Starting WWIII To Prevent It?
The Ultimate Hypocrisy
By Ted Twietmeyer
The illogic of the current administration to label a sovereign country's leader as another "Hitler" and start yet another war it cannot finish staggers the imagination. It's just plain wrong on so many levels. In fact, it is stating that America is the world's "thought police." We have already seen just how desperate the troops in Iraq are, as they sell government property which also includes "Secret" classified material. Crossing the line will surely result in courts martials, but the soldiers no longer care.
If you were condemned to stay in a radioactive wasteland, wouldn't you do anything to get out?
Iran is a country which is as different from it's neighbor Iraq, as night is from day. They may share some religions and three of the four letters in the country's names, but that's where all similarities end.
Let's compare the pertinent war-related data for these two countries extracted from the infamous "CIA fact book"[1]:
Area total: 437,072 sq km (about twice the size of Idaho)
Geographic coordinates: 33 00 N, 44 00 E (interesting even 33 number)
Coastline: 58km
Population: 26,783,383 (July 2006 est.)
Median Age: male: 19.6 years
Religion: Muslim 97% (Shi'a 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christian or other 3%
Government type:  transitional democracy
Males age 18-49: 4,930,074 (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $3,400 (2005 est.)
Military expenditures: $1.34 billion (2005 est.)
Military expenditures % of GDP: NA
Area total: total: 1.648 million sq km (3.8 times bigger than Iraq bordering to the west)
Geographic coordinates: 32 00 N, 53 00 E
Coastline: 2,440 km; note - Iran also borders the Caspian Sea (740 km)
Population: 68,688,433 (July 2006 est.)
Median age: male: 24.6 years
Religion: Shi'a Muslim 89%, Sunni Muslim 9%, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha'i 2%
Government type: theocratic republic [2] (This is in sharp contrast to Iraq's former military dictatorship)
Males age 18-49: 15,665,725 (2005 est.) Note this is about 5 times that of Iraq
GDP per capita: $8,100 (2005 est.) This is more than double the GDP of Iraq
Military expenditures: 4.3 billion (2003 est.) This is 3.2 times the expenditure of Iraq
Military expenditures % of GDP: 3.3% (2003 est.) Iraq has no expenditures at this time
So what does all this mean? Trouble of the highest order for both the Iranian and American people. Iran has a well-structured economy, and their leadership is apparently not obsessed with war and oppressing their people. If you had a growing population of more than 68 million people living in an arid region with no hydroelectric dams and without coal mines, wouldn't you also consider nuclear power? When their people plug an appliance into an AC outlet, they expect it to work just as we do. Infrastructure is infrastructure no matter where you go on the planet.
Closing the border airtight around the US would be pointless. Iranian agents and sympathizers are already in America, and in the event Iran is attacked most likely so will US cities. One doesn't need to be a DoD war college graduate to realize that. Americans will be the ones to suffer as the end result. The attack on Iran will inevitably result in an attack on America soil. This will also crash the stock market. And if Iran doesn't do attack us, then special ops forces will. Remember Jack Ruby, held incommunicado throughout his entire life sentence for killing Oswald? No one was allowed to contact him because of what he knew, and he finally died a few years ago in isolation. Those who stage attacks on our cities will also be assassinated so they cannot talk.
In an instant life will suddenly become a nightmare, when martial law is declared. Checkpoints will make travel painful and people will disappear during the night. Thanks to the renewed "Patriot Act" which is actually against patriots, every law Hitler used to take control has returned. The Bill of Rights has been silently disabled. It was our real protection against government tyranny. This isn't about war, oil, dictators or nuclear weapons. It's all about the PNAC agenda and so-called "nation building." And that crazed University of Texas professor who calls for extermination of 90% of the world's population? That extermination will start in America with all those considered "patriots."
The war could easily accelerate into a full-fledged conflagration, with nukes dropping in the mid-east wherever another "Hitler" is deemed to be present. Don't forget the 2001 laundry list publicly announced by our dictator: "Iran, Iraq, Syria, N. Korea and China are the axis of evil." He later retracted China, but that doesn't mean it was removed from his list. The Bible tells us this about the last days. However, it is silent about Bush who through Rice, has been consulting religious leaders to actually confirm he's "following Bible prophecy." Clearly these are the machinations of a megalomaniac.
So this is why we must start WW3 - in order to prevent another war and to "fight terrorism." And as good American sheep, we are to accept the dictates of our non-elected president. Is it any wonder more and more military experts are forecasting another civil war? History has shown that you can push any citizen to the breaking point, and they start pushing back.
By declaring war on the American people, the government has effectively declared war on itself, since it is too, is composed of the Americans. Do the people working in the Pentagon ever think about this?
Ted Twietmeyer
[2] - Theocracy as defined by Wikipedia:
"In the most common usage of the term theocracy, some civil rulers are leaders of the dominant religion (e.g., Byzantine emperor as head of the Church); governmental policies are either identical with, or strongly influenced by, the principles of a religion, and typically, the government claims to rule on behalf of God or a higher power, as specified by the local religion."



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