Brainwashing Children
In Catholic Schools

By Greg Szymanski

Rebecca Sexton has written a powerful article about the false doctrines of Catholicism from the unique perspective of a child being "brainwashed" in Catholic schools.
Sexton pulls no punches and minces no words, saying if the unbiased history of Rome were ever truthfully told, it would be once and for all exposed as a complete fraud.
Further, Sexton claims the masters of deception and mysticism responsible for brainwashing millions of children around the world are none other that the Jesuits, calling them the diabolical masterminds behind Catholic education.
And in order to better understand how the Jesuits and the Vatican are undermining the liberties and freedom of Americans by totally making a mockery of the separation of church and state, what better way then to listen to a Catholic educated woman who says she has uncovered the hidden truths about the master manipulators ­ the Jesuits and Vatican hierarchy.
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