Immigration's New
Lawless America

By Frosty Wooldridge
Is America a lawless nation?  Has it displaced its constitutional guarantees?  Has it become a renegade nation?  Can we survive the growing anarchy within our country?
Note - "We have to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if worse comes to the worst, we have got to kill him."
And - "You gringos have spilled enough of our blood, now it's your turn to bleed, you [expletive] sub-human beasts."
The above two racist hate quotes are by University of Texas Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez in a public speech.  Gutierrez is also the founder of 'La Raza' which is exclusively for the Hispanic race. For everything and everyone OUTSIDE the race - nothing!
Now just imagine the national outrage if a white American UT professor made such statements about black Americans.
Let's examine the facts at the international level. 
The United States attacked a sovereign nation in the Middle East based on the lie that Iraq held weapons of mass destruction.  None were found.  United Nations inspectors found none.  Because of that attack, an entire society suffers civil violence daily, tens of thousands dead, thousands of U.S. soldiers dead and thousands more horribly wounded.  More will die in the coming conflagration of a civil war.  The United States violated international laws by attacking Iraq.
Let's examine the facts within the United States.
Since 1986, the government of the United States represented by Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush II, charged with honoring the Constitution-failed to stop millions of illegal aliens from invading our borders.
Let's examine the consequences of our presidents' violations of their oaths of office.
Today, under Bush II, $128 billion dollars in addictive drugs cross over the Mexican border annually through a network of a growing and violent MS-13 Gang syndicate.  It could be stopped by troops on our borders, but President Bush specifically will not guard our nation.  This week, we discovered that Bush instructed the Border Patrol to inform Mexican authorities where our civilian Minutemen patrols are stationed so Mexican people smuggling "coyotes" could avoid detection as their illegal alien human cargos crept into our country.   A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman confirmed the notification process describing it as standard procedure meant to reassure the Mexican government that migrants' rights are observed.  Our own government serves illegality by aiding, abetting and encouraging the breaking of our immigration laws.
New forgery factories aid illegal aliens with false drivers' licenses, birth certificates, social security cards and green cards.  These lawless businesses aid 20 million illegal aliens to remain in our country against our laws.  To help them, 8,000 immigration lawyers subvert our immigration laws to keep illegals inside our country.  Additionally, these lawyers aid 350,000 women annually who cross over our borders illegally to birth a baby on the American taxpayer's dollars.
Bear-Sterns showed that $301 billion a year goes uncollected by the Internal Revenue Service because half of illegal aliens work off the books.  Americans make up the difference while a few at the top make millions of dollars.   Corporation CEOs and company heads continue massive employment fraud, income tax evasion and fraud against taxpayers who make up the difference.
Lawlessness prevails all the way to lobbyists like Jack Abramoff who got caught for bribing our Senators and House Representatives. Congressman Duke Cunningham caught for $2.4 million in contract bribes illustrates the tip of the corruption iceberg in Congress.
Special Order 40, known as the 'Sanctuary Law' in Los Angeles allows felons, rapists and convicted alien criminals free passes on the streets of LA and dozens of cities across the nation because police cannot determine their immigration status.  These felons can and do rape, kill and rob Americans with impunity.
Millions of illegals drive with forged driver's licenses or no license and without insurance.  In Denver, Colorado last week, an illegal alien was caught without a license or insurance--let go--and 30 minutes later, killed a girl in a street drag race that ended in a horrific crash.  Why was he let go?  Denver's sanctuary policy prohibited cops from detaining him.  That incident illustrates a two-tiered level of law non-enforcement.  We must obey the laws and illegal aliens do not-and, they get away with it.
"Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Third World countries like Mexico operate," said Heath Boatwright of Athens, Georgia.  "When you impregnate the United States with millions of people that are used to corruption, it manifests criminal behavior in America.  When so many are illegal and not arrested, they think crime is normal."
Denver, Colorado stands as the "New Drug Hub of the West" as well as the "People Smuggling Capitol of the West".   Four Coloradans were killed by illegals in the past year.  Eight Colorado women suffered rapes by illegal aliens in Boulder!  Los Angeles leads the nation in lawlessness now numbering over 3,000,000 illegal aliens.  It's also $38 billion in debt and harbors the 20,000 member "18th
Street Gang" which smuggles drugs with impunity.
You see the new lawlessness in America as a norm by looking at anchor babies in the hundreds of thousands or businesses cheating Americans out of jobs with H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas that were enacted by bribery at the highest levels.  You see more illegal aliens driving drunk, running red lights, raping and killing Americans than ever before because they know our leaders will not enforce our laws. 
When lawlessness continues unchecked, you invite more of it.  It's called 'Third World Momentum', which cripples most countries.  It crippled Mexico!  Just look at that country!
Look at what is happening to our nation.  We no longer live in the country where we were born.  Because of the invasion, our hospitals fail via non-payment by illegals-thus fail our citizens.  Our schools fail because of multiple languages and overcrowding.  Our streets aren't safe.  Our cities grow in endemic corruption.  Our prisons explode with new inmates.  Our citizens suffer at the hands of our new lawless nation as to our depressed wages, stolen jobs, and corruption in our cities, states and legal system.
President Bush could stop this invasion with the stroke of his pen. Unfortunately, the tiger can't change its spots and neither will George W. Bush.  Isn't it time for impeachment of a lawless president?
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