Americans - Many Evil
And Stupid People

By Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
Before I could continue to the substance of this piece, it is imperative to define and justify the selection of the title for this commentary. The most appropriate thing to do is to search for the meaning of these words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language, which defines evil as morally reprehensible, sinful, and wicked. I will attempt to define one of the words in the definition of evil, wicked. The Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language defines wicked as morally very bad. It is also necessary to define the word moral. The Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language defines moral as, of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior.
'Evil' is a word that applies to many individual actions as well as collective actions. The individual action might be an act with dreadful consequences or a collective action such as mob anger or national support for some horrific undertaking on the part of one's government. The application of this word alone does not suffice to explain the behavior of the majority of the people in America, hence, another word need to exist to enrich the meaning of the word, evil. Before I continue, it is also necessary to define the word, 'stupid.'
Again, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language, 'stupid' is defined as lacking intelligence or reason. To understand the meaning of this word fully, we have to also understand the meaning of the words, intelligence and reason. The Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language defines intelligence as the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations. Once again, Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language defines reason as the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways.
Now it is necessary to put these words together and apply them to the people of this country, or I should say to the majority of the people of this country. The easiest way to go about this is to take a sample though crude but nonetheless a sample of the people and analyze where they fit in this dichotomy of evil and stupid.
Since I have received a massive amount of emails from more than 600 hundred people in this country, I would think it serves as a reasonable sample. I am sure it has a margin of error but we are not talking about pure scientific methodology. Perhaps it is acceptable since people contacted me rather than the other way around. This could reduce the margin of error since one source -
- served as the reservoir where these respondents applied and came across my article and photos - Death Made in America
Now, since I have established some parameters in this discussion, it is time to apply the terminology to the people here. Lets do another thing, I have to describe the content of the article-Death Made in America-in order to weigh the substance of the respondents' emails.
The substance included photographs of deformed babies caused by uranium munitions used by the US armed forces. Additional content included accounts of the atrocities committed by the US forces in Afghanistan. Now the responses I received included abusive language to my family, my religion, my country and I. All this because I chose to expose the genocide for which the people of this country are equally complicit.
The photos are of deformed babies caused by the US depleted uranium munitions. These munitions are also used in Iraq and similar cases of deformities have emerged there. In fact, similar deformities emerged in the offspring of US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, the callous conduct of the US government in regards to nuclear weapons and reactors made many conditions permanent here in the US.
Anyway, even though the photos are truly horrific, this did not stop overwhelming majority of people sending emails and made fun of them and said that those children deserved it. Moreover, large number of respondents suggested that the entire country of Afghanistan should have been incinerated, how typical of American intelligence.
When I explained to them that this was genocide and presented all the relevant evidences, they simply went on the offensive and kept name-calling followed by threats. Now let me analyze this conduct within the dichotomy of evil and stupidity. The heartless behavior of the people of this country appalled and shocked me. When the attacks on September 11, 2001 occurred, most Americans were screaming, "why us, we are civilians." Although I believe the Muslims had nothing to do with that, but for the sake of argument if they did, I wonder why are these people who make fun of Afghan deformities are even surprised they were targeted?
Anyone experiencing the behavior of these heartless and ignorant people would not be surprised. It is ok to kill Muslims and turn their babies deformed and their land uninhabitable, but the minute something happens in the good US of A, it becomes a crime. How so? Perhaps it is best that you taste the effects of your own medicine?
When I presented all the evidences, the respondents would become even more enraged. This is the mark of stupidity. Since the word 'stupid' is defined as lacking intelligence or reason, it applies perfectly to many people of this country. They either do not have intelligence or most likely do not use their brains and common sense and reason. Hence, the only thing they are good at is to call names and wave the blood=soaked piece - the flag - at others' face.
I believe the adjective defining the people of this country should be evil-stupid since it entails wickedness coupled by stupidity and ignorance.
Accounts Of The US Atrocities
The second aspect of the paper was the account of crimes committed by the US soldiers in Afghanistan. I gave account of mass rape, individual rape, gang rape of woman, men, old men and children by the US soldiers.
Again, the emails I received were evil and stupid. The respondents discounted the crimes as insignificant and said it was ok for their soldiers to have done that. With the exception of a few decent people, the remaining of the emails told the true nature of the people of this country, namely how truly evil they are.
The stupidity exhibited by these respondents was also evident from their comments. They portrayed American soldiers as kind and decent people; however, they tend to forget that these soldiers were the ones that committed all the rapes of women, young boys and men at Abu-Ghraib prison. The Abu-Ghraib incident is simply a tip of the iceberg. The American soldiers are known for kidnapping women in Vietnam and raping them. The American soldiers are known to have used chocolate bars to lure desperate and hungry European women for oral sex during WWII. Even after these desperate women performed oral sex, the soldiers would refuse to give them the chocolate bars they promised. So, American soldiers are known for abusing desperate and internally displaced refugees in the aftermath of WWII to Vietnam to Iraq and now in Afghanistan.
Again, the word evil-stupid fits perfectly describing many of the people of this country. Their terrible behavior further supports that they are both evil and stupid. Therefore, the world evil-stupid is a perfect description of these cattle, these people-want-to-be, in this country.
One note - I do, however, appreciate the kindness of a few of good people who have contacted me. They are the rare exception.
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD



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