911, The Pentagon And
The A3 Skywarrior Theory
By Karl W B Schwarz 
For those of you that know that Jon Carlson of Chicago and I are not the same person you will be relieved to know that both of us are still investigating 9-11.  There have been some disinformation people like Stew Webb and Daryl Bradford Smith trying to spread the rumor that Jon is me and I am Jon but that simply is not true.  Some have even alleged that we write exactly alike but that is not true either.
Jon and I have collaborated on two things ­ the fact that no 757 hit the Pentagon and the fact that 737 jets were used to hit the WTC towers, not the much larger 767 jets from Boston Logan.  There was in fact a 737 jet engine laying on the street at the intersection of Church and Vessey Streets just northeast of the twin towers complex.  That jet engine originated from the plane that hit the South Tower.
Our approach to 9-11 has been like approaching a trial.  If one can prove that any part of the Official 9-11 Story is a lie, the entire US Government story can be dismissed and not considered as evidence.  They even make such instructions to juries regarding witnesses who have been impeached during examination and cross-examination.
Most of you probably remember my recent statement that al Zarqawi is dead and has been for about three years.  This news item recently hit the Washington Post when someone in the Pentagon admitted to fabricating the myth to generate support for the Global War on Terror.  It is just more faux news from this lying Bush Administration and our government in general.
I am not clairvoyant; just do not buy off on government spun BS and propaganda.  When they say "BOO!" I do not flinch, blink or cower.  I especially do not become one of the Church of the Quivering Brethren.
It was this collaborative approach that led Jon and I to conclude that no 757 hit the Pentagon so we looked for alternatives.  The only plane that made sense was either a 737 or an A3 Skywarrior, both of which can use the same types of jet engines up to a point. 
The wing span of most 737 jets fall into the range of between 93.0 ft and 112.6 ft which is still 19 feet to 38 feet of wing that cannot be accounted for in impacting the face of the Pentagon before it mysteriously disappeared.  When the absence of surface impacts and the size of a 737 including height of the tail are weighed, it is probable that a smaller plane was used to affect the attack on the Pentagon.
I defy anyone to find an A3 Skywarrior in the hands of any Arab terrorist on 9-11 or any other day.  There are only three sources of those jets: 1.) a few (3 to 6) remaining in USAF inventory; or 2.) Davis Monthan AFB where many jets are stored due to lack of humidity; or 3.) the fleet of 12-15 once owned by Hughes and now controlled by Raytheon after that corporation acquired Hughes.  
There is an outside chance it might have been a 737 but it does not appear as likely as something that would easily be mistaken as a 737 or 757.  The underneath of an A3 would be hard for a non-expert to distinguish from other types of two jet engine planes mounted under the wings.  See drawing below.
Once we had identified the jet engine on the street in NYC another 9-11 investigator named Deborah and I kept digging and she found a video that was taken from Battery Park City to the south and southwest of the Twin Towers.  That video is also very revealing because what was seen on CNN that morning and what really hit the South Tower are two different planes.
Once that video was in hand we had it analyzed by two video labs to verify that it was authentic and it had not been altered in any manner.  Deborah focused on tracking down the video, getting a copy and then tracking down the person who shot the video on the morning of 9-11 and just happened to have captured excellent footage of the second plane.  Once I had the copy of the video, I focused on getting the images de-interlaced and obtained 37 clear photos of the jet that hit the South Tower.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Jon Carlson came up with a photograph of the Pentagon that is very revealing.  As you look at the photograph dismiss the rubble and the fact that people died in that part of the building.  Pay attention to the left hand side, especially at the roof and the corner of the building on the left hand side of the collapsed area.
I will explain below the photograph what you are looking at.
That clean break on the left hand side occurred along what they call an expansion joint or a construction joint by some.  All buildings have them because all buildings expand with heat and contract in cold.  How did those wily Arabs know to hit the Pentagon at one of its weakest points?  That absolutely clean break is telling and so is the width of the opening.
Jon Carlson and I are convinced that the plane used to attack the Pentagon is an old USAF / Navy plane designated as the A3 Skywarrior.
Eyewitnesses that saw the bottom of the plane that hit the Pentagon would have to be pretty observant and knowledgeable in the different types of jets to not mistake the drawing on the right for a 737 or 757.
The wingspan of an A3 is 74 feet and in the Navy version the wings were designed to fold up for storage on an aircraft carrier (visible on the drawing above).  At a distance, painted like an American Airlines plane, this plane would easily be mistaken for a 737, 757, 767 type of aircraft because the two engines hang under the wing but are of far smaller dimensions than the 9 foot diameter jets on a 757 that not only hang under the wing but also hang lower than the bottom of the fuselage.  
That is an important point because there were no marks on the Pentagon lawn of those two jet engines dragging the ground and they would have based on how low the Pentagon was hit.  Said another way, forget about the fuselage dragging on the ground.  The engines of a 757 would have been plowing the Pentagon lawn but that did not happen.
The wingspan of a 757 is 124 feet 10 inches.  The width of the overall opening, even what is visible as possible wing marks slamming into the face of the building is closer to 74 feet than it is 124 feet 10 inches.  In short, there is 50 feet missing to substantiate the Official Lie put out by Washington, DC as to what hit the Pentagon.  Said another way, there is 25 feet on each side of the centerline of the strike point (that 14-16 foot hole left in the side of the Pentagon) that left no evidence of a wider wing span 757 hitting the building.
They also cannot (or more appropriately will not) explain what happened to the two 9 foot diameter engines that mysteriously disappeared.  Some official government sources claim that the fire was so hot it melted the engines to nothing, yet they claim they found DNA of the passengers.  That math does not compute, or the science either.
They will not explain the lack of luggage at the crash scene or the absence of the many seats that are on a 757.  The A-3 only had three seats for most configurations.  We have interior photos of one that was modified to have a small table for 4 to meet and expanded the capacity to 6.  Sort of a corporate jet for military brass. 
Look at that photo again ­ if the fire was hot enough to make steel and cobalt engine parts (very high melting point) vaporize, all of the materials collapsed into that opening would have been reduce to ash.
It is a simple matter that the fire did not burn hot enough for a long enough period of time to vaporize a 757 and leave no evidence.  That is especially true of the jet engine components that are made of cobalt to withstand high heat and has a melting point of 1495 °C (2723 °F).  Burning jet fuel cannot reach that temperature.  However, it is not enough to just melt it.  To disappear the large 757 jet engines to fit the Official Lie it would have to get hot enough for a sustained period to reach the boiling point of 2927 °C (5301 °F).  Those temperatures are way above, by over 3,000 degrees, what burning jet fuel can generate.  Temperature that high would have reduced to ash everything you see in the photo in the collapsed area yet there are steel columns and beams that did not melt or even deflect noticeably from heat.
I remember the first conversation I had with Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Lieutenant Colonel who was in the Pentagon that day.  She is the lady that went public about the Office of Special Plans where they were falsifying the intelligence regarding Iraq.  She vividly remembers being downstairs and around the corner in about 10 minutes to help get people out and the FBI agents were at the CITGO station confiscating the video tapes of what hit the Pentagon.
Other eyewitnesses have stated that they smelled explosives such as cordite, not burning jet fuel.  Those were military witnesses that know that exploded ordnance smells like.
What little video evidence there is does show a white trail of smoke before the Pentagon explosion.  Jet fuel burns dark at sea level and jets do not leave white contrails at sea level.  What does leave a white trail of smoke at all elevations is the solid fuel of a rocket, Thiokol in most rockets being the type of solid fuel.
A3 Skywarriors are configured to carry and launch rockets.  757 commercial jets are not.  To this very day, Raytheon ­ Hughes uses a fleet of A3 Skywarriors to test fire rockets and Hughes is one of the manufacturers of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles used in our military arsenal.  One of their A3 jets is shown above launching a missile made by Hughes.
The Official Story will not stand up under close scrutiny of a real 9-11 Commission or a court of law.  
Some in our government have much to answer for and have yet to be asked the right questions under oath.
Who would do such a thing and why would they do it?
If you caught the last episode of "24" that aired Monday night, April 17, 2006 that story line disclosed their objective but coming at it as a conspiracy to take over the Caspian Basin oil and they murdered the President because he intended to put a stop to it.
Bridas Corporation, Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, landlocked Caspian Basin oil, billions invested by Big Oil and could not get the oil to the ocean and money out of your pockets.  Any of this ringing a bell?
Best regards,
Jon reminded me of some links readers need to see regarding the CFM56 737 engine in the NYC street and the JT8D fan hub assembly at the Pentagon NOT from a 757:
Jack White backs the JT8D research and the A3 connection:
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The attached photo of the A3 will give readers a better realization of its similarity to a 757 or 737.



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