'Fiber Disease' Bizarre
Truth Begins To Emerge
Part 1

By Cliff Mickelson

We begin today with the continuation of my prior communications and informative discussion with an acquaintance employed as an Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology at a foreign University.
(Q) .....Have you any relatives that have contracted it?
No. However, I believe the evidence is overwhelming that this affliction is contagious. It vectors itself in a variety of ways, including via some very common cotton products.
From charting my own profile and that of other victims around the world, (I have a file of cases from nearly every Continent except Antarctica) It is apparent that this organism often engages in a period of latency following initial infection.
The period of latent time involved appears to be subjective to a variety of external and internal factors that I have not focused on nor have I attempted to identify. Preliminary investigation tells me that there may be a connection to a weakening of the immune system that occurs for what ever reason; perhaps one that may even be at the behest of the parasite.
This hiatus I mention above, can be as long as 2 to 4 years. In my case, the time period was nearly 3 or so years from initial contact, (and likely repeated exposure) with the source, until the overt manifestations, (such as production of the macro-hair-like fibers in follicles, scrapes, cuts, wounds) began to occur.
Some extended time before the first noticeable onset of this disease there are often reports by victims of the inexplicable occurrence of a painful rash. This is NOT the short-lived "bulls-eye" Lyme rash.
I have experienced this rash myself. It comes out of nowhere and is pure agony. It itches intensely, but to scratch it is to bleed at once. Nothing that is normally applied to such a condition will have the slightest effect. It tends to appear on extremities such as the ankles, wrists or back of the neck. For some reason, if one ankle or wrist is afflicted the other will usually also show some kind of sympathetic reaction.
This rash defies all convention and can last for as long as 5 or 6 weeks. Then, it disappears as suddenly as it appeared.
A victim simply wakes up one morning and the rash is gone! However, it can frequently reappear, normally a year or so later, but in less severity and with less duration. Then it disappears again just as mysteriously.
This is a signal flag that the victim has been infected by contact with the nematomorphic worm that is vectored in cotton. It can be found in many cotton products. It is especially prevalent in Q-tips, cotton balls for Makeup usage, and in cotton socks and undergarments imported from the far East. The worm can exist indefinitely as an independent form, but it originates as an appendage of the adult "skin fluke" form.
How it gets in cotton, I have no idea. I have even found it contained in sealed medical swabs that were manufactured approx. 6-7 years ago and that have been in storage ever since!
Following the disappearance of the rash, the aforementioned dormancy period of several years can occur before onset becomes evident.
To return to the discussion of the macro "hair-like" fiber, it is important to stress that this form is part and parcel of the parasite.
It is one of the several number of forms that appear to be transitional as well as simultaneously integral to the life form.
This particular form will often be seen growing out of open wounds in a manner that one would expect of a hair. Since hair does not grow out of open wounds, that characteristic is a dead giveaway. Further, unlike a hair, when such a fiber, ("parasite form," is more accurate description) is pulled out with tweezers, there is rarely any pain at all. (unlike with a true hair)
The parasitic macro fiber is usually brown or clearish tan in color.
It exhibits a very close approximation to the size of a normal human hair. As I have noted in past articles, it can often be seen growing side by side with a normal hair from out of the same follicle. The parasite quickly kills the original hair, however, and replaces it as the sole occupant.
It is most disturbing to see numbers of follicles with duel occupants! Open lesions, in conjunction with the fluke form and it's attendant "cotton" worm; the "pepper" seed specks; and the colored micro fibers, will all appear shortly thereafter, provided that the illegal squatters are not served with a prompt eviction notice.
The removal of the above described macro fiber form always effects an immediate relief of the low level throb of pain that is additional and attendant to that of the wound. You will be interested to know that the parasite, in both the fluke form and in the macro fiber form, (or in tandem with each other, as well as in degrees of transubstantiation with each other) appear to have the ability to block the body from healing damage to the skin. This characteristic is reliably consistent time after time.
Any wound where these organisms are extant will remain open or poorly closed for weeks or even months on end. It is during this time that the clear or white colored "cotton" worm is engaged in feeding the home "colony" as an appendage and dependency of the mother form.
As a result of much research and as described above, I can comfortably state that this organism can often multi task. In other words, it can either invade from without, or appear from within, any existing cut or abrasion. Lacking such a convenience, it can create it's own wound in the skin. (The lesions)
It would seem that our little friend has a tendency to do this as a byproduct of the proclivity for eating flesh and blood during the active feeding stage.
The physical removal of all visible forms of the parasite from the wound is most efficacious. The body begins to instantly repair and heal in a normal fashion. Nonetheless, the creature is quick to reappear, often within an hour. Unless vigilance is the order of the day, things soon are back to their original state of affairs.
Another fascinating observation I have made is that the above two-forms of the creature are inordinate devotees of open air and the freedom of wide open spaces. If one binds the wound well and keeps it reasonably air tight, the organism will remain generally passive and the wound will heal at a rate that is much closer to normal.
As an aside, I will mention to you something that you may wish to ponder.
I humor myself that a remote outside possibility exists that this organism is neither plant nor animal, but in fact, an odd and un-natural entity that exhibits characteristics of both flora and fauna.
I do not have the means nor the time to investigate that hunch any further, but it does intrigue me a great deal!
(Q)..... I have read & re-read your emails & poured over the Morgellons links & for
the life of me I can't tell if they are related, identical or completely
separate with absolutely nothing in common.
I understand your mystification. Allow me to reassure you that they are one and the same. Several points that need to be made here are:
We are dealing with something that no one now living has apparently ever seen before. It certainly does not exist in the Physicians Desk Reference. To compound matters substantially, our subject matter is magnificently designed to mimic specific products and processes of the human body in both the early and, to a point, in the mature states of infection.
To further the consternation, the organism has the irritating facility to react and respond differently to any number of environments it finds itself in. This has let to many surprises for me at times and is a reminder of the risks of working from the assumptions of the evidence of past behaviors.
Therefore, it is natural that a great deal of confusion exists. Many doctors initially sent patients home with a diagnosis of delusional parasitosis, because the patients would point to a bunch of samples of what looked like cloth lint or flakes of dead skin, and say...."Here ya go, Doc"! "There it is"!
I was fascinated by the reports I read from labs that claimed exactly that! Many reports state that the samples submitted by the Doctors, to the labs, either did not register any organism, or came back with a read-out as lint or as skin. I suspect that this may be because the cloaking devices that equip the organism are designed so as to employ methods outside the parameters that standard tests are programed to look for.
I do not believe that it is because "skin" was all that was submitted.
It is an endless source of amazement to me how "First Person" testimony and the validity of the evidence recorded by the eye is supreme in a court of law and will send an accused person to the gas chamber. But, in all other venues, the testimony of the eye is so often readily blinded by the hearsay second hand affidavit and personally unsubstantiated glare of words reflected hypnotically from the pages of a book.
I have read much "sound and fury" about the possibility that the Fiber disease is an opportunistic infection catching a free ride on the likes of Lyme or other pathogens. Were I to subscribe to more sinister viewpoints, I would remark that mixing a bit of the truth with a bit of the untruth is a classic rule of thumb in the game of disinformation and social diversion.
As we may pause to recall, Lyme was quite recently considered to be a very rare affliction. Although I am certain that some people with Lyme may also have additionally contacted this parasite, my belief is that if a "free ride" is being hitched, then it is the other way around.
The hitchhiker may have likely already been sitting "in the car" and not simply "standing on the road" with a thumb sticking out in the classic essence of a homeless microbe in search of a vector; one that is patiently waiting for a ride to come along.
I aver that most opportunistic infection devotees, in the main, are medical professionals who's judgment has become toxic as a result of mixing their particular personality type with an overdose of their own training. The affliction thereby produced, can be understandable but dangerous and/or fatal to those around them.
Excluding the less forgivable "dog in the manger" motivation with some, this type of professional journeyman is actually a cripple. They are unconscious "self-limiters" who find themselves having trouble choking down the fact that they are looking at something that defies text book convention, belies established systems and beliefs, and confounds the resources of all known descriptions contained within the parameters of their professional world.
Subconsciously such an encounter is easily viewed as a threat to many careerists. It is a road that is not drawn on their map and they instinctively know that to travel upon it will detour them to an end-logic destination, the likes of which, they have no wish to go.
Therefore the natural tendency is to find refuge by diverting focus in a direction where they are dealing with established "known quantities" thus, comfort is found categorized minimalist avoidance of the unknown.
In other words:....It's past the border of our road map, so it must not be there..., and/or is some kind of odd side-product that can be minimized, ignored and marginalized by making it a subordinate effect of a known quantity.
Unfortunately, this puts the cart before the horse instead of the horse before the cart.
That is not to say that Lyme is not occurring in cases......
Be that as it may, I notice that most of the patients I have communicated with who have received a diagnosis of Lyme, have not responded fully to the prescribed standard treatment. Although cases may exist, I currently do not have a single case file where a patient who exhibited this parasite, and was diagnosed with Lyme, has been cured by traditional Lyme curatives alone.
(Q)....Do you know if you were ever bitten by a tick that carried the Lyme spirochete?
To the best of my knowledge I have not been bitten by a tick at all since I was a child.
(Q)....Do you also have the fatigue that seems to accompany Morgellons?
Yes, I did have the fatigue and mental fog that has been noted as a product of the Fiber infection. Additionally I had, and still do to some point, shortness of breath and difficulty negotiating physical objects such as long stairs or climbing a hill.
I attribute the shortness of breath to the fact that my research indicates that the parasite is fond of the respiratory tract. In particular it can often be found to prefer the nasal passages and ear canals. The same effects it creates in those areas, it also creates further down the tract in the lungs. This activity gives an effect of partially occluding the free passage of oxygen into the body via the aegis of the lungs.
I remember the first time I noticed this effect in myself. Although I have always been very physically active all my life, and have never smoked cigarettes, I felt as if I had been suddenly smoking 3 packs a day!
The chronic fatigue and mental fog noticeably lessen when an active program of visible parasite removal is maintained. The first time I engaged in such a program I was amazed at the instant manner in which my energies and cognitive facilities returned. (Extrapolate the social implications and possible significance of that interesting cause and effect, eh?)
Parasite removal not withstanding, in less than 24 hours, the same symptoms of fatigue and fog would re-occur without fail. I came to understand, as a result, that I must devote several hours a day, without fail, to the task of parasite abatement if I were to wish to continue a semi-normal life.
This creature is exceptionally prolific and can reproduce and recover from losses inflicted upon it, at an astounding rate of speed.
I will mention, as per my first letter to you, that traditional poisons, medicines, chemicals, and petroleum products do not truly phase this creature. A direct application of Acetone, Lacquer thinner, or even MEK, (Methol Ethol Ketone) has no noticeable effect upon a colony. It may annoy them a bit, but proportionately, Vaseline vexes them a great deal more. At least the effects of Vaseline forces them to probe the surface in order to see what it is that is gumming up their room with a view.
In the course of my experiments, I have discovered an exception to the rule above. As per my last letter, an application of undiluted Polysul will have an immediate topical effect. I do not recommend this. Polysul is an agricultural compound and can be poisonous. Nonetheless, the result of the application of this compound causes the fluke (feeding station) form of the parasite to break up into an odd tapioca-like substance that is apparent when portions of the transformed parasite is then removed with tweezers. Other than to identify the negative effect of a high sulfur content compound upon the career of our freeloading friend, I have not had the time yet to analyze this phenomena further.
(Q)...A person who responded to your current STA thread seemed to imply that he
was 'cured'. Do you think it more likely that he is in remission?
Yes, I noticed that at once. I have contacted this person and asked them for details and for specifics that they feel may be relevant to the situation. I personally believe that remission is more likely than cure. I will be looking forward to hearing from the respondent in question.
Part 2




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