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Atomic 'Incident' In The US?

Voice of the White House
I have been speaking about some kind of an "October Surprise," i.e. some kind of a spectacular event designed to assist Bush and his Republicans to overcome growing evidence that his party will be obliterated at the November, 2006, mid-term elections. I have seen a number of vague references to something of this sort on various speculative websites but there is certainly strong evidence that such a project is being discussed. When I write articles like this, I always wince because many readers do not read, or understand, my disclaimer which states that although such matters are under discussion at high levels here in Washington, their implementation is by no means a certainty.
As a case in point, the cunningly leaked Pentagon plans for military action against Iran have a basis in fact but their leakage was to frighten Iran into complying with Bush's orders to cease and desist their atomic programs. In fact, the Pentagon knows it could not logistically support any such action and economists have warned the White House that disruption of  Iranian oil production would wreak havoc with the world oil market and push the price of light crude oil up to a minimum of $200 a barrel (it is now closing on $100 a barrel and this will be reflected by sharply increasing pump prices within a month.)
Bush is not a normal man in any sense of the word. He is of limited intellect, certainly out of touch with reality, living in a world of fantasy that he will not leave under any circumstances, stubborn, egomaniacal to a degree and certain that he has a mandate from Almighty God to rule. He has antagonized both sides of the aisle in Congress, tried his best to rule by decree, displayed an appalling lack of concern for human life (both in the casualties continuing to be suffered by young soldiers and, even worse, by the obvious suffering of poor blacks during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina) and has become involved in  various money-making schemes that would make the Grant Administration look like pikers.
That having been said, there is more to say on the October Surprise.
Every week, three members of the Israeli Mossad go to the CIA headquarters at Langley and there meet with senior CIA officials. During these weekly meetings, mutual needs, requirements and demands are presented by the Mossad to the CIA. Parenthetically, we should note that Israel flies a number of top CIA officials to have a yearly very expensive vacation in Israel. First class accommodations by El Al airline, 5 star hotel accommodations, expensive gifts and the whole nine yards are part and parcel of this agape.
Israel pressed their neocons to induce the Bush people to invade Iraq because Saddam was considered to be a major enemy. Don't forget that during Operation Desert Storm, Saddam launched SCUD missiles at Israel which landed on their targets, completely unimpeded by the utterly useless PATRIOT US counter-missiles. This program of getting a befuddled President to pull Israel's chestnuts out of the fire workedbut only for Israel.
Now, Israel views Iran's atomic program, coupled with an aggressive President, as another disaster in the making. Rather than launch air attacks against suspected research/weapons sites in Iran, they have been pressing Bush and his people to do this for them.
Although there was eager compliance in the matter of the Iraqi attack, now, there is strong and growing resistance to such adventures not only from Republicans in Congress but from the Pentagon as well.
The U.S. White House has put up another scenario, one which Israel is not happy with but Bush certainly is.
This plan, which has been, and is being, discussed in various highly secret forums, deals with an atomic "incident" somewhere in the United States. The usual targets do not include either Washington or New York because of the immediate damage this would do to our governance and economy. Miami was not on the table because of its large Jewish population.
U.S. military and political advisors have put forward either the PRC or North Korea as targets, something not to the Israeli's likings as it would not address their enemies in Iran.
An incident on the West Coast could supply the motivation for the U.S. to choose between some kind of an attack on China or North Korea, the latter being primary.
Seattle as a target was ruled out because of the U.S. Navy presence there and San Diego also because it is a vital port for shipments from Asia.
That leaves San Francisco/Oakland as another major target. This used to be a major trade port and U.S. Naval and Army presence was heavy but now that the Presidio, Mare Island, Hunters Point and other bases have closed, damage in this area would not be as great as it might be elsewhere.
Someone I know in the CIA who is slated to be fired and whose friends have already been sacked by the idiot Goss has been discussing all of this with myself and others.
The President wants to leave office, or be allowed to reign forever, as a military hero; the Republicans want to keep their iron grip (now slipping badly) on the levers of national power and the neo cons want to please their masters in Israel. The latter has no problem with any of this but wants Iran knocked out and has no interest whatsoever in giving us a casus belli to attack North Korea.
In the end, nothing may come of all this horrible chatter but it shows, to me and a few of my associates at least, the type of rabid hyenas we have in the pilot's seat.
The problem with all of this plotting is that some will certainly talk (leaks in Washington at the highest levels are a daily occurrence these days) so the reprise of the game wherein Israeli agents had penetrated the Arab groups that attacked the WTC and Pentagon, knew all about the exact date of the attack and duly notified the Bush people at the highest level. is not possible. In that case, we all had plausible deniability but in this case, someone would blab and that would be the permanent end of Bush and his claque.  But remember, while planning for such ruthless atrocities to maintain power is one thing, putting these plans into operation is quite another.
In the end, however it shows very clearly what we are dealing with."



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