appearance. I can only guess that this is a result of it perhaps leveling off and moving away from my POV. Clip number #2 illustrates this new shape and also notice that the trees are leaning to the left as they are being blown by the Northern wind. So the object is indeed going against and into the wind.
I'm not sure what I captured, but as always I am thankful that I did videotape something unusual. I've attempted to stabilize the footage somewhat to keep the object nearest the center. Once you see the frames go everywhere, you'll understand why I felt compelled to do this to clip #1.
Included: Two Clips, two zoomed and cropped frame grabs and one POV graphic
Date and Time: May 22nd, 2006  7:54pm to 8:05pm (PST)
Location: Modesto, CA.
Weather: Fairly clear blue skies with a northwesterly wind
AirTraffic: None till about 5 minutes later
Object: Cylinder or perhaps a cigar, later it's appearance was that of a circular object
Color: With my seeing only the backside (from my pov) it's appearance was dark in color
Speed: Indeterminate, but as things generally appear to have velocity when viewed thru a zoomed lens, it is this researchers opinion that it was very slow moving.
Distance: Unknown, but would speculate that vehicles traveling on highway-99 would have been able to see it if they looked upwards and to the left of them (heading north towards Sacramento).
Trajectory: The object was on a Northerly heading
Sound: None heard, general ambient noise
Observe Time: In total about nine minutes
Witnesses: One.
UFORA Member Johnny Anonymous
Report, photos and footage are © 2006 Johnny Anonymous.
Video clip #1 - Modesto, California Object Flying Into The Wind - Video Footage
Video clip #2 - Modesto, California Object Flying Into The Wind - Video Footage
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