Terrified And Furious
About Immigration

By Frosty Wooldridge
"If there is no battle and millions of Americans cowardly head for safer areas such as Montana or South Dakota, you will watch cities in the United States transform into poverty, misery, gangs, drugs, lawlessness and unending masses of Third World poor. Think Bombay, Calcutta and Mexico City within the United States."  Frosty Wooldridge
Martin in Montana said, "I moved to Montana, but I am by no means a coward.  After twenty years in Colorado we moved to Montana because I learned that you cannot make a difference in globalist Colorado courts. The governor and mayors have sold out to resettling Colorado with illegal criminal Mexican invaders. Right before my eyes I watched education, wages and the standard of living start moving to third world status.
"Most Americans no longer read or research history. Most are deeply in debt. What waking free moments they have are spent in front of the tube, sports or the movies. The only thing that will wake Americans up is a devastating attack on American soil or a collapse of the usury economy. Either event will lay the foundation for internal conflict. Once the food and water riots start our lives will be forever changed.  Go visit the largest gun show in Denver some time. Then look around and remember what you see. Ninety percent of the attendees are of what race? They are getting prepared."
Anybody out there see the hundreds of Mexican flags being waved in the streets of Chicago last Friday during the illegal alien immigration march?  Did you see the 100,000 plus illegal aliens demanding their rights?  Did you understand that, according to Time Magazine, three million more illegal aliens import themselves into America annually?   Does that reality send a chill up your spine?  Do you understand that your country's invasion races inward faster than a tsunami?
Have all my columns over the last five years connecting the dots been in vain?  Is no one stitching together an understanding of the unraveling of America?  What does it take for an entire nation to wake up? What are we waiting for?  How many will stand by in 'silent-assertion' until we will not be able to stop the destruction of our own country?
If your Congress passes Senator Specter's guest worker/amnesty program or the McCain/Kennedy guest worker program, it will be the final death blow to America.  It will be our last breath.  It will flood us with millions more Third World Mexicans and others from poor countries. We won't die immediately, but much like what happened in Paris, France, that too, will be our destiny.  It's going to get ugly and then, uglier.
I predict that Paris, France, which burned with thousands of legal immigrants setting fires to everything in sight in November, will look like a summer picnic compared to the conflagration and destruction of this Republic in the coming months.  At some point, we will not be able to deny it or flee from it.  
Thousands of letters pour into my computer monthly illustrating the disintegration of hospitals, schools, language, laws, infrastructure and diseases being brought in by illegal immigrants. You think I'm kidding?
Marguerite of Nebraska said, "You've hit the nail square on top of its head.  I would add I feel terrified by what I'm seeing, reading and watching take place.  Being "afraid" is a long ago feeling, and at this point in time, terror would more aptly describe how I feel, and more than that---fury tops the list.  It couldn't be more obvious we are currently on the tip of horrific things to come, NAFTA, CAFTA...and all their other plans can only mean things will soon get worse.  Much, much worse!  Where I live, Ord, Nebraska, the folks love Bush, think the war in Iraq is great, and believe Bush is a wonderful Christian choosing to ignore the truth and facts that scream--he couldn't be farther from a Christian than a pig to a rooster!"
Edward of Silver Springs, Maryland wrote, "We are in deep trouble and it is just awful to watch people stand around like it isn't happening.  I live right outside of Washington, D.C. and I don't have to go to Los Angles.  It is happening right here in real time. Last year a man had his hand whacked off by machete and four other people had their throats slashed in one week.  They have an open air drinking and crash pad area they have taken over in the parking lot of "Toys 'R' Us".  The cops don't even go there anymore.  Why bother?  This is a foreign country in Montgomery County, Maryland.  It looks horrible painted up like a disaster zone in Haiti or Mexico City.  We just gave up on these areas!  You don't want to go in there because they hate white people."
Sheron of West Palm Beach, Florida said, "As a person that lives in a neighborhood that has been overrun with illegal aliens, I can say that our country has slid down the tubes.  One person from Mexico moves to America--they buy homes with the help of Uncle Sam, then they rent their places out to 20 or more people at $500.00 a piece. They snub their noses at our laws by driving with no insurance, something no American is allowed to do and yet they don't get caught until they have an accident that unfortunately the other person has to pay for because they are uninsured!  For those out there that think this isn't their problem, our taxes pay for most of the homes that house illegal aliens.  Our streets aren't safe any more because they feel that they aren't governed by our laws because they aren't citizens.  I feel sad for our tired old America.  When I think of where our country is going I am terrified for all the young people who have to try and survive in this mess that our generation has created." 
Bob in Kanab, Utah said, "You probably never heard of Kanab, Utah. Small town in the middle of nowhere! An island in a sea of "Federal Land"! Gateway to the Grand Escalante Staircase Monument! We are fighting for our very existence as a people. If we are going to get anything done to turn this mess around, let it start here. If you could take some time to look at this site.  It is put up by the other side. But they have the time and money to do this type of stuff.  We are just a small town trying to fight back."
Jason of Memphis, Tennessee said, "I hope you are waking up those Americans who are still in a mental fog when it comes to immigration. Most don't care. This illegal immigration fiasco isn't just an American southwest problem; it's a problem everywhere now. That illegal immigrant protest march in Chicago last week was only the tip of the iceberg.  The reason Bush and the government are turning the other way regarding immigration is because it's all in the name of globalism.  But anyone with any sense knows all Bush says is 100% cow shit. I believe America has already run its course and nothing will ever be done about this issue. It will only get worse. If this were happening 50 years ago, there's no doubt that American citizens would have done something about it.  The small minority of Americans who can see through all this mess and know exactly what is going on are either labeled racist or mentally ill. If the American people don't wake up soon, they are going to be shocked at the condition of their country in 15 years. I think the US is in dire need of a third party real soon, before it's too late. We need a third party candidate to run in 2008."
Instead of being terrified, let's get furious!  Then, let's take action.  Send this column to all your friends.  Ask them to call all four of Specter's offices. Demand that Specter rescind his guest worker bill that will give us 60 million more Mexicans within 10 years. Demand that he push a bill to secure our borders and reduce immigration to 100,000 per year like it was before 1965. Let's give his office a wake up call and a reality check.  Senator Arlen Specter's DC office phone is: 1 202 224-4254 and his other offices are: 215 597 7200; 1 412 644 3400.   Give Senator Arlen Specter a dose of reality.  While you're at it, give your own senators a dose of your anger: Toll Free-- 1 877 762 8762.
Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at ; Join ; Become a part of the "21st Century Paul Revere" bicycle ride across America coast to coast next summer with Frosty as he and his band of riders carry this message from the Golden Gate Bridge to the steps of the nation's capitol in Washington, DC. Inquire at his email address for full details on how you can participate:  We need 10 bicycle riders.  You will be provided meals and transport to origin and from destination. Retired RVs drivers will be provided meals and 50 cents per mile.  Start date is May 29, 2006.
Send donations to: 21st
Century Paul Revere Ride at POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. ; ; ;  Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999; ; ;  ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; for patriotic songs by Luca Zanna; ; My book: "IMMIGRATION'S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES" Call: 1 888 280 7715.  ­



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