The Gospel Of Judas,
Barbelo & Long-Kept Secrets
By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved

The truth usually surfaces sooner or later regardless of how carefully concealed it is.  One of the most stunning truths imaginable has been hidden so well for the last 2000 years that we have not caught a glimpse of its light until the recently surfaced Gospel of Judas.  This gospel suggests, among other things, that all generations of people have sat in judgment of Judas based simply on information given to the masses by the most powerful church on earth.  In reading this newly surfaced Gospel, and then reading Bishop Irenaeus' scathing rejection of it in 180 A.D., as well as his scathing rejection of all gnostic teachings (personal knowing of the divine), one wonders if this is the tip of the most unfathomable iceberg that ever was.  What else has been kept hidden from us by those in control of church and state?  Were we told the truth about the identity of Jesus - or was his identity reinvented?  If his identity was reinvented, then it appears that humanity's spiritual identity was reinvented as well. 
The primary shock and awe caused by the Gospel of Judas has been in the Gospel's suggestion that Jesus asked Judas to betray him.  It appears, however, that this Gospel contains hints of something else far more profound - so profound, in fact, that the implications are staggering, but they seem to have escaped notice thus far.  It hints of something extraordinary that has been hidden for thousands of years, although in existence since the beginning. 
In the "forbidden" gnostic gospels that have begun to emerge from antiquity, we find we have actually been divinely invited to seek the truth and ask questions, because the truth is never marred or harmed by questions.  Asking questions only serves to make the truth shine brighter.  One might wonder into which direction we should begin a search for the truth at this hour when the truth about anything is very hard to come by.  According to the gnostic gospels, the answer from above seems to have been, "go within," because there is something within that awaits discovery. 
In the gnostic scriptures, we learn that blind faith has never been demanded of us.  Instead, the one we now refer to as "Jesus" (the J is relatively new - it is Iesous in transliterated Greek) urged people to go within and seek the truth and not stop seeking until they found the truth.  Only a portion of this appears in the New Testament, but a more complete version can be read in the gnostic Gospel of Thomas.  It includes a curious caveat of wisdom after the invitation to come seek and find all that awaits us.  The caveat warns that when we discover the truth, we will at first be disturbed as well as astonished. 
In the end, however, it is the truth that will set us free. 
In looking at the Gospel of Judas (Ioudas) there are two words that are the keys to unlocking an extraordinary mystery.  The first key word is, "Barbelo," the word by which Judas identifies Jesus.  "I know who you are and where you have come from," Judas says.  "You are from the immortal realm of Barbelo." 
According to the scholars and editors who worked on the National Geographic translation of the Gospel of Judas, the word Barbelo "apparently comes from Hebrew," and perhaps means God.  Others state it remains unexplained, and some suggest it refers to a divine "emanation."   (1)
The second key word in the Gospel of Judas is, "betrayal," the word by which we now identify Judas.  In looking closely at this word, one finds that its meaning has changed over the centuries - something that is very common.  Many other words have changed in meaning as centuries separate us from the original writings. 
"Lucifer," for instance, a Latin word that means "light bringer," has now become equated with "satan" or the devil, despite the fact that Lucifer actually appears in the Latin Vulgate as a reference to Jesus.  Most people in the US no longer read or speak Latin, and therefore they are unaware of this.  (2)
The meaning of "satan" has also changed.  Satan, comes from Aramaic and simply means adversary or opponent.  In Mark 8:33, Jesus refers to Peter as "satan."  However, most people in the US do not speak Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic, and so they do not understand the meaning of this word, either.  For them, "satan" has now come to be associated with "the devil," personified these days as Lucifer, no less.  
"Betrayal," has come to be associated with Judas Iscariot, who - as the spin keeps spinning - has in turn come to be known as the most despicable of all villains.  The end result is that currently, no one in their right mind would want to be associated with Lucifer, Judas, satan or a betrayer.  It appears that at least a portion of the truth has been hidden in plain view for almost 2000 years.  During those same years, it became clear to those in power that the masses could be easily swayed by what they were told, and most would not check the facts for themselves because most could not read.  Reading materials were also easily controlled.  It was easy to fill people with fear and misunderstanding of words that were once written, once known and once understood.  From generation to generation, the legacy of fear has been handed down our tradition. 
Betray comes from the Latin word, "tradere."  Tradere means to reveal, declare and make known what is seen, including divine revelations.  Hardly an evil word, tradere is also the root of the word "tradition."  An archaic, Old English word "bewray," appears in Isaiah in the King James Version (KJV) of the bible, and is translated as "to uncover."  "Bewrayeth" is found three times in KJV, twice in Proverbs where it is translated as "to proclaim," and "make known," and in Matthew 26:73, it is translated as "to make manifest, evident."  (3)
Only when one understands what the word "betray" once meant can one understand the simple truth about Judas.  When Judas realized the identity and origin of Jesus - Barbelo - Jesus then asked him to reveal it and make it known to others.  Judas did as he was asked.  But, if one is to understand what Judas was asked to reveal - a truth that would indeed leave most disturbed as well as astonished - it becomes imperative to find a more definite, plausible meaning for Barbelo. 
When I first saw that word, Barbelo, my own impression was that it was not derived from a Hebrew word at all, but that it was possibly coming from an Aramaic phrase, or possibly even referencing a more ancient, Akkadian word.  Anyone who has heard of a "bar mitzvah" might realize that "bar," in Aramaic, means son, and in particular, "son of" the word that follows.  If Bar means, "Son of," and if, as the scholars say, Barbelo seems to indicate the word "God," the logical procession might be to find a time and language when "God" was once known by a word sounding like "Belo."  
One can find some names of gods in the bible, but in order to see what is actually written rather than what has been translated into English, one has to look at the Hebrew.  Starting with the first line of Genesis, one can immediately see that in Hebrew, "God" is another of those words that has also changed in meaning over the ages.  In English, the bible speaks only of one God, but in Hebrew, in over 2600 instances, the word is plural: "gods," or elohim starting with the first line of Genesis.  Since the beginning, the word has been "Gods." 
Some of the gods have been identified by name - such as Jehovah or Yahweh - who is believed to be the only god of the universe by approximately half of the people on earth at this time.  Jehovah is described as a "war god," with an impressive death count including men, women, children, babies and animals.  Although the name of Jehovah only makes it into the English translation four times, in Hebrew it occurs over 6000 times.  In English we usually see this word translated as "LORD."  (Caps theirs.)  Other gods are also named, but as stated, this is translated repeatedly into English as "God."  This in turn gives the impression that the entire bible was only referencing the words of one God - Jehovah - when this is apparently not the case. 
In some instances, different gods gave conflicting instructions.  In Genesis, for example, there were conflicting instructions pertaining to what mankind may and may not eat.  In Genesis 1, mankind is told by the unnamed elohim that we may partake of all seed-bearing fruits and vegetation on the face of the earth.  There is no mention of anything forbidden, and there is also no mention of Jehovah.  The unnamed gods in Genesis 1 stated we were created in their image. 
Genesis 2 tells a different story.  The Jehovah elohim tell mankind that severe penalties will apply if certain forbidden vegetation is so much as touched.  (The list of forbidden fruits and vegetation continues to this day.)  Unlike the unnamed elohim in Genesis 1 who stated we are in their image, the Jehovah elohim state instead that we are dust - and will return to dust - an insult that until the Gospel of Judas has been unchallenged. 
Of those gods who were identified by name in the Old Testament, there is one who seems to be the chief enemy of the admittedly jealous Jehovah elohim.  The name of the enemy god is "Baal."  Baal means, "Lord," not to be confused with "LORD," which means Jehovah.  People had been acknowledging The Lord for a very, very long time. 
Since the earliest known writings, people acknowledged the presence of gods.  All over the world, people have known that the gods came from above.  Some were very kind and arrived with gifts of food and civil teachings.  According to what has been handed down in some teachings, it appears that at least in some cases, the gods took time to point out the location of their lofty homes that were visible in the night sky, and perhaps this is why the ancients then came to identify certain heavenly bodies with the gods.  This would at least provide an answer as to why certain heavenly bodies, such as Jupiter, were carefully followed and venerated. 
Baal is referred to by name over 60 times in the KJV, and numerous other times in spelling variations.  Baal, or the Lord, is known in other languages as Bel, Belos, Belus, and all of these names were references to what we call Jupiter.  Jupiter is also known in Greek as Zeus, and it has been observed that the etymology of Jupiter appears to be two words, Zeus Pater, meaning God the Father.  Baal is also associated with Dagon, a fish god associated with water and grain.  The ancient root of Baal is in the Akkadian language, reaching back to Babylon and "Babel," the tower, is yet another word that has lost its meaning over the centuries.  It was reduced to "babble," after it was destroyed by Jehovah, but its meaning prior to its destruction is from Akkadian, "Bab-elu," which means "The Gate of God."  Jehovah destroyed the gate and confused the speech of mankind, and the speech continues to be confused today. 
Jupiter was called "Marduk belu."  "Belu" means "The Great Lord."  This appears to bring us back to Barbelo, which, in following this procession would be:  Son of the Great Lord, or, Son of Jupiter, God the Father.  Since pronunciation changes as a word is spoken in different languages, there is also the possibility that Barbelo might have been reference to "Bab-elu," the Gate of God. 
A daring few have noted that the sound of "son" in Modern Greek is pronounced, Yos and that when it is placed together with Zeus, as in, YosZeus, or even ZeusYos, it seems to have a familiar ring to it.  Still others have noted that Virgil's Aeneid, which was written prior to Virgil's death in 19 B.C., tells of a vision in which Zeus was said to have fathered two sons born of a virgin.  One son was named Dardanus, and the other is referred to as "Father Iasius" - sounding strangely similar to Esau, who, in Genesis 25:30 is also named "adam."  (This word is translated into English as "Edom" although it is spelled in Hebrew the same way "adam" is spelled.)  It means red as well as human.  According to several translations of the Aeneid - but curiously not all - it is said that the blood of "Father Iasius" and his brother represents the most ancient of the bloodlines of Zeus.  (If there were truth in this, it might at least explain why the elusive missing link has never been located by scientists who insist our ancestry is apes, rather than gods.)
We have been told repeatedly of encounters with someone who appears and disappears in a manner that is difficult to describe.  He performs his trademark miracles, he heals the sick and reminds us that we should be performing miracles ourselves.  He appears to be fully human, and at other times he and the others like him are glowing with an extraordinary light.  He seems to have been known by many different names, apparently preferring not to refer to himself by name at all.  Throughout the millennia, his messages have been clear, simple and similar.  He has imparted teachings about civil liberties and civility, and he seems to be somehow connected to fish, water and grains.  In the most ancient times, a similar water deity was referred to as "Ea/Oannes," because he frequently submerged in the waters.  John, (as in Baptist), is spelled Ioannes in Greek.  He repeatedly told those listening to live just, compassionate and forgiving lives, and he challenged laws that he felt were unjust. 
Many believe that Gnosticism predated Christianity.  Indeed, perhaps raising the consciousness has resulted in the divine visits of Iesous - a Shining One.  One can find ancient written accounts about "the Watchers," (or Shining Ones - glowing beings of great wisdom) referred to in Egyptian writings as netjeru.  This word is even mentioned in Jeremiah 4:16 as a warning - the "natzorim" (plural form of ntzr) come from a distant earth to give voice against the cities of Judah.  In fact, it appears that this word is the more likely root of the word, "Nazareth," when one considers there was no "town" by this name mentioned by historians, it is not mentioned in the Old Testament, and no one but Jesus is said to have come from this mysterious place.  It now seems to have become his descriptive surname. 
The great and ancient mysteries of consciousness, however, seem to have been trampled like a serpent and fear has reigned in their place for thousands of years.  The only ingredient necessary to assure this ongoing oppression of knowledge has been mandatory ignorance.  While we have obeyed, and obeyed, the gates of wisdom and truth were closed, and the Light that is ours by birthright, turned off.  A new time is at hand, however.  Communication and access to knowledge have finally been restored to us for the first time since the Gate of God was turned to babble by Jehovah.  At last, we can finally see that we have been kept ignorant in much the same way that Adam and Eve discovered their nakedness. 
Evidence that divine encounters are ours by birthright can be found in our own bodies.  We have been physically programmed to encounter the divine.  We are born with a pineal gland, two hippocampi, and the mysterious right temporal lobe that some say acts as a receiver.  In addition, and as though making certain we might never, ever, lose our most important way, we also have within our bodies the capability of creating a personal dose of dimethyltryptamine - DMT - which is called the "spirit molecule" by physician and researcher, Rick Strassman, M.D.  Research shows that when the body creates DMT, it washes through the brain and a gate seems to be opened into another dimension.  It is there that many people report face-to-face meetings with very much alive and sentient entities, including Iesous.  It would appear that we truly have been invited to seek the divine truth.  (4)
Unfortunately, however, at this time fluoride has now been found to be forming concretions in our pineal glands.  (The fluoride spin is another one based upon a gamble that people will listen to what is repeated without reading the devastating facts for themselves.)  In addition to our pineal glands being turned into pillars of stone, one does not report encountering the divine without risking life, limb, livelihood, reputation and all else.  If encounters with angels are dismissed as nonsense or even "temporal lobe epilepsy," encounters with Jesus are met with even worse reactions. 
At this time, all vegetation containing substances that might result in a spiritual encounter are as verboten as the Tree of Knowledge in Eden.  As if a further safeguard were needed to assure the worried that humanity's spiritual gates would remain closed, DMT has been labeled a "Schedule 1 Controlled Substance" despite the fact that it occurs naturally within our own bodies. 
So overwhelming is this fear of human spiritual encounters, it has caused the truth to be distorted and destroyed. 
According to Bart D. Ehrman, Ph.D, expert in early Christianity, author of Misquoting Jesus, and one who worked on the National Geographic Gospel of Judas project, many of the texts contained in the New Testament have been altered throughout the years.  Because of this, closer attention should be paid to the ancient and more pristine documents now surfacing.  In the lost Gospel of Judas, it is apparent that those encountering Iesous were experiencing something far more extraordinary than a simple carpenter who was the lone resident of a neighboring village.  (5 )
This gospel states that when Jesus appeared on earth, he performed miracles and spoke of mysteries.  "Often he did not appear to his disciples as himself" the gospel states.  On one occasion, when he found his disciples in "pious observance" and giving thanks to their god, he laughed and they asked why.  In his answer, it is made abundantly clear that their god is not his god - he is not the son of their god, and they did not know his identity.  In fact, he does not speak highly of their god.  (This sentiment can be also found in the New Testament in John 8, where Jesus refers to their god as a liar, a murderer, and the devil.) 
Only moments after understanding this, Judas alone makes his observation:  "I know who you are and where you have come from.  You are from the immortal realm of Barbelo.  And I am not worthy to utter the name of the one who has sent you." 
Hearing Judas say this, Jesus asks Judas (to whom he refers as the "thirteenth spirit") to come and privately hear the mysteries.  He tells Judas that Judas will suffer extreme grief and will be replaced with another so that the twelve may "come to completion with their god." 
Judas was indeed replaced and when Iesous and Judas left the picture the thirteenth later became Saint Paul, who was never chosen as a disciple.  It would be Church-selected teachings of Paul that would then become the foundation of Christianity, while the gnostic teachings of Iesous were anathematized.  This is despite the fact that Paul's meeting with Iesous was, as clearly stated, a gnostic encounter.  The writings were selected.  Writings such as the instructions not to form a church with clergy over laity, and instructions to allow women to speak, were discarded.  According to the gnostic teachings, all who had received visions from the divine were already "divinely ordained to speak, whether man or woman."  These teachings were declared a heresy.  (6)
But eventually, Jesus says, the truth about Judas will become known.  When Judas asks him when the great day of light would dawn, Jesus abruptly leaves and reappears the following morning.  They ask him where he had been and he answers that he had been to visit a generation that they cannot even imagine - a generation he refers to as "great and holy."  They tell him they have had a disturbing vision, and he interprets it for them, telling them that in the future, atrocities will be done in his name.  "That is the god you serve," he states, and many will be led astray. 
He explains to Judas that god had only "loaned" souls to humanity, thus perhaps churning out workers again and again.  But "The Great One," he states, has ordered that souls and spirits be "given" as a gift to the "great and holy" generation over which there will be no ruler.  That generation, upon physical death, will be "taken up" - set free at last for having found the truth. 
In what can be gleaned from the fragments, Judas is told that all generations will curse him except for one - and at that time, when the truth is known, Judas will be exalted as the greatest of all the disciples for having revealed the truth of Barbelo - and also cursed for having revealed the truth. 
It would seem, therefore, that since the old texts have found their way into our hands, the generation spoken of appears to be this one.  We have new information in front of us - information that is certain to leave us disturbed as well as astonished.  But there is even more information, and this moment seems the appropriate time for it also to be revealed. 
Having been raised a Catholic and finding I could not bear it any longer, I left Christianity 30 years ago and converted to Judaism where I was sent to Hebrew school.  I was unable to find what I sought there either - perhaps because I found Jehovah frightening.  And so I left Judaism as well and became what I assumed was an atheist. 
On September 11, 1988, exactly thirteen years before America's darkest day, and eighteen years before the Gospel of Judas surfaced, I had my own darkest day and it included a diagnosis of cancer.  I went to bed that night with no spiritual place to hide.  The sun set on that day, marking its end, and at approximately 4 A.M. the following morning, a new sun rose when I was awakened by a bright light shining on me.  I opened my eyes to see a large sphere of light floating in my room.  A man's voice came from the sphere. 
"You're not afraid are you?" he whispered. 
There were unusual properties about this light swirling in the sphere, and I began feeling exceptionally well.  The light seemed to be passing through me and correcting things. 
"No," I replied, "I'm not afraid." 
"Good," he said. "None of this is meant to frighten you." 
He talked for a long time on that night, but I was unable to see the man standing there for most of that visit.  He asked me if I would come with him so that he might show something to me, and I did so.  After accompanying him into the Light, we walked on a summit in what I later identified as Qumran.  We entered a cave where an old but beautiful woman was waiting, and after meeting her - and with no further explanations - I was returned to my physical body.  Shortly after this, I was able to see the man still standing in the sphere of Light.  He was about 33 years old with perfect facial features.  His hair was long, past his shoulders.  He did not have a beard.  He was wearing what appeared to be sun-dried linen, and he had a fragrance of negative ions, myrrh and spices.  I had no idea who he was.  Being an atheist, I assumed he was from another planet. 
Before he left, he told me that my cancer would be healed and that I needed fish.  The sphere of light surrounded him again, and the light swirled as though blown by winds from within and a huge eye came across the surface of the sphere.  I blurted out, "I know what you look like, you look like Jupiter.  Is that where you are from?" 
"Something wonderful is going to happen," he said, a line that is from "2010:  Odyssey Two," based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel about Jupiter.  "Find out all you can about the Tenth Moon of Jupiter." 
I was unable to find out much about the Tenth Moon of Jupiter, other than it was said to be a "perfect sphere" by the astrophysicist I contacted.  Two years ago, I would learn through Robert Temple's book, The Sirius Mystery that a tribe in Timbuktu known as the Dogon, claims to have been visited by fish gods many years ago.  These gods arrived and left in a craft and gave them gifts of grain.  The visitors took the time to explain from where they had come - that they were parked in orbit around one of the larger planets in our outer solar system.  Specifically, the Dogon claim the visitors were from "the star of the Tenth Moon."  Temple interpreted this as being Saturn. 
For over eight months, the man from the sphere of light that looked like Jupiter returned here regularly as a healer and teacher.  I was healed of the cancer and also suddenly appeared younger than usual, with dark auburn pigment returning to my hair.  On many of his visits, small white stones materialized and fell on the floor, many of which I still have.  Three were examined in a laboratory and found to be calcium carbonate - limestone - formed from calcite crystals.  I do not know what their function is other than possibly to have served as affirmation that this was and is all really happening, and could not be dismissed as "temporal lobe epilepsy," etc.  Or, it could be that there is something about limestone that awaits our discovery.  The pyramids were once covered with limestone. 
On one occasion almost eighteen years ago, he came here to tell me a love story about Judas.  It was a stunning story that I had never heard before, and I told him I was anxious to tell people about this.  He said I would be unable to recollect the full story, although he did allow me to recall a part of it - the part in which he explained that we did not have all of the facts about Judas, and that it is never appropriate to judge anyone, in particular Judas, when one does not have all the facts. 
On another visit, he asked me why we were constantly searching for the "holy grail" and why we were digging for it in the dust.  I told him it might have been a valuable cup, and he said, "Oh, then it is a container?"  I answered that it was.  He said, "If you wish to find such a cup, then look into one another's eyes." 
In May of 1989, encouraged by a priest, I asked him his identity.  He revealed it to me.  I was disturbed and astonished.  Dumbfounded might better describe the state I was in.  But, when I came to terms with this I asked him to take me with him.  He said he could not do so at that time, and he had something to ask of me.  I suspected it might be a request to keep all of this quiet, and I was more than happy to oblige, but I was wrong. 
"Tell others everything you have seen and heard," he said. 
"What?" I was disturbed and astonished again. 
"Tell others," he said, smiling. 
"But no one is going to believe this," I protested. 
He explained that I was not being asked to convince people, but merely to tell them what I had witnessed and what I have heard. 
I did as he asked.  I told people.  Then, in 2001, thirteen years after first meeting him, and five years before the Gospel of Judas would come out, my book about this strange and ongoing encounter was published by Hampton Roads.  I called my manuscript "Love Song," because I had been shown that there is an ancient song of love that is singing in our DNA, but we have not been told about it.  It is where God is singing, and it is the root of our identity. 
He told me to send my manuscript to Hampton Roads, specifically "to the person named Eagle."  I sent it to the wrong person and then was contacted by the appropriate editor who stated she had my work in her possession and desired to be the editor.  I thanked her, but told her that I had been instructed to place the manuscript into the hands of "the person named Eagle."   She wrote back and said, "Dear Mary - My last name:  in German it means Eagle.  Have a nice day, Pat Adler." 
She hand-carried the manuscript to the publisher and stood at his door until he picked it up and began reading it.  The book's title was subsequently changed to "The Love Song of the Universe," and when I first saw the cover of the book, I saw that there were thirteen singular stars on it and wondered what that might mean. 
In early 2001, several months before the book came out, the man from the shining sphere began talking about human rights and civil liberties on each of his visits here.  This was new.  I was scheduled to begin speaking on radio programs that year to discuss his book, and I was asked by radio hosts what his most recent messages were. 
"He keeps telling me to 'study the Constitution' for some reason," I would reply again and again while on the air and also while giving talks to groups of people.  I urged all who were listening to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, knowing that for many it would be the first time they had ever looked at these exquisite documents that were created in mystery.  The book was scheduled to come out in May. 
On September 11, 2001, thirteen years after my own darkest day, America had her darkest day.  We would learn shortly after 9/11 about the "P.a.t.r.i.o.t. Act" - a burdensome, anti-rights bill that was pushed through Congress, unread.  A number of us finally understood the reason why we had been told to "study the Constitution."
On the morning of September 11, as I stood in my office watching the television in horror, he appeared and stood next to me.  His hair was short on this day.  He was not appearing as himself.  He was covered with dust and wearing a grey jogging outfit and black athletic shoes with dark blue trim on them.  I knew where he had been.  He had been walking among the victims and comforting people.  Not one of those who saw him, worked next to him, or were touched by him would suspect a thing.  He would have simply been a mysterious stranger as he has been on so many other occasions.
"How could this have happened to us?" I asked him on that awful morning. 
He did not answer my question, but instead he shook his head as though in disbelief while watching the events unfolding on the television and he said, "Tell them not to retaliate."
It was my turn to shake my head.  "No," I said, "I can't say that.  Someone's going to have hell to pay for this one." 
He turned and looked at me.  "You are going to have a very difficult time determining who was actually responsible for this," he said.  "You do not have all of the facts.  Tell them not to retaliate.  Do not to harm the innocent."  And then, he left. 
I have wondered if he was there with Father Mychal, the first to officially die on that morning, and then if he was there with the others whose names we do not know.  I learned later that Father Mychal had been a close personal friend of my editor, Pat, for many years. 
I was already scheduled to speak on another radio program when 9/11 happened, and so when I went on the air, I delivered his message although my knees were literally shaking as I said it.  I knew that no one else was making statements similar to this (yet). 
In one of his more recent visits here, he revealed that he has been manifesting completely in the flesh throughout the entire time I have known him - eighteen years - similar to the way he did on 9/11, and I simply never knew when he was standing right next to me.  Not always appearing as himself, he frequently appears as a black man, sometimes wearing a baseball hat.  I have personally sat next to him on a bus as he drank coffee in full view of everyone and no one, including myself, suspected a thing at the time. 
As I complete this paper, it is the month of May again - the anniversary of the month in which I first learned his identity, and now the month when I first learned about the Gospel of Judas.  I learned of it from readers of my book, who saw that the gospel was providing affirmation for what I had written years earlier.  This is also the month in which my publisher, Hampton Roads, sold the last copy of Love Song.  As of May 31, 2006, the publisher has no more copies left. 
I have, therefore, nothing to sell.  I have only a statement to make after writing all of the above. 
It appears that we are a prophesied generation into whose hands a profound truth has been placed.  We have been called "great and holy" by a certain dignitary.  This does not come without enormous responsibility. 
The past 2000 years have been the only years in human history when we have not had free access to the philosophies and encounters with the gods of peace.  These have also been the bloodiest years in all of human history.  The toll of hatred, destruction and bloodshed is beyond comprehension.  In innocence and ignorance, we have unwittingly sworn allegiance to a war god.  We have obediently believed what we have been told, that the war god is the only god of the universe.  Now we learn that this is not true. 
This is a time for us to ask many questions.  What is the real reason that the US is plundering the ancient land of Babylon at this time?  Why were the ancient writings and artifacts in the museums immediately stolen?  And why the bloodbath in Basra?  The ancient Chaldean name of Basra was "Perat Maishan."  Al-Maisan in Arabic is "the Shining One."  Are there multidimensional portals associated with the "gates of god?"  Is the US, which is currently spearheaded by followers of Jehovah, involved in a frantic final attempt to destroy evidence of the eternal, Shining enemy of Jehovah?  Could it be that there is something other than WMD and oil the US government is desperately searching for in order to forestall the arrival of a long-awaited coming?  Is this why the heads of state keep meeting at the Vatican? 
But those in the Vatican should have already known some of the above was in progress and moving according to a quiet and ancient plan.  As soon as my book came off the press in the spring of 2001, the man whose name I am unable to pronounce visited again and told me to send the first copy of the book to the Pope.  He told me to include a white stone and a message for the Pope.  I wrote down his words, although I did not understand what the message meant at that time.  The message was, "You have already been forgiven." 
It has always been about his blood - his royal blood - but not as depicted by Hollywood.  It has not been about blood spilled for us because we are evil sinners, but about blood and DNA that is shared with us, given to us in the very beginning.  Why else would the son of man refer to us as his brethren and tell us that what we do to each other we do to him?  There is a message within his message that he is the son of man.  It is not a message that means we must now find tax records to prove his birth.  We will not find those.  Nor do we need to try and track down rare offspring so that we might gaze at in awe.  The message is that if he is the son of man, then all of man is the son of god. 
As I finish this, there is something new happening on Jupiter.  The large eye of Jupiter is not alone.  There is another smaller swirling storm on Jupiter, and it has been called, "Red, Jr."  As pointed out above, "red" in Hebrew is adam, and it means man.  I will leave the translation of "Jr." to the reader.  Astronomers feel that Red, Jr., will move closest to the Great Red Spot on July 4th
.  (7)
If the truth is upon us, and it appears to have been placed in our hands, then this is a time like no other in history.  It is time for those who are brave enough to do so to stand up and say that the age of war is at an end.  Bring all troops of war home, forever.  It is time for us to educate ourselves as though our lives depend upon it.  It is time to focus on Jupiter, and the gifts given.  We are no longer dust. 
There is a song in our DNA that has never stopped singing despite the fact that we stopped hearing it thousands of years ago.  It is time to finally listen and let the truth set us free. 
Mary is a science and health writer, and the author of The Love Song of the Universe.  At this time, the publisher has sold all copies of Love Song, and while it is hoped that a second edition with updates will be forthcoming, the plans for doing so have not yet been made.  You are welcome to contact Mary at, or visit her website at
Mary wishes to thank the numerous people, including friends and scholars who helped with and gave input in the preparation of this paper. 
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