What Do Hitler & The
Illuminati Have To
Do With Iran?

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to
Now, I am NOT Nostradamus. Nor do I entertain any macabre intentions of wish fulfillment. When people write me and tell me I'm wrong about my predictions (their words not mine), I reply "I hope so."
Neither do I usually give much weight or credibility to numerology. But I got to checking. As everyone knows, Larry Silverstein has acquired the Sears Tower. And as we all know, Silverstein was the real estate mogul who signed a 99-year lease just weeks before the World Trade Center was destroyed. All seven buildings.
As I write those words I noticed a few of the favorite numbers the illuminati love so well. Seven buildings; ninety nine year lease; eleven consonants in Silverstein. Whew.
Then I did a bit of Googling. Seems the Sears Tower street address is 233 Wacker Drive (Love that word, 'wacker').  2X3=6. And 6X3=18, or three sixes, or 666. THE MARK OF THE DEVIL-666.
See what you can do when you try to find the occult in everything?
Now some people might say Larry Silverstein looks like the devil, or maybe how the devil would look in a Hollywood movie: sinister but urbane, diabolical but engaging.  Imagine a billionaire real estate investor turning to a smoldering skyscraper and uttering the words, "Pull it." The next thing you know, that 47 story building collapses like the laws of God and gravity have been suspended.
Can you imagine being a tenant at the Sears Tower and being told Larry Silverstein is your new landlord. How scary would that be? I would bet more than a few tenants at the Sears Tower didn't renew their leases.
I looked a bit closer at 233. Seems the Sears Tower is in 60606 zip code. So we have an address that adds up to 666 and a zip code that uses a 666 compilation. Wonder if we could find pentagrams on the 13th floor or covens of CEOs on the 66th floor?
Not surprisingly, Skull and Bones uses a similar numerology: 322. This is the flag (illustration) that reportedly hangs on the walls of the Skull & Bones headquarters at Yale University.
 Then I noticed something strange. All those threes. The Illuminati were founded, allegedly, on April 30th, 1776.  Exactly 230 years ago this month. Could that date have any significance?
You bet it does. Walpurgis Night, the "devil's night," occurs on April 30th. Also, Adolf Hitler allegedly committed suicide on the evening of April 30th, in his bunker in Berlin. Was that coincidental?
SO, we have the founding of Illuminati and demise of Hitler occurring on the very same black day.  Does this portend anything diabolical occuring four weeks from now? Who knows. But I like to consider myself part of the growing, worldwide, "Neighborhood Watch" against the nefarious Neocons. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.
Michael Haupt knows.
"An important question to ask is "Why do perpetrators choose to stamp their 'signatures' all over major world events?"
"For 2 reasons:  #1. They want to hide the truth from the masses, while communicating their success to the elite all over the world. Remember how public radio broadcasts were used to transmit secret messages to resistance members in World War 2? Exactly the same method works now.
"#2. Pagan leadership believes that a good plan may fail unless it is carried out 'by the numbers'. The most venerated occult numbers are: 6, 11, 13, and multiples thereof, especially 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 26, 39, etc. A triplication of numbers is also considered sacred (possibly even more sacred) to the occultist: 111, 222, 333, etc."
Curiously, Jorge Hirsch, a physics professor and noted observer of the Middle East war, predicts a pre-emptive attack to fall almost exactly on Walpurgis Night.  Guess where.
"The US will attack before the 30-day deadline imposed by the UNSC for Iran to stop its nuclear enrichment activity, i.e. before the end of April," he said in a recent column.  "Why will this happen? Because it was 'pencilled in' a long time ago."
If the Neocons have chosen an auspicious date to expand their globalist designs, why not April 30th, the anniversary of the Illuminati and Hitler's death? After all, what could be a more significant date?
Sure, I know: June 6th, 2006.



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