Pentagon 911 Blue
Tarp Photo Uncovered
By Jon Carlson
In March an Aerospace investigator with 15 years experience analyzing Shuttle accidents emailed that he wanted photos of the Pentagon HOLE and the impact engine. His plan was to determine the angle of approach of the aircraft by calculating the distance of the engine from the the engine's impact on the wall and to write an article putting to rest the controversy of the approach angle. MSM claims the aircraft impacted at a 45 degree angle and penetrated 3 rings of the Pentagon. That article NOT being written makes it evident that the MSM Pentagon Hoax is full of holes. Here is a sneak preview on the HOLE investigation:
Using the dimensions of the typical Pentagon wall limestone block (circled in blue in the first photo), 5 feet long and 2 feet high,
the engine impact gouge (circled in orange) can be calculated at 52 inches wide. Pratt & Whitney lists the Fan tip diameter at 39.9 - 49.2 in. When the engine case thickness is added the 52 inch gouge matches a JT8D engine.
The JT8D engine is circled in yellow. There are now over 15 photos of the two ton engine in front of the engine impact gouge for corroboration. The NYC street engine from the South Tower crash, a Boeing 737 CFM56 engine NOT from the Flight 175 Boeing 767, which we also were the first to identify had 'only' 10 photos:
The Pentagon has formulated a new Rule of Evidence for the 9/11 Hoax: If an object is missing or covered over in latter photos, it is CONTRARY EVIDENCE. This later photo shows an attempt to hide the engine impact gouge with a phony brace and a ladder. ALSO the J8TD engine is MISSING:
This photo shows the Sugano Experiment where an aircraft was crashed into a block of concrete:
This photo shows what happened to the wings (highlighted in yellow):
Apparently at the Pentagon the wing outer portions had a similar experience. In this photo notice the part of a white car circled in yellow at the left margin:
Same car after it was burnt. Notice the gash across the hood where the left wing end hit after it bounced off the Pentagon wall:
This photo shows the wing end adjacent to the white car:
Are these Pentagon workers bunching up to hide the wing end from on-lookers?
Compare the people in this photo, especially the guy in suspenders, and the carriers of the tarp covered aircraft part in the next photo:
(Note - Can this small group of men, some middle-aged and paunchy, carry the entire wing end of an A-3 over their shoulders like this? Or, could they be carrying something else entirely...perhaps some debris with human remains or blood all over it? Or some piece of classified material? We may never know the truth. -ed)
The Blue tarp photo was first posted on a military server but NOW even it is gone as the link to it is dead. The Power Hour first brought this photo to light, one of many of their 9/11 Firsts:
We contributed to their superb In Plane Site videos:
After a scarcity of photographic evidence supporting the A3 Skywarrior as the Pentagon aircraft hypothesis, substantial photographic evidence has now tipped the scales in that direction from the Boeing 737 hypothesis. AS THERE IS NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER FOR THE FLIGHT 77 BOEING 757 HYPOTHESIS, the Flight 77 hypothesis is JUST A HOAX. Even the FBI has confirmed that 85 Pentagon videos show no Flight 77 impacting into the Pentagon.
This photo shows the upfolded wings of a A3 Skywarrior, one of which is believed to be under that blue tarp:
We were the first to identify the JT8D fan hub assembly found at the Pentagon. We teamed up with the Karl Schwarz group and they confirmed the identification from their sources. Karl Schwarz pioneered the A3 Skywarrior hypothesis and struck with it through thick and thin. Kudos to Karl. Jack White has more photos and analysis:
As the A3 Skywarrior is a carrier-based bomber resembling a 737 or 757 in flight
It could have taken off from aircraft carrier George Washington anchored off Long Island on 9/11 that is believed to be the base of operations for the South Tower military helicopter and the white jet seen in all 9/11 locations.
A telemetry expert and a Avionics expert emailed that the South Tower military helicopter and airliner had special remote control antennas attached so that operation involved a substitute aircraft controlled by a military helicopter hoving over the South Tower.
Finally, this photo shows a similar wing end on the right side of the Pentagon crash area:



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