America's Gift - Charlie Sheen
By Ted Lang
As of this moment in America's brief history, Actor Charlie Sheen is its greatest living patriot.  Cindy Sheehan has paid a much higher price and has voiced her objections to the war in Iraq, thereby establishing herself as being against the Bush regime and therefore an American traitor by their definition.  And make no mistake, Charlie Sheen is seen as a traitor as well by the Washington criminal elite.
Charlie eclipses Sheehan for one very major reason: the MSM has marginalized her.  She lives or dies with respect to her patriotic efforts to hold the most dangerous criminals on Earth accountable dependent upon the whim of the MSM.  She fully understands her role as a newsmaker.  She goes out, attracts attention, and then hopes she gets the media coverage she so desperately needs to get her message across to the American people.  She is dependent on the media.  Charlie Sheen is the media!
But Charlie isn't allowing the eight multi-zillionaire Zionists who own, operate and control virtually all news and information outlets in America to throttle him.  Charlie sorely needed the "assist" from Ed Asner's scheduled appearance on CNN, which the Zionists "pulled."  And all this happened within the same week of the release of the now-famous Harvard University JFK School of Government's report on "The Israel Lobby," proving not only Israel's powerful pressure on the Bush regime in sending our troops to fight and die for another nation's interests and not that of our own, but exposing also the powerful pro-Israel leanings in the MSM as well.
When Cindy Sheehan pointed out the Israeli domination of the Bush regime and the American Congress, she was lambasted by Bush propaganda attack dogs: Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity.  The MSM removed her from public view and spiked her public events.  But Charlie Sheen is another matter entirely.  It is totally up to Charlie how far he's willing to go, but indications are that he's going to hang tough and see this thing through to its very final conclusion.  And Charlie's approach is the right one.  Just as was the case with Ed Asner, others will join him.  Charlie is smashing holes in the Bush defense and providing the lead blocks that open up the holes and prepare the way for a touchdown.
During his appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Show April 14th
, the video of which is once again being supplied by yet another great American patriot, Alex Jones, Charlie touched upon what will easily be the number one argument that will undoubtedly be launched by the Bush MSM propagandists.  Their argument will simply offer that Charlie is just another "Hollywood Kook."  Think of buffoon Clinton and how "Babs" Streisand, Alec Baldwin, and other Hollywood celebs have supported him while lambasting Republicans.  Limbaugh and company wasted no time in marginalizing them.  But now, it will take a high profile individual, readily known and appreciated by the American public, to bring the needed inquiry to the very foundation of the criminal Bush regime's monumental strength.  And that power base is the fear generated by 9-11.  Charlie Sheen is indeed the man that can do this.
As Charlie pointed out to Kimmel, all that is needed is for someone to articulate a little louder what others, namely, many extremely qualified experts, have been saying for a very long time.  And Charlie himself is saying absolutely nothing accusatory.  All he is doing is inviting the American people to think outside the box, and to just start asking questions instead of taking the nation's chief executive liar's word.  We listened to the liar before, and heard "no nation building."  We listened to the liar before and were told the trailers held biochemical weapons.  We listened to the liar before and were told Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction," even when US weapons inspectors and Hans Blix told US there were none.  We listened to the liar-in-chief when he told US Saddam was working on nuclear weapons with Niger yellowcake.  And do we believe him again when he states he didn't out Valerie Plame?  Are we going to allow him to attack Iran and start World War III?
Who's the only one in America that is beginning to make a difference?  Sure, Cindy was there first, and God bless her for that.  But it is Charlie Sheen who's the "top gun!"  And as for marginalizing himself by telling Kimmel that he's just an actor, and therefore not really an expert, I'd put more stock in him or his dad running this country than the "highly experienced" politicians and their bureaucrats that are being increasingly exposed as criminals and traitors.  I doubt if either of them ever called the United States Constitution just "a god-damned piece of paper!"
Just look at the fraud behind the comment "no political experience."  What is "political experience?"  Is it selling a parcel of repossessed land held by the City of Newark, New Jersey, to a political crony for a single dollar so that the political favorite can turn around, build 55 homes on the plot, and then sell them for $6 million?  Is that political experience?  Or is it political experience to manufacture the falsehood of a "Gulf of Tonkin" attack upon our navy by communists, when a real one launched by Israel that killed 34 of our servicemen is ignored and guarded as a "national secret?"  Is that what "political experience" is about?  Is "political experience" when one who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee journeys to Tel Aviv to receive training on the latest Israeli policy to be incorporated into the foreign policy of the United Sates?  Is it political know-how to lie to America during the constitutionally mandated State of the Union Address?  It seems to me that the only real qualification, especially for the Office of the President of the United States, is morality and honesty.  And from where I sit, Charlie Sheen is heavily endowed with both.
Think of me and my tiny, insignificant column in my local town newspaper.  White picket fences, a barking dog here and there, kids laughing and playing, the lawn nut on his garden tractor, the guy with his chainsaw ­ got the picture?  How do I tell these gentle uninformed folk that the Bush gang did 9-11?  And knowing they'll think I'm a screwball, and a left-wing nut, and a, G-d forbid it! a Democrat, they won't even buy a more moderate version of a mere accusation of a "government cover-up."  But then, there's Charlie!  I'll say whatever the hell I want and put it all on Charlie!  It will be his "bad!"  See how it works folks?
Same deal with the Harvard report.  That's why America's number one torture specialist, Alan Dershowitz, a teacher at Harvard Law who was instrumental in getting JFK dean Stephen Walt fired for telling the truth about Israel and its tax-exempt foreign agent lobby, is so pissed off and screaming "anti-Semitism!"  For it was none other than teacher Dershowitz in his rant against the government scholars that hyperlinks to the Harvard paper, which still shows the Harvard University logo, that got Walt fired.  I had thought Harvard panicked and dropped their logo from the Mearsheimer and Walt report.  How come Dershowitz is still showing this?  Time for Harvard to seriously consider firing this traitor to America!
Now this prestigious report can be used in the same fashion as Charlie Sheen's simple inquiries, which are finally being carried on the fringe of the MSM.  Think of these as the lead blocks initiating a new and refreshing slant in all the local newspapers across the country.  Just blame the evil truth on Charlie Sheen, "screwball" Cindy Sheen, Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.  We just may be able to get real America's attention before the lying anti-American/pro-Israel genocidal maniac in the White House launches World War III.  And where's Fitzgerald on locking up zany Cheney?
Analyzing all this and putting it into some kind of perspective is now in order.  What latent anomaly can be noted regarding all the forgoing?  Can you see it?  It is the fissure in the Bush wall erected by the MSM!  Elements of the MSM are, albeit ever so slowly, beginning to come around and are beginning to give Charlie a shot in the much-needed spotlight for truth.  Why is that?
There can be several reasons, but the first cut should be the recognition that the American people are rapidly catching on to the media's act.  More and more people are beginning to fall away from the Limbaugh/O'Reilly/Hannity baloney of a "liberal" media.  More are beginning to see the agenda of Israel and its horrific control of both our government and media.  And conversely, the media suits are also beginning to take notice.  Whether the decreasing reliance on TV cable and network news, or the plummeting print news circulation numbers and dollars, Charlie's approach might generate some really big-time revenue numbers.  Or perhaps the media elites will realize that the impending Bush destruction of America will eradicate their massive holdings in a once profitable industry.  Who can say at this point?
All we can hope for is that Charlie stays the course, and Fitzgerald carries the ball into the end zone.
 © 2006 THEODORE E. LANG - All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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