Israel Rules America!
By Ted Lang
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Having voiced many times in the past much mental agony and hand wringing in this space as concerns the unbelievable outrages and injustices consistently and increasingly practiced by American government against the people of this once-great nation, the events of just the past week have clearly presented the one and only reason this is happening in America.  Our nation's government is no longer our own.  Our government is not responsive to the collective will of the American people.  Let's look at two readily recognizable opinion segments of present day American society: the people and the military.
Over 75 percent of the American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan want out right now!  The majority of American citizens want the troops out of Iraq also.  What are "our representatives" in Congress doing?  They are ignoring US!  That's because Israel, the Israeli Lobby, AIPAC, and the Jewish owned and operated media shilling for Israel, are all wielding a power over this once-great nation grossly disproportionate to their numbers.  What the fools in Congress, as well as the American fools classified as dispensationalist Christian fundamentalists, fail to come to grips with, is that the interests and the well-being of America and its people are no longer in the equation that balanced out the United States as the greatest nation on Earth.
What made our nation great was the structure of American government designed to support individual freedom, thereby capitalizing upon each and every individual citizen's creativity, intelligence, and rugged "can do" perseverance.  We all know the effectiveness of defeating a captive or prisoner held for interrogation by playing the good cop/bad cop role employed to obtain a confession.  This is accomplished by breaking down an individual's emotional and natural instincts for self preservation.  Nationally, we have had our instincts for political self-preservation destroyed by a meaningless "two party system," a feigned opposition that has given unlimited license to the destroyers of American freedom.  But the single controlling factor in American governmental politics is the rule of Israel in both our domestic and foreign policy.
First, it must be fully understood, that insofar as the Jewish nation-state of Israel is concerned, it is their number one intention not only to rule totally the people of the United States, but all the people of the world.  This at first seems to be a statement of astronomical absurdity, but it is nothing of the kind; it follows logically and easily.  And it may not necessarily be the intention of each and every Israeli citizen either, but merely that of their current political rulers.  Nevertheless, Israel's political power governs both our domestic and foreign policy, and in the latter regard, we are their surrogate as the most powerful nation on Earth.
The prestigious John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University published the Mearsheimer-Walt Report, "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," as part of their Faculty Research Working Papers Series.  I think that it can readily be concluded that Harvard, the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, is a responsible institution capable of producing unbiased essays, papers and other publications generally free of favoritism and/or those of a discriminatory or defamatory nature. 
Yet, no sooner did the report air on March 26th
, than organized Jewish pressure was directed full blast at Harvard, the authors, and the report itself.  Protesting Jews offered that the report was "anti-Semitic."  This smear tactic is always employed by Jews out to ensure Israeli supremacy over anything or any event that even remotely smacks of the truth, and anything that remotely resembles a patriotic commitment on the part of an individual or individuals to our own nation that is beneficial to our own national interests.
How can the small Jewish nation of Israel, a nation of only slightly more than six million in population, a number only three fourths the population of New York City or the tiny state of New Jersey, be considered as having world domination on their agenda?  Supported by six to ten million Jews in the United States, the exact number not being available thanks the manipulation of the US Government census by the Jewish lobby, AIPAC, the total therefore uncertain, Israeli citizens are now in charge of and in control of the Pentagon.  The Jewish lobby controls our politicians, and the Jewish media protects Bush and spreads Israeli propaganda.  But even if we were to stretch the Jewish population to its maximum estimates, their numbers still do not justify their magnified power.  Fortune magazine placed AIPAC as the second most powerful lobby in Washington and right behind AARP.
The Mearsheimer-Walt Report attributes Israel's domination over the US in terms of only
Mearsheimer and Walt clearly convey, however, the tremendous influence the MSM has on public opinion in America, and given their stipulation of a pro-Israel leaning, as well as the evidence of Jewish ownership and control, the existence of an extremely powerful and influential Zionist MSM propaganda machine is no longer merely prescient speculation.
As the unbelievable power of the Jewish lobby combines with the unbelievable power of the Jewish owned and operated Zionist media, Mearsheimer and Walt have confessed that Jewish control of the publishing industry would have precluded their report from ever seeing the light of day.  This view echoes that of renowned American author Truman Capote, who referred to the dominance of Jews in publishing as the "Jewish mafia."    
But concentrating on Mearsheimer and Walt's effort with regard only to the Israeli lobby, they conclude in their report: "Can the Lobby's power be curtailed?  One would like to think so, given the Iraq debacle, the obvious need to rebuild America's image in the Arab and Islamic world, and the recent revelations about AIPAC officials passing U.S. government secrets to Israel.  One might also think that Arafat's death and the election of the more moderate Abu Mazen would cause Washington to press vigorously and evenhandedly for a peace agreement.  In short, there are ample grounds for U.S. leaders to distance themselves from the Lobby and adopt a Middle East policy more consistent with broader U.S. interests.  In particular, using American power to achieve a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians would help advance the broader goals of fighting extremism and promoting democracy in the Middle East."
That the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is pro-Israel, and therefore Zionist, can of course not be denied.  It, along with Israel, represents the greatest threat that the United States of America has ever been faced with.  Israel is, therefore, our greatest enemy.  Yet, the Zionist MSM insists otherwise offering that Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. 
But check out the prices at the gas pump, and then reflect upon how and why we're in Iraq.  Remember the price of gasoline before Israel and its "dual" citizens in the Pentagon maneuvered US into Iraq.  Remember how AIPAC and Israel clamored for American involvement to destroy Iraq and remove Saddam, Israel's former greatest threat.  And just look how AIPAC and Israel are pushing for US to invade and destroy Iran now.  Do either AIPAC or Israel care that this might ignite World War III?  How can they be our "allies?"  What is America's interest in initiating such an unwarranted act of mass murder and mayhem?
As Mearsheimer and Walt ask the question whether or not AIPAC's power can be curtailed, this will never happen unless corrupt American government's power can be curtailed.  American government, at all its levels, runs on cash, and American government and its corrupt elected politicians don't really give a damn where the cash it runs on comes from.  And increasingly, it is beginning to appear that the American people don't give a damn either!
Israel receives more US foreign aid and taxpayer cash than any other nation.  Contributions to AIPAC are tax-deductible.  Wealthy Jewish professionals contribute millions to both AIPAC and Israel, providing a virtual unlimited cash pool for "contributions" to fund American politician's campaigns as well as to provide the latter with downright payoffs and bribes.  And politicians who even remotely suggest an even-handed approach between Israel and the Palestinians, such as Howard Dean, a former frontrunner in the Democratic Party for President of the United States, can be trashed overnight by the Jewish MSM.  Political elections here in the United States constitute domestic affairs, yet through both the Jewish Lobby and MSM, American politicians can be made or crushed.
Political correctness, a "philosophy" attributed to "liberalism," should really be attributed to that sector of "American" society that concocts it, communicates it, and actually enforces it.  That entity is the Jewish MSM.  As Mearsheimer and Walt have pointed out, the MSM controls American public opinion, and Jews control the MSM.  It is for this reason that the "liberal" MSM doesn't turn on the criminal regime of Bush  As long as G. Bush continues both a domestic and foreign policy favorable to Israel, the Jewish MSM will never expose any of the zillions of crimes engineered and perpetrated by the Bush gang.
This explains the futility members of the American military feel as 75 percent want out of Iraq.  Those wanting US there, and then eventually in Iran, have absolutely nothing whatsoever at stake, and absolutely nothing whatsoever to lose.  We and we alone, America, we are the only ones who stand to lose big-time.  And Bush is the last "American" to care about this.
If we are to get out from under a situation whereby our entire nation, its economy, its natural resources, its wealth, all its people, and our military are available to a tiny nation whose population is only three quarters of our largest city, why wouldn't such a nation, Israel, risk OUR all?  What do they have to lose?  Can G. Bush, president, ever see this?  Can the criminals and traitors in "our" Congress see this?  Sure they can, but they don't care.  Remember the AIPAC battle cry each of our elected politicians is required to frequently utter in public: "Israel has a right to exist!"
Not only does Israel and AIPAC control both domestic and foreign policy through their purchase and disposal of "American" elected politicians, but organized Jewry attacks, terrorizes, smears and intimidates ALL aspects of American society.  As some columnists and commentators have already reported on Rense, I too have been threatened by Zionist phone callers, e-mailers and letter writers.  This too is a tactic of criminal Zionism: direct threats against anyone who speaks out concerning the horrific condition that places Israeli interests over those of our own.
Several weeks ago, an American theatrical group tried to stage a play in New York City presenting the sacrifice and tragic murder of Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist who tried to protect a Palestinian home from being arbitrarily and unjustly leveled by an Israeli military bulldozer.  The bulldozer operator deliberately ran over her, dropped the blade, and backed over her broken body to ensure her death.  The theatrical group was bombarded with whining, complaining organized Jews who intimidated the producers and probably threatened to attack them with hoards of Jewish lawyers.
Alan Dershowitz, the Jewish lawyer and Harvard Law professor, and founder of American torture, was first to introduce his warped approach for justice in America thus: "No democracy, other than Israel, has ever employed torture within the law. Until quite recently, Israel recognized the power of its security agencies to employ what it euphemistically called 'moderate physical pressure' to elicit information from terrorists about continuing threats."  But now this very Jewish and very pro-Israel Zionist is attacking his own school for authorizing the Mearsheimer-Walt report critical of Jewish influence on our foreign and domestic legal procedures.  Wasn't it Israel and Dershowitz's love of torture that has changed both our domestic and foreign policy?  Isn't that the influence of Israel and international Jews?
Yet Dershowitz, who was first to point out Israel's penchant for inhumane treatment of prisoners, now calls the open, honest report authored by Mearsheimer and fellow Harvard professor Walt, "trash."  He cites "mistakes."  He calls the report "absurd."  The only absurdity in the report is the way we allow Jews like Dershowitz to smear those who tell the truth about the way minority Jews like him feel their interpretation of the facts is gospel, and any other interpretation "trash" and "anti-Semitic."
A theatrical production reflecting the selfless sacrifice of Rachel Corrie is deprived to the American people by angry Jews.  An angry Jewish lawyer who introduced torture to America now is angered by the truth of Jewish influence favoring Israel.  And now, Jewish whining, complaints and smear tactics cause Harvard to affix a very noticeable disclaimer onto the report, and even pull its logo from the cover sheet of that truthful and accurate report.  Ed Asner, supporting fellow actor Charlie Sheen's contention of a Bush administration and Kean Commission cover-up regarding 9-11, was barred from appearing on CNN's Showbiz Tonight, probably once again attributable to whining, complaining and "anti-Semitic" screaming Jews.  I'd just like to know the names of the stupid, ignorant CNN management morons who caved on this, thereby trashing CNN's outstanding opportunity to regain its number one position as a cable news entity.  This probably explains Ted Turner's recent lament concerning CNN.
Before I was even able to conclude this piece, yet another disgraceful episode of Jewish Zionist whining and smearing is taking place.  Harvard not only placed a disclaimer and lifted its logo from the Mearsheimer and Walt Harvard University JFK School of Government Report, but according to Justin Raimondo in his article of this very date, March 31st, Harvard has demoted their JFK dean and disgraced him after being attacked by hoards of whining Jews.
Raimondo comments on an article in the New York Sun: "Yesterday's issue of The New York Sun reported that an 'observer' familiar with Harvard said that the University had received calls from 'pro-Israel donors' concerned about the KSG paper.  One of the calls, the source told The Sun, was from Robert Belfer, a former Enron director who endowed Walt's professorship when he donated $7.5 million to the Kennedy School's Center for Science and International Affairs in 1997.  'Since the furor, Bob Belfer has called expressing his deep concerns and asked that Stephen not use his professorship title in publicity related to the article,' the source told The Sun."
Raimondo continues: "Now, somebody please tell me that Mearsheimer and Walt have overplayed the power and influence of the Lobby in American political life.  The hate campaign directed at Mearsheimer and Walt underscores and validates the study's contention that all attempts to objectively discuss our Israel-centric foreign policy and the pivotal role played by the Lobby are met with outright intimidation.  We have O.J. Simpson defender and pro-Israel fanatic Alan Dershowitz claiming that the scholarly duo filched the majority of their sources from 'hate sites' ­ although how Dershowitz knows this, without having looked directly over their shoulders as they wrote, is very far from clear.  But don't worry, he assures us, a 'team' of researchers on his staff is looking into the matter.  One wonders if this is the same 'team' that looked into the evidence and concluded that Simpson was innocent."
As can now readily be seen in this effort, sensitivity to accusations involving "Jews" as opposed to "Zionists," the latter term having always been used by this writer to include dispensationalist Christian fundamentalists, has degenerated to only the former classification.  For me to devolve back to my original usage of the terms, I need to see, and very quickly I might add, an apologetic and honest assessment of this egregious Jewish "hate crime" against Americans perpetrated by the Jewish population against the oldest institution of higher learning in America, as well as this blatant assault upon the time-honored principle of free speech articulated in our First Amendment.  This not forthcoming, and in a prominent and aggressive manner, then the efforts of this writer to separate the good, the bad and the ugly in separating pro-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-American Jews, from patriotic and Christian-tolerant Jews, will be forever suspended.
 ©2006 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved   
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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