Is Morgellons Disease Caused
By Chemtrail Spraying?

By Ted Twietmeyer
The outbreak in south Texas which made big news recently has thus far provided no answers as to the source of the disease. There is a wall which exists in the science community, which is as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest for scientists thinking "outside the box." Scientists are inherently bound by peer review and the very culture that awards them their doctorates, to stay away from so-called "fringe sciences." This very mindset makes solving the source of this disease nearly impossible.
There is also the ever present pharmaceutical market problem. Big pharma will ignore any "treatment market" that isn't worth hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. And of course, the word "cure" when uttered by a doctor is akin to blaspheming God. It is never uttered or even thought about, even behind closed doors. Instead, the word "treatment" is always used.
1,200x magnification of fiber growing from skin [1]
700x magnification of a fiber growing back into the skin [1]
Since the only treatment that has been known to work is a very long term antibiotic therapy, this strongly suggests something foreign is present in the body. But what is it? Antibiotics are a catch-all therapy for many illnesses that defy explanation. These drugs have been used to treat early micoplasma infections, even though a micoplasma is considered as neither a bacteria or virus. All drugs can change the levels of the body's internal complex chemistry.
With Morgellons disease, there are two important aspects that must be considered. First we must crawl before we can walk. The first problem is HOW people contract it and second, what the pathogen is. Discovering the infection vector will shed tremendous light on the actual pathogen.The second aspect is effective treatment.
We must depart from conventional science to look at the cause of the disease. An open mind is required to consider what the disease vector may be. To start, a full comprehensive compliation of the background of each victim is required to build a database for study. Names are not required - only data. This includes geographic location, exposure to anything abnormal, such as abductions, chemical spills and being in the area of chemtrail fallout zones. According to current researchers [1] all 50 states have shown this disease, although it appears to be more prevalent in three southern states.
There is a strong similarity of Morgellons disease fibers to those found in man-made chemtrails as shown below:
Contrail Fibers under 60x magnification from [2]                       
Morgellons fibers under 60x magnification [1]
In the above images, we can see that many of the fiber sizes are the same, since both samples are under the same magnification.
Of course, we can't state conclusively these fibers are one and the same without a chemical analysis. Common characteristics of both types of fibers appear to be similar size and chaotic, uncontrolled growth. If these fibers are the result of highly advanced nanotechnology then we have found the disease, and possible who is behind it. But what would be the purpose of forcing this ailment on the population? Torture? To create a new pandemic in order to sell a new drug for a "treatment?" According to the Texas television news report, one young man who recently contracted the painful disease has committed suicide as a result of trying to deal with the pain. 
Black nodules, long and short fibers that can't be pulled out and great pain are all highly effective in destroying relationships between couples. Put another way, the suffering is so great that participating in sexual acts are the last thing that victims of the disease will think about doing. The symptoms clearly make population control one important side-effect that cannot be denied. Perhaps south Texas has been selected as an experimental hot-spot. However, the disease has also been found in every state.
It is my hope that a researcher will consider this short essay as a starting point to consider looking for a CURE, and not a useless token treatment. We hope that this still unknown researcher will consider EVERY POSSIBLE VECTOR for this disease, including (but not limited to) nightime abduction experiments.
Ted Twietmeyer
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