Oil Fields Spawn
African Genocide

By Judith Moriarty
While the 'news' is replete with reports of our solicitous concern  of delivering Iraqi citizens  from the once upon a time,  U.S. sponsored dictatorship of Saddam Hussein ­ by bombing them into Democracy; genocide of an impossible (yawn) magnitude is going on in Africa!  Those who've studied history (no longer taught)  continue to be  appalled at the inhumanities suffered by the mentally ill, mentally-retarded, gypsies,  gays, the handicapped and Jewish people who were  put to death under the regime of Hitler; yet ignore the on going Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) taking place in The Sudan. Today, in our supposed advanced 21st century,  that dances amongst the stars,  we have the barbarism of , 'Days of Broken Bodies',  besides  peace being delivered by bunker busting bombs!   The atrocities being visited on the people in The Sudan (really all of Africa) is unconscionable and unspeakable. You have to ask yourself, what in God's name happens to the people in various lands, that they would carry out the moneyed bidding of gluttonous oil companies/foreign nations and murder, rape and torture their own people?
Genocide of a land, and its people, speaks to others intentions; of robbing and plundering a region of its resources. Ancient lands absent any signs of infra-structure don't suddenly come upon the most up to date of annihilating weaponry!   It always comes down to; 'follow the money ­ the oil ­ the gas ­ the gold ­ or minerals'. Investors come from every walk of life, including our pious hypocritical televangelists!  America, with its tabloid sensationalism (the latest rape, murder, or exploits of sports/movie stars) being reported as the only news; is it any wonder that the atrocities being suffered by the world's millions,  are unheard of? In all of last year, only a few brief moments were given by news stations to this horrific genocide. When news does trickle out of Africa, it's usually presented as, ho-hum, just another barbaric tribe warring over water, religious differences or territory. During the Clinton era, we saw the joke of President Clinton, appointing Jesse Jackson as roving ambassador to Africa. What a joke ­ where were the mini-rap sermons of the rape, murder, and slavery?
What isn't being reported on; are just what corporate interests or governments are funding this civil strife and the reasons for it? For example: BP Amoco has launched a joint 'retail company' with PetroChina, leads a small cross section of American investment firms that have acquired stock in China's state energy firm and are now part owners of a brutal Sudanese oil war.
PetroChina has constructed the oil fields and the main oil pipeline in partnership with the corrupt Sudanese government. The key Sudanese oil refinery built by PetroChina is currently producing benzene gas, butane and gasoline for export. The Chinese and Sudanese government forces have driven large segments of the population off the oil rich land and away from areas surrounding a single oil pipeline running across Sudan to the main seaport on the Red Sea. Government troops have driven millions from their homes by committing gross human-rights violations. Sudanese (and we deplore Saddam) President General Omar al-Beshir, has presided over a regime that has killed millions of  his fellow Africans and enslaved tens of thousands. Beshir visted New York for the U.N. Millennium Summit ­ seeking an increase in weapons purchases to support his oil war. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied reports published in the British press that Beijing was assisting Sudan with hundreds of thousands of troops. In July 2000 it was reported that Sudan had acquired 34 new jet fighters from China. A January report in Aviation Week & Space Technology stated that the Sudan air force currently operates 37 Shenyang fighter planes, including a dozen supersonic F-7 jets.
America's investment into China's oil war continues despite the growing list of human-rights violation and national security threats. BP Amoco paid $620 million for a 20% stake in PertoChina's initial public offering on the U.S. stock market. Some of the other major institutions that own stock in the oil war include Newgate Llp, Fiduciary Trust International, Mellon Bank and Bank of America Corporation.
Beijing has invested billions in Sudanese oil through the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) a state-owned monolith. Freshly painted billboards in Khartoum (Sudan) carry pictures of smiling Chinese oil workers and the slogan: "CNPC-Your close friend and faithful partner". CNPC's annual report disclosed that about half of all its overseas oil comes from Sudan. It deployed 10,000 (not on the news) Chinese workers to build a 900 miles pipeline linking Heglig oilfield in Kordofan province with Port Sudan on the Red Sea. In fact, China shamelessly curried favored with Bashir by speeding up this mammoth project so it could be finished in June 1999- the tenth anniversary of the coup that brought him to power. The (useless) United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1564; threatening Sudan with oil sanctions unless it curbed it curbed the violence in Durfur.
But China immediately rendered this meaningless by pledging to veto any bid to impose an embargo. Beijing needs Sudan due to its economic boom (American companies outsourced here) that will see an increase in oil consumption by at least 10% a year. It is estimated that billions of barrels of oil reserves lie beneath the desert of Sudan. William Ezekiel, editor of the Khartoum Monitor stated, "The Sudan government is ready to ally with Satan if it can protect its own interests". President Bush has stated that genocide, like what took place in Rwanda under Clinton, would not happen on his "watch". With hundreds of thousands of dead, millions suffering famine, rape, castration and forced death marches ­ what are we waiting for? Will he wait like Clinton, who stopped off in Rwanda, for a brief 15 minutes after the slaughter, to deliver 3 million dollars and his condolences that he didn't act? How many more holocaust museums will we build announcing "Never Again?" How many more;  diabolical soulless tin-horn dictators,  will we set up,  in palatial splendor,  as executioners of their own people and destroyers of their nations,  so that the world can continue on with the marketing of cheap junk,  gas guzzling tanks, presidential plane trips,  ships carrying missiles and big ass Hummers? How long will it be  until we really mean "Never Again?"



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