Hollywood Profits Off 911 Misery
And Death With Flight 93 Movie
Which Fails To Question Bush
Government 911 Coverup
By Greg Szymanski
The propaganda movie, flight 93, opened this weekend across the country, as Hollywood now gets in line to profit off the misery, tragedy and death of 911without even attempting to question the veracity of the government's official story.
"How shameless, greedy and arrogant can you get? It's sinful," said Phil Jayhan, a 911 truth seeking activist, traveling the country on what he calls his "911 Jay Walking National Tour."
Jayhan is now in Chattanooga, Tennessee, making his way to Washington D.C. with a two-prong mission to first interview people, showing them with video evidence how simple it is to prove the government story is based on lies. And next to compile his information into a video about the suppressed story of the truth behind 911.
"I am not quite sure why there is such a push in the media and Hollywood to help push government propaganda about 911," said Jayhan. "Now it's Flight 93 and next we will see Oliver Stone's effort, but both stories fail to address the real issues about government complicity in 911.
Jayhan has been a long time 911 truth advocate, starting a highly controversial web site in the early days after the WTC attacks when it was not fashionable to criticize the government.
And in a truth movement filled with disinformation artists and FBI-funded infiltrators, Jayhan is one of the good guys, trying to alert people of the real facts behind 911 and trying to inform people in the face of a complicit media not dealing with the truth.
For Jayhan's efforts, he has been put on numerous government watch lists and subjected to countless internet harassments. But through it all, those who have followed his work, say he has enlightened and informed millions of Americans and people around the world about the U.S. government cover-up about 911 through his web site at
Besides in the being in the middle of his nationwide tour, Jayhan is not pleased about the Flight 93 the movie being represented as a factual account then what he claims it really is: fiction and government propaganda.
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