The Three Stages Of
Truth Regarding 911

By Douglas Herman
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"All great truths begin as blasphemies."  -George Bernard Shaw
The eventual collapse of a great lie resembles the infamous collapse of an obscure 47-story building that few ever saw. When a great fiction falls, formerly accepted as a great historical fact, the collapse resembles a controlled demolition masquerading as a natural event.
Great lies have the burden of truth pressing upon them, constantly, incrementally, compounding weight like interest. Truth crushes the lie slowly and then the resounding crash occurs suddenly. Years later, students will laugh and wonder how anyone could ever be so stupid as to believe a discredited lie.
"All truth passes through three stages," wrote Schopenhauer. "First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
The illogical collapse of three steel skyscrapers is a historical fact, for now. The cause of the collapse has been determined, in the judgment of university professors and structural engineers, as caused by fire. An historical and scientific fact.
The experts have spoken. The truth is self-evident. But is it factual? Do scientific theories based on examining, not the evidence because that has been destroyed, but videotapes, become fact simply because experts say it is so?
Imagine if you lived in 1903. Gathered on a sand dune in North Carolina, an imaginary group of university professors, structural engineers and government experts has deduced that man cannot fly. Everyone concludes a human cannot fly, being heavier than air, while every study concludes flight is impossible.
Suddenly a tinny roar drowns out all the learned proclamations! A sudden draft of wind knocks off a few hats and scatters papers. With a look of terror, the group cowers in the sand, as a huge shadow passes overhead like an enormous pterodactyl. A pair of bicycle mechanics, tinkering in a garage, has just proven the "experts" wrong.
"Controlled, powered flight had seemed impossible until Orville Wright took off on the 17th December 1903. The key to the Wright Brother's success was that their engineering had gone beyond the trial and error methods of their contemporaries. Having only very limited resources they showed great scientific ingenuity."
Possessing only limited resources, 9-11 theorists like Hufschmid, Hoffman, Tarpley, Griffin and Jones have shown great scientific ingenuity. The next wave will consist of engineers, mechanics, chemists and architects who will go beyond trial and error methods and dare to contradict the official but biased scientific data.
Since no government expert or structural engineer ever went beyond theoretical or computerized modeling, their learned deductions carry no more weight than the average Internet blogger or high school student who examined the same WTC videotapes the experts studied. A budding Wright Brother would instead build a scale model and recreate the exact sequence of events. I'm certain an engineering class will do exactly that one day-unless the government, predictably, pressures that school to close down the project altogether.
"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual," said Galileo. Enamored with specialists, America loves her authorities and experts and disdains that "single individual" researcher.
But experts are commonly wrong.  Researchers and investigators of the 9-11 Truth Movement, by painstaking analysis (almost always without pay), prove them wrong incrementally. One day in the future, students of physics and engineering will shake their heads and titter in classrooms. How could those so-called experts in the early 21st century have ever believed two fragile aluminum airplanes could utterly destroy seven stout steel skyscrapers? That is the question they will ask their professors.
The common accusation leveled against those of us highly skeptical of the government liturgy of the 9-11 attack, is that we somehow "demean" the memory of the victims. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
The greatest homage to truth is to use it, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Only a fool accepts half-truths, pseudo-science, government propaganda, media sound bites, factoids, planted evidence, faked testimony and paid expertise as "Truth."  We do not find those truths to be self-evident, except of criminal complicity.
Eric Hufschmid (Conspiracies and Underdogs) asks how reinforced concrete can become pulverized into dust and explode outward into what resembles a volcanic cloud? The government-sponsored scientists and engineering experts ignored this question. Gravity alone cannot account for the energy required to convert falling concrete slabs into dust particles. Nor can gravity alone account for the great distances of ejected aluminum and steel, not to mention the inexplicable collapse itself. 
Pseudo-science conjures a rational for three collapses that appears laughable, wholly un-scientific given the laws of physics and the laws of probability. Given the eventual circumstances of thousands of deaths, through the resulting wars of conquest, the WTC conclusion is diabolical on closer inspection. The scientists who lent credence to this ignorant conclusion (terrorism + fire = collapse) will one day be deservedly mocked (MIT - Morons In Training).
A half truth in such circumstances is a huge miscarriage of justice, a monstrous crime. The Christian philosopher, Augustine, remarked:  "He who conceals a useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of an injurious falsehood." And if thousands were killed and injured (Iraq and Afghanistan) following the pseudo-scientific conclusions, how much greater is that crime?
If my country cannot survive facing the facts of a brilliant yet diabolical crime at the WTC, it stands on shaky ground indeed. If science cannot speak honestly in the face of government pressure, about the simplest scientific laws, but sells itself for money instead, as "expertise," it is a great whore.
Governments conspire; that is what they do best.
They conspire pragmatically, which they call the greater good, but more often than not they conspire criminally, for the interest of a few.  As Balzac might have surmised, 9-11 was a great crime, pure greed disguised as a crazed act by religious fanatics (which was never proven). "Behind every great fortune there is a crime," Balzac wrote. And the greater the crime the greater the fortune to be made (billions in the case of 9-11), and the greater the master criminals involved.
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them," said Galileo. But the mass of dullards accept the dictates of a few clever deceivers (liars), requiring not simply discovery but overcoming their own inertia and the deception of their leaders.
I predict, one day, greed will be the ultimate undoing of the 9-11 conspirators. Greed and duplicity, as lies constrict and strangle the liars who told them. We are only in the late First Stage of Truth; do not lose hope.
Footnote; The Texas City Scenario did not occur on Easter Day, thanks be to God and overwhelming scrutiny of these operators. The chief method to counteract villainy is to let them know THEY too are being watched as they watch us. If there is to be another WTC or OKC bombing, we need to observe and note EVERY suspicious detail BEFORE the fact. Prevention is 90% of cure.  DH
Amateur historian and apprentice philosopher, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of The Guns of Dallas.
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