Vatican Wealth 'Truly Astonishing'
Simple Beggar Asking For Help Reveals World Problems

By Greg Szymanski
The Italian priest saying Mass in what looked like a gold plated church near the Spanish Steps in Rome was about to give his sermon when in stormed a street beggar screaming at the top of his lungs.
"Give me the money and give it to the starving people like me. All criminals at the altar, especially you Father with all those golden rings and chalices!" cried the street person in Italian, as several church ushers rushed to remove him from the premises.
While being pushed out of the Church like a piece of garbage, he made one last plea to those attending Holy Sunday Mass. "Don't give him the money, please don't give it him! I need to eat. So do many others. All they do here is steal your money while many die in the streets.!"
The incident occurred on a bright sunny summer morning in 1982 at a time when the Vatican Bank was entangled in Italy's biggest financial scandal in its history, involving high ranking Vatican figures, the P2 Masonic Lodge, the Mafia and corrupt politicians and financiers.
And it was a time - especially in Rome and behind the Vatican walls - when all the bigwigs were covering their dirty tracks, covering trails that most likely led to the untimely death of Pope Paul I, Bank of Ambrosian chairman, Roberto Calvi, financier Michael Sindona and the looting of billions of dollars from Vatican bank coffers.
The murders and the whereabouts of the stolen money still remain a mystery today, but the incident with the street beggar in the small Rome Church said it all.
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