How 911 Really Happened
By Douglas Herman
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Some time after the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) composed their manifesto, referring to a "New Pearl Harbor" attack on America, an ultra-secret group of powerful government insiders outlined a series of plans that would attempt to fulfill every facet of their agenda.
They considered and rejected many plans. The plan they finally selected was ingenious and enormously profitable for everyone involved. The plan called for airliner hijackings that were in fact not hijackings at all.
Instead pre-selected, early morning commercial flights would be electronically commandeered and crashed into redundant structures.
Why early morning? Predictably a media blizzard would commence while stunned Americans rubbed the sleep from their eyes. The emotional overload would continue for the entire day and well into the next. During that chaotic first day, disinformation (government-concocted stories) would be released, informing the shocked citizens exactly who perpetrated the treacherous deed.
In the days that followed further "News" releases would inform Americans of the identities and backgrounds of these religious fanatics. Within a week we would know everything about the 19 Muslims who allegedly hijacked four airplanes and killed 3,000 Americans.
As for the targets, a pair of architectural white elephants were chosen, the massive, soaring, iconographic "Twin Towers."  In addition another electronically controlled airplane would plow into a remodeled section of the Pentagon (occupied by Office of Naval Intelligence). That fiery impact would signify an attack on America's stronghold, in the public consciousness.
The attacks were masterminded by a select few of interconnected insiders who, not surprisingly, remain in power today. Certain key members of Congress, the CIA, Mossad, Pentagon, and the White House organized the plan to perfection.
Secrecy was no problem. Anyone with foreknowledge of the plan, who considered revealing the daring operation out of guilt or misgiving, would be either threatened personally, have their family threatened and have their story ridiculed and denied. After all, who in the media would have believed 9-11 before it happened? Media complicity, among top directors of the US media, was understood well in advance.
How many were involved you ask? Probably not more than a couple dozen. No more than fifty perhaps at the upper levels of planning. A few Pentagon generals, a handful of US and Israeli intelligence insiders, a half dozen White House ideologues, and certain corrupt Congressmen and Cabinet members compromised by blackmail or debased patriotism.
Beneath them, a cadre of true believers, loyal footsoldiers and mercenaries actually did the dirty work. The flight school drop outs belonged to this later group.
A joint team of CIA and Mossad shadow warriors supervised contract laborers who planted the explosives in the weeks and months prior to the controlled demolitions. At the same time, electronic guidance systems were tested and retested on large airplanes. Nothing was left to chance.
The NORAD stand down was one key element. Whether White House or Pentagon insiders over-ruled top generals Eberhart, Myers, Weaver et al, or whether these generals betrayed their country and their sworn duty is debatable. Perhaps each general was compromised by overt physical threats and or tempting, lucrative promises. Indeed, we should recall that one such top general, General Richard Myers, was rewarded with a promotion within days of the successful attack.
Since the attack, you will have noticed that those rumored connected to the attack have been amply rewarded.  But how, or why, did so many millions of otherwise rational and intelligent people, with no stake in the event, agree to ignore the massive and overwhelming suspicious evidence that indicated a conspiratorial crime rather than a terrorist attack?
Because to disagree with the official government version of events (the planners version) would expose the dissident to ridicule, recrimination or physical threat, or loss of job, career and, particularly, social respect.
Consider those patriotic whistleblowers and dedicated American public servants who did attempt to alert their soon-to-be-promoted superiors of the danger. Like FBI agent Colleen Rowley, Sybil Edmonds and John O' Neill, anyone who opposed the plan could be killed, contained or controlled.
The reasons for 9-11 were diverse and extremely rewarding. While the risks were great, the rewards were far greater.
Planners achieved enormous personal fortunes, dictatorial power and a furtherance of a debased nationalism. Israel, which supplied various Mossad loyalists (demolition experts?) months in advance, gained the destruction of her enemies. Pentagon generals achieved promotions. Wall Street masterminds achieved billions in profits with the complete destruction of SEC records (When WTC-7 was demolished). Silverstein, the WTC landlord, achieved hundreds of millions in damage claims. Intelligence orgs achieved massive influx of money, tens of billions, as did the Pentagon. Religious autocrats achieved a new crusade. While the risks were great---for all involved---the rewards were far greater.
How 9-11 actually happened is self-evident. Why 9-11 happened is clearer still.
Everyone involved had a personal reason, an agenda, whether personal gain or a depraved sort of patriotism. Truly 9-11 was all about power, profit and yes, patriotism. The deaths of a few thousand citizens would have been considered a small price to pay.
To those readers who possess a moral compass, who cannot conceive of such seemingly bizarre rationales, and vehemently disagree with my scenario, I offer one final statement.
Compare the motives of powerful men to serial killers. The depraved serial killer, like a lone predator, kills for no intelligent aim. Jeffrey Dahmer for example. Yet a conspiracy of powerful government insiders achieves far greater ends than hundreds or even thousands of serial killers. They change the course of history, seize the ship of state and steer it in the direction they choose, and enrich themselves and their cronies. If several thousand people must die in the process, that is unfortunate but the end does justify the means. No ideologue considers his methods immoral.
A secret, powerful, state society of serial killers may even be considered rational to themselves. Their agendas and objectives-the furtherance of the state regime---may seem unselfish and even patriotic. And if huge fortunes are to be gained, that becomes a suitable reward for their risk.
USAF veteran and amateur historian, Douglas Herman writes for Rense regularly and is the author of The Guns of Dallas. Contact him at



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