Vatican In Possession Of
Top Secret CIA Documents
About Nuclear Weapons Programs
According To Discovery Made Recently In Northern California
Federal Court Case Involving Vatican Bank.

By Greg Szymanski
Experts were shaking their heads over the shocking discovery, as Church critics were questioning what the Vatican was doing with sensitive CIA documents ultimately involved in protecting national security interests of the United States.
What really goes on in the underground catacombs of the Vatican has always been a deep, dark mystery. Over the years, disenchanted priests and unwilling eye witnesses have come forward with horrific tales of child sacrificing.
But now according to an explosive CIA document ­ never before made public - top Church officials have also been hiding under their black robes sensitive secret documents about high-powered rockets, atomic energy and nuclear weapons.
A top secret 1947 CIA document, never declassified, surfaced last week during a deposition in the case of Alperin v. Vatican Bank. The case filed on behalf of Emil Alperin and others against the Vatican Bank aka Institute of Religious Works (IOR) in the United States District Court for Northern California deals with an accounting of World War II assets allegedly looted by Church officials from Yugoslavia.
Although the case is "strange enough," according to court observers, as the trail of numerous illegal Vatican bank accounts is like following a winding river to hell, experts left the deposition Northern California deposition room last week shaking their heads in disbelief over the startling discovery of sensitive CIA national U.S. national security documents in the hands of the Vatican hierarchy.
It has long been theorized that the Vatican has held knowledge of atomic secrets, but this report now raises serious questions that the Vatican hierachy may play a key role in manipulating and guiding the outcome of world affairs.
According to a source close to the federal court case, the CIA document obtained from an internal Vatican source specifically detailed the "Secret Scientific Axis" as it existed in 1947.
The document classified "Secret," apparently never declassified by the U.S. government, came from the files of X2 in Rome, a secret code name for the infamous CIA spook, James Jesus Angleton, who later became CIA Chief of Counter Intelligence.  
Angleton resigned from the CIA in disgrace in 1974 after his domestic spying came to light. And according to a source close to the case, how the Vatican Bank came into possession of the document is still unclear.
The 1947 document describes an investigation of certain Italian fascists termed the "Secret Scientific Axis" by Angleton.   These Italians including a priest, Fr. Eusebio Zappaterreni, held Third Reich secrets about V1, V2, and V3 rockets, atomic energy and nuclear weapons.  
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