The Flight 77 Circus -
Astounding High-Wire Acts

By Ted Twietmeyer
(c) 2006 All Rights Reserved

Aired on May 24th on the National Geographic channel, this documentary detailed the second by second events at the pentagon on 9-11. 
Although I was determined not to write about this show, this damage-control stomach-special caused me to weaken, nauseate and succumb after all the coincidences kept piling up. I will leave out the sordid details that have been dog-eared to death over and over and over and over ad-nauseum on countless websites, and try to stay with little known events that happened.
As you read the following highlights taken from the one hour documentary, consider the number of "coincidences" regarding the fire control system, when the building was built, a man who just happened to SURVIVE right in the path of the incoming plane INSIDE the building, and other facts. The documentary was packed with numerous animations, and lots of statements using phrases like "it just happened that.... by coincidence.... recently installed.....inches away...." and many other remarks. My comments are in ( ).
*  After the "terrorists" took over, they switched off the radar transponder. (Flight school really paid off.)
* When the plane reached pentagon airspace, it circled more than 300 degrees around the building before impact. (A maneuver numerous pilots have disputed as virtually impossible.)
*  It came in low, about 10ft. above the ground which took down several light poles. A few seconds before impact the engines were throttled up to increase the aircraft's velocity.
* Just before it hit the wall, the planes left wing dipped down sharply. (This would be impossible because of the heavy mass involved and only a fraction of a second remaining. At the Boeing air show in Seattle, one of the test pilots often did a barrel roll with a 747. He begins about a mile up because it takes so long to turn the plane over 360 degrees. It's near the ground as it comes out of the roll. This statement about the left wing dipping down, strongly sounds like the investigators are trying to make the plane's actions match the wall damage. A thin chance in a fat world.)
*  The narrator claimed that "the parking lot camera was the only camera to capture the impact." And, that "the impact according to the flight recorder was 530MPH." (Yes, there is more recent parking lot "footage" which is just as worthless as the first footage they released about 4 years ago.)
*  It was pointed out that "incredibly, the pentagon's construction began 60 years ago in 1941 - also on SEPTEMBER 11th." (Was the impact someone's wet dream of a twisted celebration?)
*  The area of the impact just happened to be the same area where a recent new high powered sprinkler system that could put out a fire 3x stronger than the fire the original system could handle.
*  Fifty columns were destroyed in the path of the destruction and many others damaged. And "the impact just happened to be at a building expansion joint which bought time for survivors to get to safety," according to the documentary.
* According to army officer Kevin Schaeffer (possible spelling - name was not shown with on screen graphics,) "his desk was in the direct path of Flight 77 - on the 1st floor of the pentagon." The lone survivor in the impact path stated that "he felt something wet on his glasses, and thought it was blood. It turned out to be jet fuel." (In the on-camera interview he wasn't wearing glasses, but perhaps now wears contacts?)
*  Kevin stated that when the blast happened he "ran in the opposite direction." The narrator stated that "he was just inches from the blast waves which could have killed him." The blast waves "blew a hole in the wall out into A and E drive," which is a driveway that runs between the rings. Kevin crawled 88ft to safety out through the hole. (Apparently 88 is a nice even number someone likes.)
*  We were told in the documentary that "investigators are only now uncovering the secrets of the disaster that allowed so many people to survive." (Or is that "make it fit the party line or else.")
*  "Tougher windows were recently installed during a renovation just before 9-11." These were installed into ONE section of the building that is known as "Wedge 1." And you guessed it - this also just happens to be the area the plane impacted. Of course, these windows were credited with not breaking from the blast and protecting people so they could escape. ( Oh what a surprise.)
* "Shortly before 9-11, a number of workers in Wedge 1 were relocated into another part of the building." (No reason was given in the documentary for this move.)" Incredibly only 125 pentagon workers were killed, out of the daily work force of more than 23,000."
*  Today, all the repairs are completed. Only a block of limestone remains which was left blackened and near the ground. It is behind some bushes in an obscure corner, and it is inscribed with "September 11 2001." Inside the building is a massive black granite wall monument, inscribed with the names of all those who were killed.
With all that said - who can possibly believe that everything listed above is a "coincidence" with an open mind? In fact, it was amazing that some of these things were made public. And those amazing cable spools, that were SQUARELY in the way of the plane's left wing which TIPPED DOWN INTO THE GROUND? The narrator didn't say a word about them, even though they were clearly in some of the video footage. Let's all hope those blessed cable spools that allowed the plane to pass transparently through them, are saved in the Smithsonian. And let's not forget to save a sample of the penta-lawn that can't be destroyed.
One other fact that was never pointed out in the documentary which I learned from a Pentagon consultant, was that the "impact just happened to be where the gift shop is located."
Along with those 80+ camera tapes that don't exist that we all want to see, everyone still wants to HEAR the cockpit voice recorder - and HEAR those missing control tower tapes. Unfortunately, it's known the tower tapes were destroyed by an 'angry FAA supervisor,' according to an FAA controller a couple years back.
And now we can all wonder WHY Mr. Schaeffer does not have a single scar on his face, WHY he didn't LOSE HIS EYESIGHT, WHY his eyeglasses didn't shatter or WHY he didn't LOSE HIS HEARING FROM SHATTERED EAR DRUMS from the deafening noise of flying debris, the sound of the plane being ripped apart and the blast of noise as FIFTY reinforced concrete columns were destroyed. Perhaps he's Superman's brother?
This documentary clearly demonstrates the spin doctors are feverishly trying to get the world to accept their pitifully performed circus act about what happened on that NWO day.
Ted Twietmeyer




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