Like I Was Writing
From Home
By Barry Chamish

It's like I was writing from home, but I'm not. I am currently writing from Toronto and who knows how long this will go on. But it beats dying and in Israel every week brought me a fun new brush with disaster. Things got off to a rousing start here when I abandoned my "host"
within a few hours of discovering he was a nut. He sicced the cops on me for the theft of a computer he stole but with my three witnesses testifying to my innocence, the ball game began anew.
This Sat. June 11, I begin three lectures in Denver and hopefully a new American tours from Toronto. It had better work or I surrender and return to Israel to suffer my final demise. Contact <> for details.
If Israel doesn't beat me to it. Great country, that Israel. In one day last week the entire North, every single community, slept in shelters while Hizbollah slammed rockets into the land. Down south in Gaza, the further choking of the carcass continued with missiles slamming into new targets revealed by the surrender of Gush Katif.
And for this, the government is planning to remove 70,000 "settlers" from their homes to make the choking complete. Now the missiles will fall from the east onto the major cities and highways as well.
Now for the major kicker...According to Maariv, 44% of the settlers would gladly be removed for a bit of mazuma. Not so, say my settler friends.The figure is way higher than that.
So why should I die in Israel? The settlers have been defeated. Their leaders are dead or are somehow elsewhere and they don't want to hear the ugly facts from me or anyone else. I gave my Rabin speech 550 times in Israel. My latest Hebrew speech, The Dirty War Against The Settlers, must have passed 5 audiences. It's available on Hebrew disc and at least 20 people have bought it.
I'm used up in Israel. Nothing I could say will ever make a difference. The one real chance for victory, the tenth anniversary memorial rally for Rabin, was blown away when only 12 brave Israelis showed up to bring truth to the discussion.
So maybe the new market of America might open one or two floodgates. Or even allow me to survive and earn a living. But that has a lot more to do with my readers. You don't have to put down a penny to bring me from Israel. From the American northeast costs might be as low as $200. And that's the only cost you'll suffer. I will do the rest for free, relying on a good crowning for coming.
Many readers have been making excuses for years. Now I'm on North American soil and you can keep me here, alive, if you want.
I await your letter. **
You may purchase my new Hebrew CD-DVD or video, THE DIRTY WAR AGAINST THE SETTLERS, for NIS 50, $20 abroad.
ZION FIRST: The Vatican's New Crusade For Jerusalem, is now a CD ROM. I'll offer it for $18 this week.
Available at
_My English books; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; The Last Days of Israel;
_are a_vailable at
My 3 Denver speeches will be Zion First. Readers in Toronto, please write me and I'll give you my phone number.




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