911 & The WTC South Tower
By Karl W B Schwarz
While preparing the final draft of this email, I emailed it to myself and it mysteriously took 50 minutes to come back to me and it usually takes mere seconds.  But then, the content of this email is for them to hide from, not you or me.  It is nice to know that the folks at AT&T and NSA are still spying on Americans and reading their email.
They are circling the wagons by trying to transfer all FBI field agents with more than five years experience in counter terrorism to Washington, DC.
My read on this is they know that the 9-11 Official Lie is going to be exposed for the world to see and that is more likely if they have agents with information in the field that are loosely controlled by Mueller and the FBI headquarters.  They need all of these agents under their boot heels in Washington, DC.
They have yet to release to the public any of the many tapes that would show what hit the Pentagon.  They have also evaded answering the question of how they were at the CITGO confiscating those tapes in less than 15 minutes after the "thing" hit the Pentagon.
One of the things a person can rely on if they are involved in 9-11 Truth is the bashers, trashers, and naysayers come out in droves for any information that is found and provided to the public.  Some of them are just keyboard rattling idiots, some are agenda players that do not like the Democrats being exposed too (election year 2006 and 2008), and some of them are government plants to disrupt and keep any progress from being made.
The two emails last week on the Pentagon drew out about 50 bashers that I have never heard from before who mysteriously had all kinds of information they had not shared with the public.  Some of those 295,000,000 opinions without an action plan.  I advised them that if they have so much to say that is valid go public and see how their information fares under public scrutiny.
Such people are tiresome and waste a lot of time, so today, I am going to approach this differently.  I am going to share with the world some photos extracted from the video that Deborah and I found and worked in two different ways to get before the public.  They were posted at one time on my website but were taken down for reasons we will elaborate on in the future.
I am also providing government exhibits from the ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI trial, the fall guy for 9-11 to help keep the Official Lie intact.
This is an exam that the detractors (and any email list members that wish to do so) have to pass or they will be ignored from now on.  Folks that serve no useful purpose are just that, no useful purpose.
The Part 1 assignment for those naysayers and evidence bashers is simply this:
1.From the photographs it is easy to determine within 3 feet of exactly where this photographer was standing.  That is Point A.  Remember to factor in for his height to determine the position of the camera as part of the base of a triangle.
2.From the photographs, maps and the physical location, it is possible to determine within a foot or so of the distance from Point A to the base of WTC II directly below the center of impact about 81 floors above.  We have calculated it but the bashers can come up with their own figures for grading as to whether they pass or fail.   I do not work for them nor do I answer to them.  That determines Point B and the A-B base of the triangle.
3. From the photographs and government exhibits it is easy to calculate the height of the impact and determine the distance between Point B (base of WTC II) and the point of impact as Point C.  Use the Center of the plane, center of impact to determine Point C.  When you finish that you will have the B-C height of the triangle.  The photographer is about 6 feet tall so that is the amount to deduct from the height (Point B to Point C).
4. Then calculate the A-C hypotenuse of the triangle to get the distance from the camera to the jet that hit WTC II. 
Part 2 of this analysis requires that the students (bashers and trashers) assume that the position that the photographer is standing is the centerline of a 767 and orient the 767 outline to match the angle of approach to WTC II of the jet that actually hit the building.  There would be with width of fuselage (to compare what was really in the sky) to consider and a total wing span of 156 feet and one inch.  There are many more seats on a 767 so the fuselage is much wider than a 737 that has 6 seats and the aisle within its width.  The width and length of the fuselage is just as important as the wingspan.
Think three dimensionally.  You have a 767 outline at ground level and you want to compare it to what you see in the sky, factored for distance.
To conceptualize the preceding paragraph two paragraphs, on the ground from the center of the photographer's stance there will be 78 feet and one-half inch wing span extending to the left (west) and right (east) of the photographer aligned with the plane you see in the sky.  The photographer will be standing on the exact centerline of the fuselage, which is much wider than a 737.  The 767 outline will be full scale at the level the photographer was standing and then distanced factored for the exact distance to the jet in the sky.  The hypotenuse is the distance to the impact point on the building but it can be adjusted to the South for each photo of the airplane.
AutoCad and TurboCad make this exercise much easier to get it accurate and right.
These folks have started off in the right direction but were looking at the wrong plane by assuming what they saw in CNN or other news network footage was what really hit.  At least one of them came to the conclusion that Flight 175, a 767 from Boston Logan, did not hit the South Tower.  It will not take that person long to pass this test.
The wing fairings are much larger and more pronounced on the 767 than the 737.  That is simply due to it being a much larger plane and much greater wing span, greater wing area for lift, much heavier and more powerful engines, and even some differences in how and where the landing gear folds up.   That is another hint in solving this problem.
It is a little more difficult, but the distance to the jet airplane and the actual angle of approach can be calculated.  The distance to the airplane affects the apparent size so the wing tips on the ground have to be factored for distance to the object and adjusted for the angle of approach.  It is a technique of perspective but when the three points of the triangle are known the vanishing / projection point for the perspective can be determined too.  The point of view of the camera can be adjusted and known to provide a very accurate, adjusted for distance, overlay of the airplane you see in the sky.
The photographer was standing almost due south of the WTC North Tower so the differences in centerlines for each WTC building will be very close calculating the exact POV of the camera and the angle from the camera to the jet in the sky.  Projecting from the tops of those buildings back to the center of the camera is possible on these photos.  The photographer is standing just slightly to the left of being aligned perfectly with the west face of the north tower by several degrees.  By that I mean, if you project a line towards the tip of Manhattan on the exact same line as the west side of the North Tower, the photographer was standing to the west of that line and not that far from it.  The photographer was standing in the range of 6:31 to 6:34 south of the North Tower.  If you treat this as a compass exercise, with North being "0" and South being "180", he was standing in the 181 to 184 area and at a distance from the building that can be calculated.
The point of this exam is to overlay the 767 on that photo and see the results, factored for distance.  Once this test has been completed anyone will see why I do not buy the Official Lie of what happened on 9-11.
Folks, this is the plane that hit the South Tower.  This film was not under control of any government and two video labs have verified that it is the real thing.  Submission of all calculations is required so those who fudge results will be exposed just as a word of caution.
There have been some that have tried to disprove these photos because of the color variations.  We slowed this video down to 1/100th frame per second on a very large screen and the color variations were easy to understand and even see.  VHS and Beta tapes are merely a magnetic iron oxide that flakes off over time and multiple uses, multiple runs of the tape.  That is one of the reasons that tape drive heads have to be cleaned periodically.
When the color was not coming through true it was merely where the iron oxide had flaked off and was not recording at the same density or resolution on the tape.  When we slowed down the tape and used in effect a track ball to advance it the places where the iron oxide had flaked off could easily be seen as well as the changes in color due to refraction of the light.  It was not a blue screen effect to overlay the plane into the tape.  Two labs that have far more competence and experience in such matters have shown that this tape is authentic and what hit the South Tower is before your eyes in the photos above.
When blown up these photos do not show an United Airlines paint job, nor do they show a rocket launching pod mounted underneath the jet.
The effects of light and shadow help rather than detract on these photos.
What is evident is a compression cloud that literally comes and goes from frame to frame and is enhanced by a structural feature of a 737 jet fuselage.  The wing fairings shown below create compression against the air and flying low and fast makes compression clouds.  When we showed that, some bashers came out and said that it was flying too low to create compression clouds.  That has nothing to do with altitude and they shut up when we showed them a jet car on the Bonneville Salt Flats at 530 mph creating compression clouds off the car at ground level in a desert with virtually no humidity.
The compression clouds were streaming along both sides of the plane right along the bottom of the fuselage protrusion you see below.  What made it easy to determine what they were was due to them being intermittent, there, gone and back again.  Remember, we have 37 photos of that jet that were extracted from the film starting with when the nose of the airplane first entered the field of view.  The still photos go to the point that the jet has completely penetrated the South Tower and even the last several frames show some evidence that disproves the 9-11 myth.  That matter will be addressed in a separate email update and is not part of this exercise.
The photograph below is what most people had to work from in trying to analyze what was shown on TV and various people who did get video.  The problem with the video is it was all provided by news media sources that are in fact under control of our government.  That is the same government that wants the Official Lie to remain the Official Story.
Those are CFM-56 jet engines, the same type of jet engine found at the corner of Church and Vessey Streets just northeast of the World Trade Center complex.  There are several ways to tell but that is up to the bashers and trashers to sort out.  Pay attention to the left engine and the 767 photo below that.
Note in the photographs recovered from the video Deborah and I found the bottom of the plane is not painted in United Airlines fashion.  The bottom of the jet is silver to light gray, not dark blue, not a medium blue gray.
The photographer was standing at the southeast corner of the building just above where it says "Floors" on the map below.  His point of view to WTC I was almost due north, slightly NE to WTC II.  If these maps are good enough to try to convict and sentence ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI to death, they are good enough to use in this discussion since what is on trial is the Official Lie put out by our government.  He was within one to two degrees of being aligned exactly with the west side of WTC 1.  That is another fact needed to pass the test and come up with the right calculation and answers.
As some of you work your way through this, you will understand why this photographer got the best, closest and least distorted photos of the airplane that hit WTC II.  The jet flew almost right over him.  He accidentally got enough footage to extract 37 stills of the airplane.
In fact, he was standing just to the right of the table overlaid on the map below about 25 to 30 feet south and slightly southeast from the building.
The point of impact was the 78 through 84 floors according to the United States government and the center of the fuselage was almost dead center of the 81
st floor.  Some may have to dig deep to figure out the floor to floor dimensions of the WTC towers but that is not an unfathomable figure; 1,362 feet and 110 floors is close but not close enough.  Such large buildings required considerable space for heating and cooling equipment.
Of the 110 stories, eight were set aside for technical services (mechanical floors), in four two-floor areas evenly spread up the building. All the remaining floors were free for open-plan offices.
In short, 4 of the floors were two stories high each and that will effect getting the actual height from B to C.
Note the right wing of what hit the South Tower in the graphic below.  The photographer was standing at the northeast corner of that "U" shaped street far enough to the east to get a clear shot of the North Tower that was already burning.
Since the buildings and evidence were destroyed, the following photograph is provided so the distance from the street can be accurately determined and not out in the middle of the large gaping hole that is now Ground Zero (the Point A to Point B base of the trianble).  The building the photographer was standing next to is just off the photograph to the lower left.
We will send this out to more than just the regular email update list.  The Scholars for 9-11 Truth will receive copies as well as the bashers that like to rattle their keyboard keys.
This is not that hard a test but it will separate the doers seeking 9-11 Truth from those that just like to mouth off with their unsolicited opinions and facts that support the government story.  For those that pay very close attention to details, there are considerable differences in how the engines are mounted to a 767 and 737.  Look at the photos again and pay very close attention.
This test is voluntary and those members of the email list are not asked to solve it.  This is for the folks that like to disrupt all efforts regarding 9-11.  It is time for them to put up or shut up.
I want to see an explanation from the US Government how this column got cut (thermite cutter charge) and they claim the burning jet fuel delivered by the wily Arabs in a 767 did the deed.
That is not evidence of a structural sheer or cutting torch.  There are very few things that will melt steel like that.  I am referring to the column right above the fireman's head.
Yes, it is time for a Grand Jury.
Best regards,



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