58 Years Of Zionist
Cruelty And Terror
It's Time To Put America First

By Hassan El-Najjar

On May 15 1948, world Zionists claimed their state, which they called Israel. It was not good news to the world in general, and the Palestinian people in particular.
Zionist Israelis did not limit their state to the borders prescribed in the 1947 UN Resolution 181, known as Partition Resolution. They occupied most of the lands prescribed to the Arab state of Palestine, particularly Galilee, most of the Gaza Strip (which included a strip extending north to Isdood), a lot of the West Bank (particularly the Jerusalem corridor), and the the Auja area south east of Gaza Strip.
Zionist greed did not stop there. They evicted most Palestinians from their villages and towns to refugee camps in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. When the war was over, Zionist Israelis never allowed Palestinian refugees to go back to their homes, thus violating UN Resolution 194, which called for the repatriation and compensation of Palestinian refugees.
Actually, the refugee problem is the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Zionists have never admitted their moral and actual responsibility for the creation of the problem. They still refuse to comply with UN Resolution 194.
Zionist Israelis never stopped their aggression against the Palestinian people and neighboring Arab states. In addition to their war of aggression in 1948, in which they annexed most of the lands of Arab Palestine and evicted most of the Palestinians, they launched a war against Arabs at least once in every decade. These were in 1956 (against Gaza and Egypt), 1967 (against Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Gaza), 1978 (against Lebanon), and 1982 (against Lebanon). Moreover, they committed myriad of war crimes during thousands of raids, assassinations, and covert operations in the Middle East and around the world. They conducted two long wars against the Palestinian people, known as the two intifadhas, in 1988-1991 and 2000-2005, to keep them under Israeli occupation.
Since 1967, they have been occupying the last remaining Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where they have been committing the worst war crimes in human history.
Even after withdrawal from Gaza Strip, they kept it under more tight control than ever before. They are in total control of Gaza borders, isolating it from the world and denying it even financial assistance from the Arab League states.
Zionists in the US and EU have been covering up for all the Israeli crimes. They have not only protected Israeli aggressors from any new UN resolutions but also supplied them with the financial resources and weapons they needed to oppress the Palestinian people and dominate the entire Middle East.
With their overwhelming influence over US-EU governments, they succeeded to drag these Western nations into the conflict since 1990. Ever since, the US-EU governments have been fighting Israeli wars to subjugate Arabs and Muslims. Even the term "war on terror" was used by Zionist Israelis to distort the facts about their continuous war of subjugation against the Palestinian people.
The Zionist propaganda machine (represented by corporate news agencies, tv networks, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, and Hollywood) made sure that Israeli conflict terminology are the one to be used to keep their audiences hypnotized, numb, and misinformed. The victims are routinely referred to as terrorists, and the terrorist oppressive occupiers are portrayed in a positive way.
Three years after the US-UK invasion of Iraq, we now know that it was the Israeli lobby represented by people like Wolfowitz, Feith, and Perle, which dragged the US into this Iraqi quagmire.
They are still not content. They want the US to attack Iran, because of its nuclear program. They want to keep the Israeli Zionist state as the only nuclear power in the oil-rich region. It doesn't matter for them if this leads to the collapse of the United States, which is $8.4 trillion in debt and counting.
Zionist cruelty has reached its climax in this 58th anniversary of the Palestinian Catastrophe, Al-Nakba. They are subjecting the Palestinian people to starvation, to punish them for electing Hamas to lead their government. The US-EU governments have slavishly assisted Israeli Zionists to achieve their goal. The US government even threatened Arab countries and banks not to transfer donated funds to the Palestinian Authority.
Zionists have demonstrated that democracy is the last thing in the world they are interested in. To the contrary, they want obedient governments even if these are corrupt or dictatorial.
I hope and pray that the American people deal a blow to all this Zionist cruelty in November by voting whoever is loyal to Israel out of office, whether Republicans or Democrats. These Israel-firsters have weakened America, made it enemy for most nations, and symbol of death and destruction in the world. It's time to put AMERICA FIRST.
I hope and pray that the American people wake up before it is too late, not only for the peace of the world, but also for their peace and prosperity.



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