The United States Is Going To Die
By Frosty Wooldridge

"The commies of the ACLU are not going to let us do "Attrition through Enforcement."  The courts that are under their control will go along with them and force the illegals down our collective throats.  Sorry, they win, we lose!  If we are lucky, we may find a remote island somewhere, but face it, the United States is going to die and we can't stop it," said Bob K., retired US Army.
Doesn't that curl your ears?  When letters arrive like this one, I roar!  We don't teach Americans to lose.  Not a baseball game. Not in basketball.  Not a tennis match. Not in football.  Not a soccer game.  It's un-American to EXPECT to lose.
Of course, it's a bit tougher to win a game when Coach Bush sabotages you and the umpires (Senators) cheat in favor of Mexico.  It's a bit tougher when U.S. fans sit quietly in the bleachers doing nothing more than yawning while the Mexicans climb the fence and run the bases at will.
"We can't do much more than sit back and watch our country self-destruct," another retired couple wrote.
How could Americans win?  How could they stop a blanket amnesty?
"I know how to kill the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill and the illusions that inspire it. We need every citizen to spend a day at John and Pat King's Anvil Ranch in southern Arizona. The experience would create an overnight revolution in America's view of this domestic crisis. The Kings live every day with barking dogs, vandalism, guns at their bedside, trash on their land, and most tragically, human remains. The bodies of seven illegals were found on the 50,000-acre Anvil last year. During their April watch, Minutemen spotted 1,501 illegals on the Anvil, and of these the Border Patrol arrested 500. But it turned into a circus. ACLU volunteers showed up every day to monitor and harass the Minutemen, at times sounding car horns and flashing lights to alert the illegals that the Border Patrol was coming. This is the border crisis in microcosm-confused Americans rush to defend lawbreakers while ignoring, even demonizing, law-abiding citizens who suffer daily affronts to basic liberties on land their family has tended for 115 years. Ask yourself: Would the Altar Valley be a war zone if McCain lived here? If Kennedy's Hyannis Port compound were magically transplanted to southern Arizona, how long do you think it'd be before he rewrote his bill? The first time Kennedy saw 30 illegals dashing across his property, he'd trip over his Guatemalan lawn guy rushing to the Senate floor to demand enforcement. That's one of the American tragedies at play here, the abandonment of ordinary citizens by our country's elites, and most strikingly, the abandonment of the very laws they themselves have written."-Leo Banks
"I just read your article "Where is the outrage" and I agree totally with you.  I don't have a platform from which to speak, if I did, and IF anyone would listen, I would have an earful to say, but no one is going to listen to me.   I was born in California, and lived there for 63 years. 
"I moved to a town called Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California, in 1959, it was a very nice small town by 1967 we started feeling the influence of the illegals in Watsonville, they actually stopped the normal interaction of social life there by starting fights, often with knives, at everything that used to be fun to do, so people quit doing those social functions, when they weren't invited to a party, they would shoot through the building and kill people inside.  Now the town is not fit for Americans, they have a Mexican town government, they no longer have 4th of July parades, but they have sinko de mayo celebrations for sure. Now there are 35,000 Mexicans there.
"I have since moved from that area, as have many others I knew, what else can a person do, but move away from it, no one is looking out for us, and no one will listen to us.  Everyone is afraid to go against the Mexicans, because they are very big on retaliation, and they have very little to lose.  I absolutely hate them.  If I had my way, every Mexican who came hear since 1965, born here or not, would be rounded up and shipped back to Mexico, and we would have a wall like the Berlin wall along the entire border.  This country is in very big trouble.   Our next stop is Australia."  Bill Miedecke in Arizona
Does anyone wonder what a day without illegal aliens would be like?  After you read the statistics from only one day, perhaps Americans would like to see Mexicans boycott our country for a decade!
Do these letters from fellow Americans disturb you?  Remember the lawlessness of May 1
st?  As a result of the boycott by illegal aliens, also known as "The Day without Illegal immigrants," national retailers reported 4.2% lower sales for the day.  These figures arrived over the Internet.  Are they true?  Since we have 630,000 illegal alien convicted felons in our federal and state prisons, these figures may represent the ones still at large.
There was a 67.8% reduction in shoplifting!
The Immigration March in Los Angeles was a success! According to data from the Los Angeles County Sheriff, on the day of the march, Los Angeles had a reduction in the following:
82% reduction - auto theft
28% reduction- murders/ violent crimes/ rapes
73% reduction- vandalism / tagging
54% reduction- drug related offenses (excludes the march area)
31% reduction - domestic violence cases
64% reduction- misdemeanor cases (shop lifting, etc)
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that day was a record low in the least amount of traffic accidents on Los Angeles area freeways.
As Americans yawn in the bleachers, "A friend told me over the weekend that under the new "guest worker" program, if passed, his company, a major firm with hundreds of drivers are going to fire the majority of drivers and hire "guests" for a third of the cost," Bill H. said. "He said while he would have to fire many of the friends he's made over time, that his supervisors have said, this is just business.  I think the Teamsters should have a field day with this one."
When Rome's Emperor Valens opened up his country's borders to the Goth's in 375 A.D., it took until 476 A.D. for the immigrants to take down the Roman Empire.  With what we're seeing today, America is dying and it's a slow death.  With Alabama Senator Jeff Session's estimate of adding 217 million Mexicans and other Third World immigrants to this country by 2026, our death shall be much faster than Rome's.
Our president and politicians turn America into the next bi-lingual, low wage Third World country on the planet.  Will America die? 
It depends on how long a 'bleacher-full' of American citizens keeps sitting quietly in the stands as their team keeps getting drubbed by the Mexicans. It's highly un-American.
Join and stop this invasion.  We WILL stop this insanity in the House of Representatives!
The 21st
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