Iranian Forces Enter Iraq,
Shell Kurdish Guerrillas

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Baghdad has accused Iranian forces of having over the last 24 hours entered Iraqi territory and shelled Kurdish PKK guerrillas in the northern Arbil province.
"Iranian forces hit a border area called Haj Umran and then entered five kilometers into Iraqi territory and hit the area of Lollan with heavy artillery with 180 shells targeting PKK positions," it said Sunday.
No casualty figures were immediately available.
The attack is the second Iranian offensive against the Kurdistan Workers' Party guerilla group (PKK) in 10 days. The group is fighting for the creation of an independent Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey.
The initial April 20 shelling killed at least two people and injured 10 others, the PKK said.
Iran is bound by treaty with Turkey to fight the outlawed PKK, which has waged a 15-year insurgency against Ankara for self rule in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast.
In return, Turkey has pledged to fight the Iranian armed opposition group, the Iraq-based People's Mujahedeen.



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