Stop NeoCon Feith From
Getting Georgetown Sinecure!

From Michael Collins Piper
Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service has announced the appointment to its faculty of infamous former Bush administration armchair neo-conservative warhawk Douglas Feith.
Feith needs no introduction to those who are aware of his role in providing false intelligence that was used to justify the war on Iraq.
What many people do not know is that Feith was expelled from Ronald Reagan's National Security Council back in 1982 after he was monitored by the FBI on
possible espionage for Israel.
When American men and women are dying in Iraq and losing arms and legs and eyes and coming back home butchered and maimed, why should this war-monger be honored by Georgetown with the right to "conduct seminaras as a visiting professor and distinguished practitioner in national security
This man should be in prison, rather than ensconced at Georgetown.
Spread the word to everybody who has an interest in putting these criminal war-mongers in their places. Urge them to contact the office of the School of Foreign Service Dean, Robert Galluci, c/o his scheduler, Jennifer Feltner at
or call the School of Foreign Service at
(202) 687-5696.
Demand that Feith be dismissed immediately. Let's teach Feith and these other criminal neo-conservative warmongers a lesson.
If you know of Georgetown graduates, particularly alumni who donate to the university, urge them to take action and spread the word as well.
---Michael Collins Piper



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