'Flight 93' - A Zionist
Propaganda Movie
By Stephen M. St. John

Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community here in New York City and Washington, all members of the U.S. Congress and other organizations and individuals, and reports that he brought his fortune cookie from the First Wok Chinese restaurant into the AMC Theater at 72nd Street and 3rd Avenue where he read "Character matters; leadership descends from character" before the lights dimmed.
Citizen St. John also viewed the Zionist propaganda film, "Flight 93," which was directed by English filmmaker Paul Greenglass for NBC Universal Inc., a subsidiary of the General Electric Company, a recipient of collateral largess resulting from the invasions and occupations triggered by the "New Pearl Harbor" attacks of 9/11.
Citizen St. John furthermore reports yet another conflict of interest when a lady with an electrified ball of frizzy hair sat in front of his seat and blocked his view; whereupon he moved to another seat but not before hearing the eccentric crone utter "Is the director related to Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg?" Having been just a toddler when Zionists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for nuclear espionage on 19 June 1953, and not knowing the direction of her blatant, rhetorical question, Citizen St. John did not reply and the harpy retorted with a sardonic "Hello?"
Finally, watching the film "Flight 93," Citizen St. John recalled the proverb of Solomon: "A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and the liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue." Proverbs 17:4. Wherefore Citizen St. John deplores the stupidity of credulous moviegoers who watch actors and actresses portray the passengers and alleged hijackers of United Flight 93 but have never asked themselves, "Where are the routine video surveillance tapes showing the hijackers and other passengers at any of the 'Category X' high security international airports from which the flights of 9/11 are said to have departed?"
Indeed! Where are these routine surveillance tapes showing any of the passengers including the alleged hijackers at Boston's Logan, Newark's Liberty or Washington's Dulles international airports? Why doesn't the Fourth Estate ask, where are these tapes showing them there? Why is one branded anti-Semitic for asking, where are those tapes showing them there? Isn't the high-tech lynching of Arabs a truly anti-Semitic act?
Citizen St. John also points out that the cell phone calls portrayed in "Flight 93" were impossible to make. While air phone calls were technically possible, they deserve strong skepticism in light of the blatant lies about the cell phone calls and lack of corroborating evidence. The only logical explanation for the phony cell phone calls, and very likely for the air phone calls as well, is impersonation by voice morphing, or voice mimicry, technology. Voice morphing would be just a technical add-on to remote-control technology built into the systems of all Boeing 757 and 767 jets.
Citizen St. John points to yet another deceit in "Flight 93"; Greenglass highlights the apparent confusion of NORAD personnel with regard to the need for authorization for a shootdown and the standard response of automatic scrambling of fighter jets to intercept a suspected hijacked jet. Authorization was not needed to launch intercept jets. Authorization was indeed needed only for a shootdown and only if the intercept jets could not successfully communicate with the suspected hijacked jet. This cinematic technique glosses over NORAD's aggravated -- if not purposeful -- dereliction of duty on 9/11. Little wonder, then, that the NORAD generals were promoted after 9/11, a fact not indicated in this movie -- not even in the postscripts. Little wonder, too, that the Governor of North Dakota pinned medals on the "Happy Hooligans" of the North Dakota Air National Guard, ostensibly for being a day late and a dollar short on 9/11-- another telling fact not indicated anywhere in this movie.
Finally, Citizen St. John notes what is perhaps the most blatant deception in the movie "Flight 93." Greenglass depicts the flight's ending in a nosedive -- as seen from the cockpit -- into a farm field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where, according to the official story, the jet punched a hole in the ground with a big explosion. This myth is belied by copious and reliable -- but suppressed -- evidence of a debris field extending 8 miles west from the town of New Baltimore to Shanksville -- the obvious result of a shootdown by missiles.
Citizen St. John repeats the message contained in his fortune cookie: "Character matters; leadership descends from character." He asks, what can be said of those who wrap themselves in a lie and their flag? Given the fake phone calls from United Flight 93, and the fact that cockpit voice recorders do not pick up sound in the passenger cabin, Greenglass is presenting a fantasy. Given the fact that US Representative John Murtha knows about the 8 mile wide debris field in what was his district on 9/11 (before gerrymandering), one must ask, what compels this man to remain silent about the truth? What pressures does this Greenglass movie put on him and his ilk to maintain the BIG LIE of 9/11?
Stephen M. St. John
Post Office Box 449
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