What if Disneyland
Shut Down The Rides?
By Frosty Wooldridge
 Last week, Georgia's governor signed into law the best and strictest anti-illegal immigration bill thus far.  I implore everyone reading this column to personally take it to your governor's office, your mayor's office and send it to all your friends to do the same.  This is about "States Rights" and we will not back down.  My goal is to bring an end to illegal immigration peacefully by a simple metaphor proposed by Mike Cutler and reported by Sandy Miller, "It's called "Attrition through Enforcement," and it sets out a 'comprehensive' strategy well known to Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado and the House Immigration Reform Caucus.  The plan has been summarized clearly with Sandra Miller and Mike Cutler, retired from 27 years' service in Treasury, Customs and INS, who often says, "Nobody breaks into Disneyland when the rides are closed. They either don't come or they go back home." 
Miller said, "So Senator McCain, you close down the rides--crack down on the employers as you promised to do 20 years ago when you voted for the "one time amnesty," end the publicly-funded benefits to illegal aliens and their families as we did with Prop 200, end the government grants to agencies who help illegal aliens like Catholic Charities and Arizona Interfaith, and end the "anchor baby" citizenship nonsense that enables illegal alien families to "piggy-back" on their US-born children.  And Senator, that won't require a constitutional amendment as you claim--we need only to pass HR 698, introduced earlier in the session by Congressman Charlie Norwood of Georgia."
The question of "States Rights" led to Civil War in America.  American against American!  North against South!  Brother against brother!  Blood flowed and men died.  Emotions ran crazy when Americans with different views clashed.  Right or wrong, men will take up arms prompted by their emotions.
Today, the United States government fails its citizens.  George Bush and Congress refuse to protect America's borders.  Over 20 million illegal aliens walk on thin ice as they parade around in our country with Mexican flags. "Reconquista de Aztlan" proclaims it's taking back the Border States.  What those Mexicans don't realize is--this is OUR back yard, OUR home and OUR country.  More so, it's our U.S. Constitution with laws that govern OUR people not Mexico's.  We don't care what Mexicans think about the past; we stand in the present, and we stand on OUR ground.  At some point, they will cross the line and Americans will respond with OUR laws first; but if Senator McCain and the rest of Congress refuse their oath of office, Americans will respond with violence.
In a speech at the White House, 1962 John F. Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
Losing our borders to this Mexican invasion leads to Civil War II in America--if we allow Bush to continue his reckless plans.  We don't want to merge with Mexico.  We don't want to speak Spanish in our nation.  We don't want diseases and poverty of Mexico's poor.  We won't degrade ourselves to that level of horror and corruption.  We won't lose our sovereignty.  The point is coming where we will stand and fight.  We will protect our towns and cities.  We WILL protect our borders.  We will stand for our families.
D.A. King of Atlanta and other Georgians spearheaded this bill and, as you can see, they did not back down. They closed down the rides at Georgia's Disneyland! We must take their lead across all 50 states.  This nine point plan signed by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue sets the benchmark:
Section 1 of the bill establishes that the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act shall be construed to conform to federal immigration law.  
Section 2 provides that on or after July 1, 2007, all public employers and those working on public contracts must begin to register and participate in the federal work authorization program. This program is operated by the Department of Homeland Security and verifies the legal status of a person to be employed in the United States.  
Section 3 states that any person who is convicted of trafficking a person for labor or sexual servitude shall be found guilty of a felony and required to serve a prison sentence of at least one and no more than 20 years. Any person convicted of the same offense, however the victim is a minor, shall serve a prison sentence of at least 10 and no more than 20 years.
Section 4 provides that the Georgia Commissioner of Public Safety must establish a "memorandum of understanding" between the state, U.S. Dept. of Justice or Homeland Security concerning the enforcement of immigration laws. Certain police officers shall be trained in accordance with the "memorandum of understanding" and shall be authorized to enforce federal immigration and custom laws.  
Section 5 provides that an officer must make a reasonable effort to determine the nationality of any person charged and arrested for a felony or DUI. If the prisoner is a foreign national, the officer must verify their lawful status either through documents in possession of the prisoner or a query to the Law Enforcement Support Center. If it is found that the prisoner is not lawfully present in the U.S., the arresting officer or officer in charge shall notify the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.  
Section 6 establishes the "Registration of Immigration Assistance Act." This Act specifies exactly what actions a person who is not an attorney can take in assisting illegal immigrants with gaining legal status. Apparently people are claiming that they can assist illegal immigrants in becoming legal citizens and charging people fees for legal assistance and advice, however they have no authority to give such assistance or advice. Any person convicted of violating this section may be fined up to $1,000.00 per violation.  
Section 7 provides that after January 1, 2008 no compensation over $600.00 per year for labor services to a person who has not been verified to legally to work in the U.S. can be claimed as a deductible business expense for state income taxes, regardless if the individual is issued a IRS 1099 Form. The Georgia Commissioner of Revenue is authorized to create forms to be used in order to verify the legal status of an employee.  
Section 8 states that a withholding agent is required to withhold 6% state income tax of an individual whose wages are reported on a 1099 Form and who has failed to provide a valid taxpayer identification number.  
Section 9 states that any person applying for state or local public benefits, who is 18 years or older, must execute an affidavit that he or she is a legal citizen or lawfully present in the U.S. For any applicant that has indicated that they are an alien lawfully present in the U.S., the agency must verify that person's status through the Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlement Federal program. Any person who knowingly provides false information on this affidavit shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction, pay a fine of no more than $1,000.00 or be sentenced to imprisonment of no more than one year. Exceptions for this verification process include: federal exceptions such as emergency care, assistance for immunizations with respect to immunizable and communicable diseases, soup kitchens, and pre-natal care.  
Bush and Congress can twist perceptions all they want; but reality will not budge!  The illegal alien immigration nightmare slams into the public like a daily Katrina as it ravages American lives, towns, cities, school systems, hospitals, our language, law and order and the foundation of our country.  We demand it be stopped and we won't back down Mr. President!  You're at 34 percent approval rating according to a CBS poll.  When our wrath grows, you'll limp out of your presidency worse than Clinton and you'll be lucky if your best friend stands by you and your horrible actions against America and the U.S. Constitution. 
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