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Release Date: April 16, 2006
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Arizona A Huge Ship (UFO) Over Witnesses Van
Date:  Unknown
Time:  Approx: 2:00 a.m.
When I was a small child my parents and I saw UFO's in the sky.  They also had colored lights.
Then when I was a teenager, we were traveling through Arizona somewhere and stopped at a rest stop.  It was very early in the morning, maybe 2:00 am.  Everyone around us was asleep in their cars.  We were brushing our teeth. 
Suddenly there was something coming toward our van.  I said it was a UFO.  All I can remember was this huge ship over our van.  It was round and made no noise that I can remember.  I was saying " Wow ! " over and over in disbelief.  It was totally ostentatious.  It had lights all around.  Then I remember it zipped off going in sharp left and right zig zag movement and then like warp speed it suddenly looked like a tiny pin point of light in the sky and the zap it disappeared completely.  I was sitting there with toothpaste dripping down my mouth still saying "Wow." 
I was totally in shock.  I cleaned off the toothpaste and said, " That was a real UFO."  The person next to me was in denial and said " No , it was a comet. "  He was much younger than me and still only around 10 years old or so."  I assured him it wasn't a comet. At any rate, I know UFO's are out there.  Question is, is it military ? Right.
If I can be of further assistance, let me know.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Perth, Western Australia Huge Object Changes Shape
Date:  March 31, 1973
Time:  Approx: 9:15 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Disc shape.
Full Description of event/sighting: UFO report from Perth, Western Australia 1973.
I think it was 1973 but not sure of the month.  However later investigations revealed the night to be 31 March 1973. We didn't write anything down at the time unfortunately, but our memories of the experience are very strong.
We were in Perth, Western Australia, driving home to our unit on West Coast Highway.  We had just left my parents place after dinner at night and I was driving down a hill towards the beach, when my wife commented on the wonderful full moon just ahead of us over the ocean.  Then we realized that the moon was actually behind us.
We turned right at West Coast Highway and parked on a piece of land overlooking the beach and observed a huge round orange/red ball bigger than the moon, ahead of us over the ocean.  We observed the object for quite a while and it appeared to be changing shape from round to disc shape.  The shape appeared to be near Rottnest Island, about 12 miles off the coast, so it was huge.  It then, in a matter of seconds, came straight at us.
I am not exactly sure of the sequence of events, as it became quite complicated.  In fact, my wife and I observed the same object but we can't tally on sequence of events or timings.  We got out of the car but I don't remember consciously getting out of the car yet I found myself at the front of the car.  There was no sound as the object moved rapidly towards us and stopped directly over us.  It appeared to be enormous in length.  Later estimations in my mind made it as big as an aircraft carrier.
The shape changed, as it came towards us, from being round to saucer shape.  At this stage I was unsure whether the object was tilting up or down as viewed from the front from my viewpoint.  Around this time a white car pulled up behind us on the highway.  I believe that this car was a Jaguar.  The driver wound down his window, rubbed his eyes or face, and then accelerated rapidly south down the highway.  We continued to observe the object for an undetermined amount of time.  The object rapidly moved backwards towards the island again.  In a split second it had disappeared over the horizon leaving a large red/orange glow over the horizon.  The object then repeated the original maneuver back to our vantage point, hovering above us again.
The object appeared to have a clearly defined disc typed shape and a bright orange/red light source appeared to emanate from inside the object and shine through the skin of the object into the surrounding air.  It also had a black panel in the centre at the front.  I could see what I took to be the skin of the object and it entered my mind that I would like to fire a rifle to see if the bullets would bounce off what could have even have been a very thin metallic object.  Although this was unlikely, due to the strange appearance of the object.  At the same time as this was going through my head I felt as though I was in communication with something.  At about the same time my wife was excited and said that she would like to go on it.
It was interesting that my wife was excited by the object, and yet my reaction was one of fear.  Strange, when we were both experiencing the same event.  In the presence of the object I felt I was being scanned or observed by something.  Towards the end of the experience, I felt that I had been rejected.  Time seemed distorted somehow for me and I have great difficulty even today working out the timings of this event.  I am unsure as to whether the object just disappeared instantly from our view or retreated gradually back towards the island and moved upwards at a high rate of speed and disappeared. We were considerably shocked and excited by the event, went home, drew sketches and discussed whether to report it.  We decided not to, owing to public ridicule etc.
It has been in our memories ever since and we still cannot make sense of it.  Yet we know that it is real and did happen.  It has intrigued me so much that I have recently had hypnotic regression with a professional psychologist who recorded and witnessed the regression.
At this stage I do not want to fully go into what was apparently revealed at these sessions as I am not sure of the accuracy of hypnotic regression.  It seems to me that since our experience I have been more psychically aware which has resulted in some strange experiences.
We did nothing about this sighting until July 2002 when I saw a photograph of an identical UFO on a website.  Later investigation revealed that the photograph was taken by Mr. Carlos Diaz in 1982 in Mexico.  Since July 2002 I have attempted to contact people connected with Mr. Diaz's sighting but to this date, despite sending many emails/letters to various people, I have had no replies.
Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.
Loring AFB UFO Incident: Ex-Military Serviceman Speaks Out On UFO Incident
HBCC UFO Research Note: I would like to extend my many thanks for the person who sent in this report. Also, if other ex-servicemen or women, even family members of the service people have any knowledge about this event. I would be grateful for as much detail as you could possibly could provide to me here at HBCC UFO Research. Please do know that I respect everyone's personal/private information.
Message: Loring AFB UFO Incident: Many years ago while listening to talk show the discussion about UFOs turned toward the Loring incident which I had knowledge of, and I e-mailed Rense during the show. I did not see this object, but was directly involved with the aftermath.  What I did not mention on the Rense e-mail was that there was a previous UFO sighting during October of 1974, almost a year exactly to the 1975 incident, though the 1974 sighting by some base personnel did not reach the public. Now as to the 1975 incident I worked at the WSA where some of the activity took place. At most there were about 60 airmen that worked in the secluded and secure area, and the area itself was guarded by about 8 security police (SP's) around the clock.
One morning myself and 5 others arrived at the gate to the WSA before the rest and I noted something was wrong because all the SP's were waiting for us on the other side of the gate. Usually some were in the guard shack and others were driving around the WSA, upon exchanging our badges, the SP's became notably shaken and somewhat frantic and began telling us of the UFO that hovered over our structures ( Igloo's with weapons inside). The SP that spoke directly to me and said this object was of the two pie pan type, glowed an orange color and shone a green beam in a searching type of manner over and around our structures. He also said they radioed their headquarters back on main base and requested permission to fire their M-16's upon a UFO that was hovering over the structures.
This SP's began telling of other events about the object. I stopped him and asked what the headquarters said, he replied that they didn't get an rapid reply, or something to that affect and kept asking for permission to fire upon it. Later he received an order not to fire upon the object unless it performed acts of destruction or damage to anything in the secure area. So he said we had nothing to do but watch this thing. I think I asked him about the guard dogs reaction and he said the dog was going crazy over the ordeal like the rest of them.
During this conversation many other airmen had arrived after us and were also listening to the various accounts from the separate SP's. There were about 20 of us airmen gathered around the guard shack, and we began walking up to our own building. I remember all was quiet until about 3/4 the way up when one of our senior Sergeants said, "they must have seen a UFO last night". I don't know why I remembered that, just a dawning of something that really occurred I suppose. Here's where I get involved sort of. After all the personnel arrived at the WSA that morning, we are all ordered back to main base. This never happened before or afterwards during the year I was there, you have to realize that the WSA was far from the base and to drive all the way out there, and then be ordered back to the base was an unusual occurrence, and all the WSA personnel gathered in a room at our MMS headquarters.
It was very quiet in this room and everyone seemed to more or less be talking softly among themselves, myself and my best friend were sitting in the back of the room ( I was 17 ) and we briefly said to each other or commented to the affect that we thought we were going to war with these aliens, and that someone was to meet with us and tell us what was going on and why we were assembled here. However, truth is stranger then fiction, and after about 10 minutes our squadron commander came out and stood in front of us, and used an angry tone of voice. I had never heard from him before and said the following, "you have not heard anything, you have not seen anything and you will not ever say anything. That is a direct order"! Then he dropped the tone of his voice to a much more casual level, and said something about a helicopter had been seen in the area and was being investigated, geesh. We were ordered back to main base just for this ? You do the math! I've seen deception first hand and I didn't even see the UFO. The odd thing was I probably would have wrote the whole thing off and forgot about it but when we were ordered back to main base, then ordered not to say anything, it reinforced the notion that it was real.
There's a yahoo news group called Loring AFB which has some stuff about the incident there and perhaps some first hand accounts, this is not a UFO related group but perhaps you might find someone to help you with further info. Good luck.
Thank you very much to the gentleman for taking the time to write and give what he knew about this event.
Loring AFB Incident - October 1975 Another Person Speaks Out
HBCC UFO Research Note: The photos which are presented here are one aerial photo of the Loring AFB taken in the 1950s and a diagram of the lay out of the base.
Message: Loring AFB Incident - October 1975
To write this, I have to erase from my mind information I have learned over the years about this and go back to that month.  From what I can remember, that month started a month before during Labor Day weekend.  It took me awhile to realize that these two events happened within a short time of each other.  I am quite sure that my memory is right about this, and if not, I apologize.
Labor Day weekend, a family was camping at Baxter State Park, which is in the northern part of Maine.  They were at a campground with other campers there.  They had a son about four or five years old.  He liked to ride his tricycle around the campground.  The neighboring campers watched the child, as did his parents.  Within minutes, he disappeared.  They found his tricycle by the dump and immediately started a search for him.  Nothing.  They searched and searched, not even a piece of cloth.  The Navy's infrared  planes searched, dogs, flyers were sent all over the United States and Canada.  Nothing.  >From what I can remember, the Yankee magazine had an article about the disappearance of this child in 1980, the fifth year since his disappearance.  This occupied our minds during September.
My ex-husband was stationed at Loring AFB and debriefed flight crews.  Sometime around the first of October I went out to Base Ops to buy a soda or something.  This was during the evening and the other stores were closed.  We were living on the base, and it was getting dark as I was driving home.  I noticed that every fourth to fifth street was out.  Since this was during the "gas crunch," I thought the base was being conservative.  Sometime within that week or maybe the start of the next week, my ex mentioned something about something "buzzing" the airstrip.  Over the next couple of weeks, the situation escalated.  Rumors were flying, the Bangor Daily News published articles about "lights" over Loring AFB.  Somehow I heard that it was a "helicopter" with no identifying marks on it, flying at night with no lights, and the pilot refused to answer the radio.  It may have been in the Bangor Daily News that the "helicopter" was chased into Canada. 
Panic was starting to spread through the base.  Women were starting to pack and leave.  I don't know if any of them did leave.  Loring AFB was very secluded, hidden in a forest of pine trees.  Couldn't even be seen from the highway that goes from Caribou to Limestone.  During that time, my thoughts were that we could be wiped off the face of the earth and no one would know that we were gone.  I thought it was Russia.  Loring was a dew line base, first strike.  Russia had their missiles aimed at us over the North Pole, as we had our missiles aimed at Russia over the North Pole.  As the situation got worse, my thoughts were, "Why don't they force it down, shoot it down, do something!"
October 31, Halloween.  Over the years I have read and heard differences about the date.  I remember Halloween that year very well.  The base was locked down.  We had to close all of the blinds, no lights on, the base was darkened, no one was allowed to enter or exit the base.  A TV station out of Bangor decided to give us a Halloween treat by showing War of the Worlds, The Betty and Barney Hill Story, and another one I can't or don't want to remember.  I heard the planes that night.  The first time I can remember hearing the planes.  And that is all I can remember of the Loring AFB incident.  It just went away.
After over 30 years, this still haunts me.  How much danger were we in?  In my innocence or whatever, at the time I didn't even realize that there were armed nuclear weapons stored on that base.  Where was our government?  Not even the base commander tried to soothe our fears.  I would really appreciate either an explanation or an apology for the hell that we went through in October 1975.
Additional Information:
Another Thought on Loring AFB
>From about September 1976 until May 1977, I worked at an off base NCO club as a cocktail waitress.  The installation was a radar site north of Limestone, Maine.  I worked Friday and Saturday nights.  The bar was open to the military, civilians and Canadians. I believe it was sometime during January or February 1977, a man came into the bar wearing a suit, which was out of place for that type of bar.  He was very obvious.  The bartender nudged me and whispered, "OSI."
What was going on during the mid-70's?
Thank you to the person for the well written report.
Heading Home To New Albany, Indiana Possible Missing Time ?
Date:  Early 1980's
Time:  Evening
In the early 80's I was living in Nashville Tennessee and traveling to my home town of New Albany Indiana ( Indiana side of Ohio river from Louisville Ky) on the weekends to participate with my friends that had a stockcar. I made the trip numerous times and always left about the same time, right after work on Friday. I would gas up the car the night before, and pack my over night case Friday morning. I would eat a full lunch and drive straight through and catch a snatch when I arrived in New Albany.
It's about a 4 hour drive doing the speed limit. All the previous times I arrived within 15 minutes of that 4 hour mark. Then one day I arrived over an hour and a half past that mark. I was stunned when I noticed the time, ( my cars clock did not work and I was not wearing a watch.) When asked why I was so late, I had no explanation.
Then I remembered something that was odd. Coming through some hills and valleys on I-65, the traffic was light, and I noticed a glow off the side of the highway off the opposite side of the highway. Having made this trip before, I never had seen anything like that. The glow was pulsating, a mild red/orange glow. I began to think maybe a car had crashed and caught fire, maybe it was a grass fire, thinking that the glow was from the flicker of a fire, either way, I decided to investigate. I have stopped several times for accidents in the past so this was in my character.
I remember I looked in my mirrors again and started to slow and pull to the side. Then next thing I remember I was driving down the highway. You know how you feel when you are suddenly awakened from a deep sleep? That's how I felt. Like "snap" and I'm suddenly wide awake. I had no recollection of stopping to find out what the glow was, but I do remember slowing down and starting to pull off the highway.
I also want to state that when I arrived late, I was also asked if I felt okay, they said that I looked very tired, I was feeling very fatigued, and went straight to bed. At the time I was in my 20's and in good shape and health. Normally I would go to the race car shop to see if everything was finished, meet with my friends and drink a beer or two. I was so tired, I just went to bed, not even returning my friends phone calls.
One other thing that I would like to add, that when I see the top of a water tower at night, the ones that have that a disc shaped top ( not the round type ) and a flashing red light on the top, I get this feeling, it's hard to describe, its almost like feeling very afraid, and I relive that event. There's one by the old U.S. Steel plant on Charlestown Road that triggers it.  Years later I had heard about lost time, and that bothered me, talking about being taken, I thought about trying to find out if that may of happened to me, but I really don't want to know. I can deal with it as it stands, but if it were more than that, I do not think I could deal with it.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
New Germany South Shore, Nova Scotia Triangular Craft & Lights
Date:  August 22, 2002
Time:  2:30-3:00 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 3
Shape of objects: Multiple plus one triangular
Full Description of event/sighting: A bunch of us were down at my folks cottage enjoying the summer, all of the others were sleeping except three of us sitting at a bond fire, just talking and laughing. Ok where do I start? First I should tell you that this location is very back in the woods on 5 lakes, very beautiful place. Our cottage is on a channel between 2 lakes and the channel is about 150-175 feet wide. On the other side of the channel is all woods, (no cottages) we know the owner and he will never sell. But anyway, we were sitting there and I was looking towards the water (across the channel) when I saw these flickering lights just above the tree line. At first I thought it was a reflection of the patio lanterns from the folks down the way off the water, but they seemed to be getting closer and closer.
I told my friends to check it out and they were kind of like what, and then the (excuse my French) crap started happening. The lights were real and were in moving sporadically, almost in a zig zag motion. As soon as we could pin point them they would reappear somewhere else, this is when I told my friend to get her new digital camera. She went up to her tent to get it and my friend and I stayed and watched in almost disbelief, wondering what was going on. My friend returned and started taking pictures and all I can remember is calling out and asking her if she was getting pictures. I ran to the shoreline to get closer to the lights which were in groups of threes and strange colors. This happened for about 5 minutes, almost like they were scouting out the area. Then a massive "triangular" black shape came over us out of nowhere. (I say triangular, but it seemed to so immense its hard to say) probably about 300 feet above and to the left of us around 11 o'clock in the sky.
Everything went still and silent, I remember trying to say something to the others and it was almost like there was no noise, no sound, a void. There were no lights on this thing. It gets very dark down there and I almost didn't even realize it was there at first until I looked up. I have to tell you this is hard to write, it actually really freaks me out. Anyway, the object seemed to turn/not turn but shift more to the left and then in a blink it was gone over the lake. We all just went back to the fire pit, but really freaked out. Shortly afterwards we went to sleep, except I kept getting up to go down to the water to look again but nothing. We went back in to the city the next day and in the paper there was a sighting two nights before(that we had no idea about because we had been down there for days) and was on the north shore, 150 or more miles away which again we had no idea of that particular sighting. I called my friend to see what the pictures looked like on her computer, but she said she would call me back. She called me back crying from what she had on her computer screen. She was so freaked that she instantly drove to my house to get me. Well she managed to get a 15 second video! and lots of pictures! We slowed down the footage to reveal cigar shaped objects.
We have never dealt with anything like this before. We called a guy here who investigates the paranormal. He is the one who wrote the article in the paper for The Daily News, Halifax N.S. I wish I could remember his name but he's  known, you might even know of him. He interviewed me and my friend separately. He's local, and has seen the disc, but I managed to print off a bunch of 8/11's but unfortunately my friend is in Sweden and has the disc. She didn't get anything of the large triangular object which is really what I was hoping for, as it was way too dark.
Well there you go, it's been four years but I'll never forget what I saw. I've been listening to Rob's show (X-Zone) and heard you on it and thought I would let you know about this. After I told the first interviewer about it, the phone would not stop ringing and I stopped talking. I trust my  personal information will be kept private. There were a few beers that night but nothing crazy, and we didn't have any pot to smoke unfortunately. Anyway like I said, it's hard to write this down and to be honest I wish they would of taken me (joking).
I've looked on the net and seen a picture that almost looked exactly like one of ours, it gave me Goosebumps even four years later, well here's the scoop. Myself and my friend are still here in Halifax, and my lady friend is away, but I know they don't like talking about it. I kind of used to believe in this stuff, but I now I know the truth. Sorry for rambling on, but I remember you said on the show, sometimes people don't leave any description at all. So I hope this is enough? It has taken me weeks to get the nerve up to even do this. So feel free to get in touch with me. And ill be listening on Mondays. Take care my friend, regards.
Thank you to the witness for a great report.
Puukohola Heiau Near Kawaihae , Hawaii Sphere-Like Object In The Clouds
Date:  November 2003
Time:  Daytime
Hi Brian, This is (name removed) again. Since sending you the image yesterday I remembered another image that I had taken in November 2003 with a Kodak digital camera I had at the time. I had saved them on disk and decided to look at the object again. I hadn't sent the image in till now because the object is small in the image and didn't think it worth bothering with.
I was traveling on the west side of the Big Island with a friend and taking scenic photos. We were visiting the Puukohola Heiau near Kawaihae. It's north of Kailua-Kona. You can see Maui from there. 
As with the photos I sent to you before of "The Thing", I didn't notice anything until scanning through the images days later. That's when I noticed the sphere-like object in the clouds above the temple. Now, Kawahihae is about 4 mi. north of the Heiau and Waikoloa Village is about 10 miles away. It could be a balloon, but it would be a big one. I don't think it's a bird either. There is one odd thing though. Park Ranch near Waimea, which is about 12-15 miles away and is the direction I am looking toward in the image, has a private airport for wealthy visitors to the ranch. About the image I sent you, thought you should know just as an interesting side note, Puukohola Heiau was built by Kamehameha for his war god KU so that he would be victorious in battle and unit the islands as king. There was supposed to be a peaceful meeting here between himself and a cousin who also wanted to be king. but it erupted in a battle that Kamehameha won.
Now wanting to go back to Hawaii.
Photos can be viewed at:
Thank you to the person for providing the report and photo. Please note that the photos are copyrighted to John.
Minnesota Dark Triangular Craft
Date:  December 23, 2004
Time:  Approx: 1:00 a.m.
HBCC UFO Research Note: If anyone who may be living in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport who may have witnessed this craft, would you please be kind enough to pass along the information. Thank you, Brian
I was home for the holidays, which is Minnesota.  This was over a year ago, so I believe the date was Dec. 23rd 2004.  My mother had picked me up at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, and due to typical delays we were headed home around 1:00am.  We took Highway 55 south towards where my mom lives.
Now, there's plenty of air traffic around there, flights coming and going, commercial and military.  I've seen plenty of examples in my times near the airport, so I know what an inbound plane looks like.
This is where the story makes me question the workings of the human mind:  I had actually seen a blurb about a lot of Black Triangle sightings around there, and asked my mother if she had heard anything, mostly joking.
A few minutes later I noticed two bright lights in the sky pointed in our direction, they were coming from south of us and pointing North. It looked like a car way far off and quite high up had its high beams on. I stopped paying attention for a while, but then realized it was still there.  We were headed in different directions, but the thing seemed to not be getting anywhere.  We were a couple of miles from the big coke refinery along the highway.  As we got closer, I realized this thing really wasn't moving.  By then I saw that there were 3 white lights, two to the sides pointing ahead of it and one at the
front center.  There was also a larger red light centered between the 3.  For the life of me, I can't remember if that light was blinking, but other than that one light there were definitely no blinking lights on this thing.
As we got nearer I just couldn't believe it.  How could I have been talking about this thing just minutes ago and suddenly there it is? And the perspective of the viewing as we approached again told me that it wasn't moving, the red light could have been the top of a tall cell  tower, except for the white lights around it, and I did see a dark triangle, but no details beyond the shape, though it seemed the front light may have been cast back along the bottom of the thing.  My mother was driving and couldn't see what I was looking at, but certainly could hear me freaking out as we passed it.  We went around it like a car goes around a stationary object.  As we were passing it I saw smaller lights along the back, if the back was indeed where the two south lights were.  
I thought the only way this could be a regular plane and look like this is if there were lights being cast back at the wings so that those little fins would cast shadows between each of them to appear to be individual white lights.  That front light did not seem to be the source for such a phenomenon and I could distinguish no other wing characteristics.
In hindsight, of course, I wish we would have stopped.  I've thought of it many times since.  But we kept going and I kept looking out the back window at it, and it stayed in view for a long time.  If it would have been a plane coming in for a landing I would never have seen it for that long, on the approach, passing it, nor out the back of the car.
I asked my friends if they had heard of any sightings.  No one knew what I was talking about.  It seems so odd that that thing could sit there next to the highway without anyone noticing, but I guess with all of the air traffic and cell towers, people just don't look that closely.  My assumption is its presence had something to do with that coke plant.  I lean towards a military source for this thing, but that's all speculation.
Anyway, each time I go back I watch for something like it.  I see plenty of planes coming in for landings and each one I can easily distinguish from what I've seen.
Let me know if you need more details, though I'm not sure I've got any more to provide.  I'm not a great judge of size or distance, so speculating about how big or how high up is sketchy.
Thanks for keeping on top of these things.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Broadway & Lemon Springs, North Carolina UFO Making Strange Maneuvers
Date:  March 30, 2006
Time:  From 9:30 - 10:30 p.m.
Last Thursday night my family and I watched a UFO it was making turns and doing maneuvers a plane or helicopter couldn't accomplish. We watched for almost an hour then two fighter jets approached it from two sides and it shot straight up at a speed you wouldn't believe and disappeared. I mentioned it to my friend over the weekend and she told me she saw the event also from her home.
Additional Information:
I live in Broadway North Carolina and my friend lives in Lemon Springs about five miles from my house. We watched the event from 9:30 pm until around 10:30 pm. My friend saw it as she was going to her car to go to work that night. It was the 30th of March. I will ask her if she will send some info to you but she hardly has time for anything between trying to sleep and take care of her family and going to work at night. But she saw the exact same thing at the same times. Her name is (removed).
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
MacKenzie State Park Near Poihiki, Hawaii Another Strange Object
Date:  ?
Time:  Daylight hours.
Hi, sorry I don't have a full description of the sighting, the date and such, because I found the object in a photo later and I don't remember the exact date I took the photo. The back of the photo has the developing date which 08/29/05. 
I had lived on the Big Island near Hilo for about two years, working and developing property. Before returning to the mainland to help family, I visited some favorite spots around the island taking a small Fuji film 400 disposable camera.
After developing them later I saw the object in the upper left hand corner of the photo. At first I just thought it was some flaw or piece of debris, but upon visiting the Rense website and viewing the objects they call "The Thing" I remembered the photo. I scanned it and enlarged it. There it was, "The Thing". What really caught my attention was the article on the Rense website about another person on the Big Island who also caught "The Thing" on film. Let me know if you want the picture.
Photos can be viewed at:
Thank you to the witness for sharing this photo with us all.
Hailsham East Sussex U.K. Bright Lights And Red Waves.
Date:  April 14, 2006
Time:  9:00 pm-10:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Bright lights and red waves.
Full Description of event/sighting: On the 14th of April 2006, I was at Arlington Stadium in Hailsham, East Sussex when I looked up into the sky I saw a bright light that looked like a plane coming towards me or a bright star, but then another one appeared ,then two more. They were all lined up in a row. Then a weird thing happened. As I looked at the light there was a red object hovering underneath it. It was a distorted red shape that shot across to the other lights in the sky. Then more appeared and this went on for ages. Then after about an hour the red thing hovered near the ground and all of a sudden the lights shot off and disappeared. It has left me wondering what it was, and was I the only one seeing this. I know I'm not going mad. Pleases help find out what this was. Thank you.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Columbus, Georgia Objects Lined Up Across The Sky (UFO)
Date:  April 15, 2006
Time:  2:15 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Peachtree Mall
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Appeared to be round.
Full Description of event/sighting:  They looked like stars, and they were lined up across the sky, and just hovered there, then two of them came together while the other one remained in the same spot.  And then they faded and then disappeared all together. As I said not sure what they really were, its was too early for stars and did not act like any planes that I have ever saw.
Thank you to the witness for the report. HBCC UFO Research has written back to the witness to see what other information I may be able to receive.
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