Did Jesuit Fr. Staempfle
Write Mein Kampf For Hitler?

Commentary To The Article
By Bruce Campbell

What's the evidence that someone else wrote Mein Kampf?  Didn't Hitler dictate it to Hess while they were in Landsburg prison in '24?  Everyone in the prison knew they were creating their manifesto, even the guards.  And if you actually read Mein Kampf, you would see that it is largely a record of Hitler's political awakening.  Is there any corroboration that Staempfle did this, other than a dead man's purported claim?  Your article doesn't indicate any.
You claim that the Vatican is behind everything and suggest that the Zionists are being guided and manipulated by the Church.  This is to me preposterous.  You appear to be deliberately protecting the guilty ones.
The big Catholics are racketeers who fleece their dwindling parishes through cruel mind control, but they are not in the same league as the Zionists.  It's no good to say, yes, the Jews did and do all these terrible things to Christians and Moslems, but the Church is behind it all.  Where is one piece of evidence of this?
Was Rothschild an agent of the Vatican?  Is Bronfmann?  Did the Vatican plot to install Russian Jews in Palestine?  Is the Federal Reserve Corporation owned by the Vatican or by the Rothschild group?  The City of London?  How about the US Congress and the White House?
Wasn't Bush guided by Sharon?  Was Sharon a Vatican agent?  Why does Bush study the Talmud and not his Catechism?  Do you really believe that Dov Zackheim and Ari Fleischer and Michael Chertoff and John Bolten are run by some Catholic renegade?  Does Bush send troops to protect the Vatican, or Israel?  Did Catholics blackmail Woodrow Wilson to get the US into WWI?  Did a Catholic write Germany Must Perish or the Morgenthau Plan?  How about the Versailles Treaty?
You're taking your readers into a place that does not exist.  Or you're just confusing them.  The Church was the Bolshevik Party of the Dark Ages, and was what made the Dark Ages dark.  The Jewish Bolsheviks copied the Church's crimes by a magnitude when they took over Russia, but they slaughtered millions of Christians.  I thought the Church wanted more Catholics - not fewer!
It has always seemed to me that the Church has evolved into an agency of Zionism, rather than the way you present it.  In fact, wasn't Pope John Paul II a Jew?  Wasn't his mother's name Katz?
Were Jesuits caught dancing around during 911?  Were Catholics warned to stay home that day?
My studies indicate that the Jews have succeeded in their centuries-long plan to seize the Church and neutralize it and destroy Catholics along with Protestant Christians.  This was the whole effect if not the actual purpose of Christianity - to weaken the resistance of non-Jews so they could be destroyed by the Jews.  The pacifism of Jesus has been the necessary precursor to the victory of Judaism over all - and remember who gave us Jesus in the first place.
Those whom the Jews destroy they first make Christian.
Did Jesuit Fr. Staempfle Write Mein Kampf For Hitler?
According to the late Jesuit priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, whose job was to infiltrate and destroy Protestant ministries, he was privy to sensitive Vatican briefings and documents, revealing the Jesuit role in backing Hitler. Further, he was told by Cardinal Augustine Bea that Nazi gold was deposited in Vatican accounts in Swiss banks.
By Greg Szymanski
According to the late Jesuit priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, a fellow Jesuit named Fr. Staempfle wrote Mein Kampf, as the stage was being set for Germany's new Roman Catholic star, Adolf Hitler.
The main question today is what priest is writing the script for the Jesuit-backed Roman Catholic star, President George W. Bush?
Following the old adage "all things change but everything remains the same," a look back into Hitler's rise to power may provide important clues as to whether the Jesuits are also backing Bush.
To begin this Sunday's fourth Confession on the banks of the truth-filled body of water called Brushy Creek, it must be said that Fr. Rivera was a rare species, being a former Jesuit priest who decided to speak the truth about the "military order' disguised as a group of God-loving disciples of Jesus.
Most other disillusioned Jesuits like Rivera have remained silent since they know double-crossing the Society of Jesus high command means sure death, especially if you're someone who knew too much like Fr. Rivera.
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C Ross
Good Morning,
Thank you, Jeff, for posting Bruce Campbell's response to Greg Szymanski's latest article. When I was a host for a Catholic radio show, I had to research the present crisis in the Church to be able to understand what really Catholic teaches.
What Szymanski is saying about the Church is not true, and I have told him that over and over again. If you are going to discuss religion, will you PLEASE get your facts straight - you are confusing the public with these articles.
The present crisis in the Church is the gravest in its history, and I do not mean just the sex scandals. For the first time, we have men pretending to be churchmen who openly reject its teachings and have not been installed, ordained or consecrated according to Church teaching.
That means that they cannot be Catholic clergy according to the Church's own definition of clergy. They preside over a religious service that has already been denounced by the Catholic Church, which confused Christians attend believing it to be somehow Catholic.
In addition to defrauding confused lapsing Catholics, these pseudo-Churchmen are literally engaging in all sorts of murder and mayhem. They are practicing sodomy, the second of the 4 abominations; and they are starting to openly endorse it in California.
Do I need to remind you that you cannot hold office in an organization that has kicked you out? That the clerical penalty for heresy, murder, and moral turpitude are automatic loss of office, due to automatic excommunication?
As Bella Dodd said during her testimony before the US Congress in the 1950s, hundreds of Communists infiltrated the Catholic Church. They intended to destroy the Church from within and build a new Church, one that appeared Catholic, but was not in actual substance Catholic.
As the mystic Catherine Emmerich predicted, they have created a false Church. She said that we ought to pray that God will drive them out of Rome. Let us pray that He will do so.
Miss Ross



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