AZ - Triangular Formation
& Sphere Drops From Object

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian, It was rather quiet here for a few months then, all of a sudden when I least expected it, I videotaped something new to me. Before I sent this video to you I had a few other UFO guys check it out just to hear their comments and I was surprised at what they thought.
As always when videotaping something like this I expect negative feedback but this time I had a positive reaction and I will explain why.
What I got on video is a pyramid or a triangular shape formed out of 3 white spheres. Of course it's easy at first glance to say this is balloons but if you look at the video a few times you will see that this is rather unique. As you will see in the video the 3 white objects are in a triangular formation but that's not the exciting part. What's exciting to me is that these 3 white objects never vary their position to one another. The objects stay in a formation and are equidistant. If this were balloons, as I am sure some folks might say, then there would be a push and pull effect caused by the instability of the balloons tied together by a string.
From time to time the object shows a side view or a top/bottom view and all you can see is 1 or 2 white spheres. That's because of the angle not the objects moving independently within the formation. You can see what I mean in the video because every time you see a front view of the formation the objects are always maintaining an equal distance to each other.
The sighting lasted about 3 minutes before I lost it in the clouds. The object was very, very high at least low cloud level. Maybe 10Kft. That's quite high for regular party balloons. This was also going against the cloud movement and the winds at ground level. This sighting is just like many seen in Mexico, my neighbor.
I am also sending another video of a wormlike object releasing a sphere. This video was thought to be taped over but while I was looking through my older videos I came across it and thought to share it as well.
Please give my best to your better half and thanks for listening.
Rich G.
Footage and photos are © 2005 Rich G.
Video clip #1 - Phoenix, Arizona Triangular Formation  - Video Footage
Video clip #2 - Phoenix, Arizona - Wormlike Object Releasing A Sphere - Video Footage
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