'Fiber Disease' Bizarre Truth
Begins To Emerge
Part 2

Cliff Mickelson

Re: The Fiber Disease, AKA Morgellons, Elliots, etc.
Greetings one and all:
After several years of desperate work, I am currently achieving excellent results with a curative procedure that has radically reduced my own affliction. I remain hopeful that I will succeed in ridding myself of the disease. At this point I am very close to being free of what is, in my opinion, a rogue bio-agent, or something even stranger and more significant than that.
We humans have a MAJOR problem on our hands. This is a world epidemic and to compound the damage, we have an official denial in place that further enables the spread of the affliction.
However, based upon my research, it is my opinion that there may be a good reason that "Denial" is the unique official reaction to the Fiber disease!
Does it strike anyone as strange that Ebola, Mad Cow, Aids, and Lord knows how many other dozens of new diseases have emerged in the last few years; all of which are almost immediately acknowledged and accepted as a subject for research by the CDC and other organizations that we charge to protect our health?
BUT NOT Fibers (AKA MORGELLONS)! Curious? Well, I'd say so, at least a wee bit, eh?....So.... Just "why" do we suppose that this is the state of affairs?
I believe I may know the answer to that question!
I don't want to come across as too radical on this affair, but the fact is... that I am extremely radical on this affair! After suffering through all the indignities and grief that this affliction causes, I intend to speak my mind in hopes that I may help others who have been kept in the dark by the ignorance (or worse) of the enlightened.
And.... I don't care what the derm doctor, or the or any of the other paid disinfo folks have to say in their attempts to cloud the truth or to try and cover their tails. Those interested should know that what I have found is very disturbing.
This parasite is using a common material to infect humans that is so wide spread, and is used by humans so universally, that I believe the entire world is at risk. (See Links at bottom) By the way, this is NOT the only way this disease spreads, but it is one of the most effective.
On the positive side.....After more than 2 years of trying nearly medicine, every poison and every herb known to man, I may have finally found something that promises to eliminate or at least stymie the organism.
I don't want to jump the gun prematurely until I am certain that I am on the road to a cure, but I am very excited about this new form of attack on the disease.   Lord only knows, NOTHING else has worked at all. After 3 weeks of this new approach I am nearly parasite free. I remove more dead and dying forms (Again, there are at least 5 forms of the same creature) every day.
If I achieve full success with this new regimen, I will post the information at once. In closing, I would like to add that the truth as I suspect it, about this little monster, is proof that fact is stranger than fiction!
Best of Regards:
(email below)
(Email is a Q and A exchange between myself and a Doctor of Biology at a foreign University.)
*** (begin snip)
So...To get right to brass tacks and answer your questions:
1) Do you think that the organism that you isolated is the causative agent in Morgellon's?
1A) First, I will have to qualify my answer by saying that at this point there really is no definitive box to put the term "Morgellon's" in. Since the creatures described at Mary's site seem to have been on vacation for the last 300 years of medical history, we have little to really go on in order to answer an inquiry of that nature. I will say that there exist certain points of resemblance to what was described in the past, that taken at face value could connect yesterday with what we now confront in the present.
If, indeed, this is the same creature, then where has it been for the last several centuries, and how do we explain the additional traits the modern organism is exhibiting that are not mentioned in the texts of the Seventeenth Century?
So, I will have to say that, although a connection possibly could exist, I do not personally believe that the creature affecting the human population today is the exact same re-emergent plague of the past.
2) Are your samples that you have mentioned in earlier Posts alive, dead, inactive or do you know?
2A) It is my fervent hope that they have all been effectively dispatched! Should I be wrong, then we, and "Houston" have a lot more than just "A Problem"!
3) Have they been looked at under a microscope?
3A) On what I consider a non profession level, yes. For the record, I do not consider myself to be a professional researcher. I was dragged into this study by the caprice of infection.
So, to explain further, the samples and results that I have on file have not been professionally viewed by a person trained in the use of a tool such as an electron imager, or who would possess free access to high quality equipment found in University labs.
4) This one might sound a little crazy, but Ill try & Explain afterwards. Do you think these are Carbon-based terrestrial life-forms?
4A) Rest assured that NOTHING that I could be asked about these creatures would run the risk of being catalogued as crazy!
As a matter of fact, I have repeatedly entertained the very same notion my self. The odds of them being silicon based forms however is unlikely in my opinion due to the fact that they show a decided preference for eating flesh and body fluids. I may be wrong, but that sounds more like the diet of a carbon based parasite. As for the origin of these little monsters, I would not be surprised in the least were I to find that they are former prodigal inhabitants of an alien world a lot farther away than the one we call San Francisco!
It is more likely that they are an engineered bio-agent.
The more I learn about these forms, the less I know. I am reduced to imagining that what we have is nematomorphic nematode. One that is exquisitely engineered for the human body. There does exist the remote possibility that it is a creature produced of a rogue agricultural experiment that has gone wrong. However, the longer I am involved in studying this organism the more I am convinced that we may be looking at the fabrication of rare genius or at that of another world.
I have recently managed to isolate what I feel is the primary form of this organism in it's active stage in the host body. However, many loose ends remain to be pegged and several of the forms still serve functions that I make no pretense of understanding in the least. I am reduced to educated guesses in those areas.
The primary form of this affliction is NOT the fibers. It is also not the cotton vectored nematomorph. It is instead, a fluke like form so odd as to defy description. From it issue both the worm and the fibers. Now, I must say again that there are 3 other forms of this thing that I have not yet connected to the primary. But, I believe that it eventually will be accomplished. I believe this because the relationship between the different forms is such that (IMO) only two possibilities exist. 1) All stages are manifestations of the same creature in progress, ...or...2) If more than one organism is involved here then they are so closely tied in a symbiotic relationship as to be indistinguishable. In other words they would be more like delegated task performers of the same immediately related species of insect. (such as with bees or ants)
The primary form I mention has an appearance that varies slightly in size and shape. I suspect that this is due to the stage of growth that it is in more than anything else. It closely resembles a flake or a piece of dead skin, and only a trained eye will detect the difference at first. However, nearly all of these forms exhibit two small protuberances at one end such as you might see on a snail or slug with no shell. In fact, a slug with no shell is about the best comparison to other creatures that I can come up with.
This "form" can be exceptionally flat or if it is filled with what look like live birth junior parasites, it can be somewhat swollen. Each of these creatures will posses a single needlelike appendage that is inserted into the body of the host. The creature lives below the top layer of skin and creates a hard calloused look on the top, or surface of the skin. It grows with time in a horizontal or lateral position. It is exceedingly strong and has the capacity to attach itself to the underskin of the host with a tenacity that defies belief. Upon occasion, when grasped with tweezers it can only be removed by ripping it out through the skin as one would the string on a bag of dog food. Despite the force required to do so, the form of the creature apparently has more tensile strength than does human skin because I have yet to see one break in half. They usually come out in one piece. As this form matures it begins to produce the worm. The worm grows out of one end of the creature and can eventually reach several inches in length. It is this worm that causes the lesions as it feeds upon the flesh of the host. Eventually the worm separates from the Fluke like form and goes it's own way.
Interestingly, the form seems to need or seems to prefer access to open air. The skin above where it is located is perforated with hundreds of tiny holes. Out of these holes the organism occasionally extrudes filii or podia that can be plucked with tweezers. The reaction time of this "extrusion" can be quite remarkable. It is stimulated to appear by the stroking of the skin but can retract instantly when a grab with the tweezers misses. >From these extrusions the form also extends mucus that holds within it the colored micro fibers. This mucus like substance appears to be exactly like that produced by the body, except is will usually be full of colored fibers and also contain hundreds of the tiny black "pepperlike" specks that many have speculated are a form of "seed."
The mucus form often appears to function freely on it's own, but only has been found in the respiratory / digestive system and nasal passages of the host. Never on the outside of the skin. However, it will always vector the colored fibers and black specks. It remains possible that it is simply a preliminary or free form incarnation of the primary fluke form.
This particular form has a remarkable way of moving itself around. It will somehow throw a slender thread of mucus across the gap it wishes to bridge and then transfer itself in consecutive "blobs" to the new location by moving through the inside of the thread of mucus the way that water moves in a pipe.
To return to the prior and primary fluke form .... It is my opinion that one of the functions of the extruded filii or podia is to infect itself upon any foreign object that passes within a certain distance. To this end, it can be seen to literally hurl a mucus like substance forth as an object passes by.
Once removed from the host, however, all forms of this creature appear to lose the ability to respond to any kind of stimulus whatsoever, except for the clear nematamorphic "cotton" worm. That particular form can be seen in a frenzy of agitation. It appears to be able to exist indefinitely in isolation. I have samples that are still active despite months of being quarantined. Also, It is interestingly much more active and responsive when it is removed as a free agent than when it is removed attached to the fluke form.
As an aside, one interesting phenomena that I am currently investigating is that when Polysul is applied to the fluke form, it appears to break apart into a number of inert pieces that resemble a sort of "tapioca." This is a consistant reaction and one that I am most curious to understand.
Additionally, it exhibits indifference to the application of many petrol based substances and derivitives that would kill you and I instantly in a proportionate dosage!
Well, That's all I have time for right now. Much more remains to describe. Much of it I have observed but do not understand the function. In some cases I have yet to even establish a purpose. I will bet the farm that this creature is much more complex than anyone currently suspects. I would not be at all surprised to find that it has the capacity to function on a variety of levels that humans do not normally credit to what they call "lower" life forms.
There remains to be said that the infection is both systemic and external. The nature of the manner in which the systemic infection is achieved remains unanswered. It is possible that two forms of the same "Borg" are at work here. One internally and the other externally. My research indicates strongly, that externally, the so called "Pepper" specks do propagate the macro fiber form that grows from open wounds and hair follicles, but not the micro colored fiber form nor the white Cotton thread like nematomorph inhabiting some cotton products. The latter is spun off of the primary fluke form and the former are produced by the mucus form of the fluke, before and during it's metamorphosis into a primary "mother" form.
One last thing. I have observed that the organism seems to be able to respond to changes in it's environment with amazing alacrity. It can evince subtle and not so subtle ajustments in its shape and its ongoing functions. This can translate into a new surprise to be seen every so often.
Unlike most organisms of it's size, It seems to be able to transfer information to others of it's kind. This can be readily seen in the proactive reaction it exhibits to attacks upon it or its environment. The response is very aggressive.
(end snip)
(More on the other forms of this disease, at another time)




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