The Mexican Invasion Of America

By Joseph Ehrlich
DOBBS: There are some Mexican citizens and some Mexican- Americans who want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the Southwestern United States given over to Mexico. These groups call it the reconquista, Spanish for reconquest. And they view the millions of Mexican illegal aliens in particular entering the United States as potentially an army of invaders to achieve that takeover.
Ehrlich: I thought revealing this truth was going to take time. I wasn't even sure that anyone was going to acknowledge it! Praise G-d for this new window of recognition. Now that the cat is out of the bag on this critical point, the Congress and nation have to act! The nation hasn't acted on 9-11 because the one day death of 3000 defined the limit of death and injury from the event. The nation has more incentive to act here because the damage is not limited to 3000 and may embroil the entire nation in civil war, depending how the NWO plays it. My perceived reality of what the NWO is doing is that they have brought a de facto mercenary army into the USA to wage war, which it intends to manipulate US response to allow it to  defeat the USA.  This will have a crushing impact on US sovereignty (formally break the borders) and put the USA into a third world nation status.
Christine Romans reports.
CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): In San Diego today, another sea of Mexican flags echoing the nationalist theme in protests earlier this week.
ROMANS: Chants celebrating La Raza, the race, and signs proclaiming the true history of the Southwest. A Southwest they say still belongs to Mexico.
Long downplayed as a theory of the radical ethnic fringe, the la reconquista, the reconquest, the reclamation, the return, it's resonating with some on the streets. It's the idea that the Southwest United States is stolen land called Aztlan.
LARRY BIRNS, COUNCIL ON HEMISPHERIC AFFAIRS: These places that these Mexican immigrants want to go, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas, were all parts of Mexican territory in the 19th century and were swiped from Mexico.
ROMANS: A surprisingly common theme among open borders advocates, even some Spanish language media. This billboard last year declaring Los Angeles a part of Mexico, not California.
California Congressman Dana Rohrbacher calls the attitude arrogant and dangerous.
Ehrlich: I would call the lack of any strong Congressional response treasonous. The entire Congress and nearly every person in a major political position today in the USA is NWO corrupted and controlled. I sensed how bad the congressional corruption was when Bill Bradley opted to leave the Congress.
REP. DANA ROHRBACHER (R), CALIFORNIA: And now we see that hundreds of thousands of these people, if not several million, are willing to wave the Mexican flag and not seek assimilation in the United States, but are instead declaring their allegiance to Mexico while here illegally. This can cause huge problems. If only a fringe element of them want to commit acts of violence in the future to -- in order to push their claim of legitimacy in terms of their right to this area that we now occupy in the United States, it can cause great damage and loss of life in our country.
Ehrlich: I don't understand why everyone is holding themselves back from saying the truth. If you have people here that are not US citizens, who hold allegiance to a foreign country, who proffer that our land is their land and suggest that it revert to them, then you have a foreign army of people threatening the welfare of this nation. They are enemies of the nation. You don't got around discussing them, photographing them, praising them, or incredibly saying you want to afford them rights and privileges here in this nation -- YOU REMOVE THEM! Otherwise, they are going to first take down your flag, put up theirs, and then fight to keep the land their flag flies over.
ROMANS: Perhaps why this California police officer this week encouraged these protesters to fly the American flag.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What you should be flying are American flags, and I'll tell you what else.
ROMANS: Aztlan has long been the provident of the radical fringe. A lot of open borders groups disavow it completely. But the growing street protests in favor of illegal immigration, Lou, are increasingly taking on the tone of that very radicalism -- Lou.
DOBBS: Christine, thank you very much.
Christine Romans.
That brings us to the subject of our poll tonight. Do you believe American working men and women and their families will be included in any consideration of the immigration reform legislation now being undertaken by the U.S. Congress?
Please cast your vote at We'll have results later here in the broadcast.
Students at an Arizona high school burned the Mexican flag today. They burned it after taking it down from the flagpole in front of the school's ROTC building. That's where some other students had raised it, above the American flag. Six students now face disciplinary action over the incident.
Time now to take a look at your thoughts.
Matt in Nevada says, "Lou, it looks beautiful there in Mexico. Could I move to Cancun and not have to learn Spanish, have free medical care, pay no taxes, have subsidized housing, food stamps, and if I commit a crime, be innocent until proven guilty?:
You were doing all right with just one of those. You could probably get by here with English. The rest I think might be an issue. It would be certainly a lovely place to try.
Clarence in Kentucky, "Two thousand dollars is a pretty good deal for free health care, food stamps, welfare, et cetera. I pay more than $2,000 for my own health insurance, plus 20 percent of my medical bills. What's wrong with this picture?"
And Ronald in Wisconsin, "I'm proud of my half-Italian, half- German heritage, but I have loyalty to only one country. And that is the good old USA. I only want one flag flying at our schools and any other publicly-funded building."
Phil in Georgia, "Lou, I heard Mexico has a guest worker program for Canadians. That's wonderful. I've got a better idea, though. They should have one for Mexicans."
The lack of response to the reality that there is an invading army here in the USA is beyond my comprehension.
However, per my policy of boiling it down to a succinct expression that makes the point, then the question to posit to others is why does President Bush give illegals cash, handouts, health care and other benefits DENIED US citizens including those victimized by Katrina (and FEMA)?
There is only one answer: the one I gave in an earlier E-mail that when a foreign army enters the country with a stealth agenda they must be fed, armed and paid. Now, via Lou Dobbs we see a first national expression that such an invading army is before us one openly asserting treason and decision that land they stand upon today illegally belongs to Mexico and them not the USA and they are willing and ready to fight the point.
What is our military doing in Iraq, when we have an invading force in the US funded by our own government?
This is so serious and so demoralizing to me I don't understand why Dobbs doesn't say that they should be arrested detained and expelled at minimum from this country.
You can see how the NWO is angling for violence, conflict and strife within our nation, probably, to run concurrently with the invasion of Iran and the destruction of Israel.
Now here are some extracts from Recapturing America that are more applicable today than when they were written and published in 1997. In Recapturing America we warned everyone of the long range goals of the NWO, but no one would accept the truth since the truth is so difficult for most to accept, evident even today when the country still does react to the truths of 9-11.
Channeling discussion (fictitious) with David Rockefeller (public figure in 1997 who advocated a borderless North American continent to corporate CEOs)
 Recapturing America, Chapter 15
"I know your little game too well," I countered. "You have all these elitist groups and they have everyone powerful and influential in them.
"There's a whole group legitimately fearful of a nuclear holocaust and you have been their savior. There's another group looking for global capitalism and riches from Russia to South America. You have been a deliverer to them. There's another group that is seriously concerned about world pollution: you are the gateway to a cleaner and safer world to them. There is another group that strictly wants to see the U.S. as the sole superpower in the world: you have provided it to them.
"Everyone looks at you from a different window and sees you just as you want them to see you. You are a saint to their eyes and minds and they can't see the forest from the trees. You have been trying to snap me up for years, to get me into your grasp, and you have failed, because I don't operate on the same batteries as mostly everyone else you can control.
"And if you didn't fear the truth you wouldn't need to control me or kill me and you wouldn't need to play the country for fools.
"I know your real agenda. I knew right away that you spit on America for failing to give Nelson a Presidential opportunity. I knew that you wanted from the first to have one central world government, with Rockefellers behind it, so you could protect your world wide investments just as Nakusan Kaitu thought I could help him and his family protect theirs."
Rockefeller was impressed and calmly responded: "This country was built on immigrants from different parts of the world. I have a simple question for you. At any point of time, could any honest working person from any part of the world come here to America to give himself a better future and make himself a citizen?"
"I thought," I said in response, "that a person had to be in flight from persecution to seek sanctuary within our borders."
Rockefeller gave me an askance look: "They are flowing in every day from Mexico, from Canada, by boat, ship, helicopter, sea plane...everyone wants to come here.... So instead of everyone coming here to seek the opportunities they all want, the new era will extend the opportunities they seek to everyone on the planet. Capitalism will bring peace. Strong, unified government will bring protection from nuclear warfare and nuclear proliferation. America will have won. We are in control. Peace and democracy are being carried everywhere."
"That's why Rabin got shot? That's why we did everything to fix the Israeli elections for Peres? That's why we did everything to make sure Yeltsin won?"
"Look," Rockefeller tried in a last desperate attempt to carry me over to his side. "You can't have the people making mistakes with dangerous candidates. That's how Hitler came into power. People are always going to be taken in by extremism, especially if they have to undergo some difficult times.
"Nationalism, like religion, has been the basis for many wars. I know your ad showed you are willing to fight for Jerusalem; for your people, but that kind of attitude has resulted in many wars, many deaths."
I said: "That kind of argument from someone like you has come to control many key American minds. However, look how it has had to be done: you control the media, you control government policy, you restrict key nominations to individuals who are part of your agenda, or you set them up to come over to you; you fix foreign candidates and elections; you intervene in foreign affairs and elections; you define the scope of democracy; you conclude that Americans are inept to make good judgments; you have appointed yourself and your band as hidden secret monarchs."
Rockefeller replied: "We have been successful. Aren't we the sole superpower? Isn't the world at a better state and stage of peace than ever before? Haven't we spread democracy and capitalism to the world? Haven't we provided the world with more opportunity? Aren't we doing away with oppressive governments who use torture and other coercive ways? Haven't we given the world better health and provided assistance to millions throughout the world. I don't understand what you are bitching about unless you want the world to regress to where it used to be in its violent past."
"Look at the stock market soaring," I countered. "Look at interest rates. Look at the lies and deceptions told the American public concerning unemployment and the true reasons the market is soaring and why interest rates are staying at low levels. How long do you think we will be able to sustain it?"
"A long time," Rockefeller said. "We have just opened up the rest of the world to capitalism and democracy and we have won. America and American companies will dominate, just as the Japanese wanted to dominate. That's the reason I'm here. You were right about the Japanese, and George Bush and myself were taken in by misleading actions and statements from people we thought were reliable friends in Japan. So we wanted you and I'm here because you were right and we were wrong about Japan. But you are wrong, even about your dear Israel and Jerusalem. You are going to lose it."
He could see that he was upsetting me. "Don't you understand that we were set up for peace. Yes, Peres is a loathsome figure. We have to use abominable people to do our work. Yeltsin was even worse than Peres and look how far he has come. We know you can't stand people who double deal their own country; but they are going to be heroes there and Peres would have been a hero there, if he brought peace and stability... and he might have done so if you didn't put in your two cents."
"Come on," I said. My one little ad didn't change the election. It was in hands far greater than even yours.
Rockefeller countered: "Won't you admit that more wars and deaths have resulted from religion than almost anything else you could think of. Even persecution of Jews stem from religion. We are creating a world of tolerance. Jews are everywhere."
"Except in the synagogue."
"Are you a religious fanatic!" Rockefeller exclaimed. 'Would you see more deaths based on religious arguments?"
"There are different approaches," I said. "Jerusalem has been in the hands of many different nations throughout time. Perhaps if one nation would have simply taken the time to understand that Jerusalem belongs to God not man that it would have served as the foundation for peace among nations. Perhaps we need the qualities of self-sacrifice and generosity and respect to see the real answers."
"Don't be naive. We have made more progress than anyone before us," declared Rockefeller, seemingly as the world leader he was. "Your suppositions are not based on deep study. Mine are based on the best studies and minds in the world. Why do you persist?"
"Because your end results in world homogeneity. One world. No religion, except capitalism. No nations. No diversity. McDonalds and franchises throughout the world. Perhaps even one language. One government. Did you ask the citizens of the world whether they want to go in this direction?"
"Do you think they know where they want to go? Do you want to leave it to chance whether we avoid nuclear holocaust or don't you realize we must take control of everything to guarantee safety not only for us but the entire world."
"And you are in the center of it."
"Someone has to be in the center," Rockefeller countered. "While you have a long list of complaints, you cannot deny the achievements."
"The complaints outweigh the achievements. We were founded as a Nation with a Constitution and everything you are doing belittles what Americans fought for and against. Your interventions and your self righteous proclamations that you have achieved good is in line with a benevolent monarchy not a true democracy. We can achieve similar results without your using the technique of any means justifying Rockefeller declared beneficial ends."
Ehrlich: Reading the above in 2006 as current and applicable to today's events makes it difficult to imagine that it was written in early 1997.  However, in the postscript to Recapturing America, actual newspaper stories that dealt with Mexico with used to develop point relevant for today. Here is an excerpt from the postscript.
Rockefeller knows from whenst he speaks. In the May 14, 1995 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the following was written in an article entitled, "MEXICO 75 Years Later, Today's Zapatistas Still Fight the Rockefeller Legacy," acknowledging the relationship of Nelson and David Rockefeller to Mexico and the NAFTA agreement:"
"Like Zapata in his criticism of the Carranza regime of his time, the Zapatistas see the government of President Ernesto Zedillo as doing the bidding of foreign companies.
They believe that U.S. oil companies seek to regain control of Mexico's oil, lost since the holdings of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil and other U.S. firms were nationalized, in 1937, by President Lazaro Cardenas.They note that Mexico's oil revenues have been put up as collateral for the $49-billion bailout arranged by the Clinton Administration. They also note the involvement of large foreign banks in speculating in the pre-NAFTA Mexican stock market, key among them Chase, whose retired CEO, David Rockefeller, has been the trailblazer for NAFTA ever since his brother Nelson, vice president in the Ford Administration, died in 1979.Nelson A. Rockefeller had fostered U.S. corporate investment in Latin America since the 1930s, when he was a director of Standard Oil of New Jersey's Venezuelan subsidiary and tried to negotiate a settlement with President Cardenas for Standard in Mexico. In the 1940s, Rockefeller set up the Mexican American Development Corp. and was a personal investor in Mexican industries after the war, encouraging his brother David to set up Chase's Latin America division. As chairman of the International Development Advisory Board, Rockefeller became the architect of President Harry S.Truman's foreign-aid program, using U.S. guarantees to leverage the massive lending by Chase, Citicorp and other banks that would result in the Mexican people assuming a $120-billion foreign debt, with $18.3 billion owed directly to the U.S. banks. The inability of Mexico to pay these debts was recognized long ago and answered by Rockefeller's proposal for a hemispheric free-trade zone that would keep trade and the financial bubble growing.It was in 1959 when Nelson Rockefeller, testing the feasibility of a presidential bid with a national speaking tour only one year after being elected governor of New York, visited Southern California and Texas and called for a hemispheric "economic federation" of free trade that was the harbinger of NAFTA. Today, Rockefeller's legacy lives with us in the economic integration of Mexico into NAFTA and the crisis this has triggered in Mexico. One of the key conditions for Mexico's entry into the NAFTA "dollar zone" was a change in Mexico's constitution that included ending prohibitions against the sale of ejidos-farms owned communally by Indian villagers according to ancient custom-to private interests and the phasing out of government subsidies for farmers. In effect, this will mean the sale of 30,000 ejidos to private companies. It was Zapata who first resisted the takeover of these lands by large haciendas. In a nation where 45% of the 90 million population is poor, and where everything he fought for is being reversed, it is hardly surprising that the memory of Zapata has been so easily rekindled. Nor is it surprising that international investors continue to be concerned about instability. According to Mexican economist Jose Luis Calva, some 20 million people are being directly impacted by the dismemberment of the ejidos. Many Indians are being forced off their traditional lands and, facing starvation, are migrating north to seek work on both sides of the border.Comment: When it all comes down to it, the Rockefeller agenda, similar to Nakusan and Nikko Kaitu, operate to protect what they have. This includes getting back what they lost. Here Rockefeller oil interests, very valuable oil interests, were nationalized by Mexico and Nelson and David have been working since then to get it back. Is NAFTA good for America and Americans? I think the answer is clear. Just as clear as to whom NAFTA best serves. Would Rockefellers impact an entire country to serve their own interests? Did foreign elitist leaderships in the past take their countries to war to further their own personal interests?
The point is that while elitist America serves its interests, the concerns of Americans come in a distant second, if really at all. The mask of painting democratic, progressive pictures, to undertake and achieve covert goals is seen via NAFTA and the Rockefellers unending quest to recapture lost assets. Americans should be so zealous in recapturing their own government.
David Rockefeller has paid back America for denying his brother Nelson the Presidency; while, he very cleverly runs the country while carrying out Rockefeller agendas to solidify their wealth and power for the foreseeable future. Do the Rockefellers care under what form of government their wealth and power exist? They do, to one degree, that they can control and run it by whatever name it carries, United States of America or Confederation of Nations of Planet Earth. Their form of democracy is where corporate and self-serving agendas dominate, with controlled sprinkling of benefits to those who serve their interests, including crumbs to those who might stand against them
<end excerpt>
Ehrlich: Take a look what I wrote in June 2003 posted on
Furthermore, particularly egregious is the legerdemain we identified when France and Germany acted the part of opposing the attack on Iraq. The truth of it is that they both were players with the shadow US government in the pursuit of the NWO agenda, and they are both prime beneficiaries of the invasion and seizure of Middle East oil. Moreover, the NWO took full advantage of this charade to create a new European alliance to substitute for NATO, thereby laying the foundation of removing the USA from the new alliance, a NWO desired consequence, when the USA becomes a weakened and maimed nation economically, psychologically and morally; the end result from institutionalization of drugs, sabotaging public education, deleterious television programming, the subterfuge of NAFTA, allowing open immigration and the acceptance of a second language to predate and platform the evisceration of US borders, the NWO's form of the right of return. Staging US troops for WMD attack, US cities for dirty nuclear bombs, terrorism; the country for economic malaise, emasculating the US dollar (by NWO design not anyone else's), are all part and parcel of the dislocation of remaining infrastructure, to leave a maimed and weakened America for the time when the likes of an Al Sharpton, because of the racial shift in the USA, can assume high office in this land. When that happens, there is no way they are going to have a strong America and American military fall into the hands and control of such rift raft, the regretted result foretold when the ancestry of the NWO leadership lost their destined role in the development of this nation with its great resources because of a group of terrorists that history books identify as American revolutionaries. The elitist centrix sees them through the centuries as terrorists, and thus they feel totally justified in their taking back (recapturing) what they verily believe is justly theirs and have not the slightest regret in preparing the American people for the forthcoming planned destruction of the White House and US Capitol buildings. Then they can sit again in their carriages in Europe, running the world, and mow down children with impunity, and without conscience or remorse bill the parents for the unforgivable damage their deceased and maimed children caused to their carriages for the egregious error of stepping in front of their horses and impeding their travel.
When this day again rears its head, you will fully comprehend our taking nearly a decade of time and opportunity out of lives to serve notice of these putative truths so that we can properly honor G-d and have Him intervene to preclude dominion over us by those who wish to enslave us. It is thus extremely important to identify those of the elitist centrix in our midst. When you do, you will find someone not truly beholden to Judeo-Christian concepts, willing to undermine G-d and all precepts and foundations for freedom, opportunity, liberty and justice, and someone who carries no conscience in taking down those he is beholden to serve by public office, whether adult or child, and thereby without guilt or remorse in doing so domestically, whether regarding 9-11 or staging U.S. troops in North Kuwait for enlisted attack by WMD. He is surely one with aggravated mindset out to destroy lives and sovereign states overseas, especially the ones opposed to the policies of the elitist centrix, as touched upon by his National Security Strategy.
 <end excerpt>
 Dear Friends,
The NWO recaptures what it deems was theirs with compounded interest and now it serves their cause to have Mexico recapture what they deem is theirs.
America they could not care about and if it they decide to pursue global war with China, you can better see than ever before how right I was in telling you that they are ready to sacrifice the entire USA in a depopulation schematic with China where both China and the USA are destroyed.  We have come a long way when you can understand that they are willing to sacrifice the entire nation to take out China.
Now, you can see why it was so important to reveal the deep covert secret that Russia would attack the USA to hide the reality that when US troops released nuclear weapons against China (where it could not care what China released against the USA) that Russia, after it initially launched against the USA, would attack China from the other side to assure China's evisceration.  Thus, the need for Russia to gain China's confidence that he is no friend of the USA. He is not. He is a friend of Bush and the NWO.
To the degree that China retaliated against Russia, the NWO leadership, including Putin, a prime NWO pawn and poodle post the Gorabachev removal, does not care at all about Russia. Putin is a traitor to his country for his alliance is the same as Bush's. To the degree that China does not eviscerate Russia, the USA will, in retaliation for the attack on the USA. Thus, this is a flawless design to eliminate China, Russia and the USA. The NWO thinks it can survive detection of it plot for both world domination and control and depopulation, free from any recrimination, for no one could unravel what in fact transpired. The net result the NWO will argue to surviving nation is that all the warring parties have reaped justice upon themselves.
Thus, again, why the Islamic unrest in France, Germany and Belgium confirmed the message to SenderBerl that China understood what land areas had to be targeted to push back the NWO. Since that day, Chirac is not the same man.
Now, are you going to go the extra mile before the NWO triggers a civil war here in the USA where Americans in the southern states including California are killed? Do you realize that the NWO Mexican conspirators are specifically going to go for the Hollywood crowd first and hold them for ransom and probably kill off right away those that the NWO disfavors the most? How can we render such extreme interpretations time and time again? I know the NWO. I know the agenda that even very high people under the NWO don't know themselves. I know the agenda (channeled) from the very top people. To the degree you have seen me be accurate over the past decade, where no one could be expected to be accurate in making such extreme interpretations, you know to whom I bow to in attribution of these insights.
The point is that chances are high that Bush and the NWO want to trigger violence. They can't wait too long since the iron is hot. Take a look at what that bastard Mexican invader said: kill the elderly white men and women in the targeted states they wish to reclaim for themselves. You will see death because unfortunately South America with Mexico at one time were dominant cultures replete with violence which itself ultimately undermined a good future for them. Overall, the nations of the world have been nations that repeatedly have resorted to wanton killings and murder. Bush and the NWO Congress in moving to break our sovereignty are simply going to say that the Mexicans have a legitimate point and that control of the state governments in these targeted states will be ceded to Mexico. We didn't do anything about 9-11 so who is going to do anything about this tragedy? Don't like it. Give these protesting Americans a room at the Halliburton/Armstrong Hotels. Thus the need for a massive protest.
When I said that the world was upside down and inside out I trust you know I intended to be accurate. It has been for some time, but you have become too comfortable and thus the enemy always lurking in the shadows since WWII has come back to take the victory denied them.
E-mail received from a very special friend:
I saw it at least 20 years ago...well before the outrage that was done to CA Prop 187.  At first, they were timid but, slowly but surely, they became more arrogant when they realized Euro America wasn't going to do anything about them.  I watched the whole thing change.  Living in Southern California gave me a view that few bothered to take note of.  I predicted (so did others) the racism that was at the very heart of the invasion and how one day it would erupt into full-blown, hate-driven racism...which is now obvious.
The U of Texas 'Professor' who called for the killing of all Americans 'if necessary' is what more and more of them are thinking.  Watch for some racist shootings won't take much to light the fuse...fighting in the streets, mass rioting, burning and looting could happen overnight on the heels of one staged, or otherwise, shooting.  Remember the Rodney King riots.  The Mexicans are far better organized than the blacks ever were.
It's essentially over.
The ONLY solution is mass deportation and military control of the borders ... but the fat cats who want cheap labor and the globalists who are determined to ravage the U.S. middle class and reduce America to a greasy garbage heap of lowlifes and have-nots are well on the way to total success.
Bush and the Congress are traitors...guilty of the highest form of treason imaginable.
Ehrlich: The presentation above is also responsive to this point of view. It is far more than treason, they are out to kill us all if possible for when they speak of terrorists they speak about those involved in 1776 and the conquest that undermined NWO interest in the Americas. They also attribute this terrorism to the sine qua non of the French Revolution that caused many Moabite deaths and serious diminution to their own assets. The Moabites hidden in the Catholic Church will direct/control the Mexicans who have deep faith to take advantage of their inclination to violence and death to implement the NWO design. There is going to be mayhem, destruction and death all over the place since the illegals are everywhere. Since so many of them serve in the homes of the wealthy, they know just who to hit/capture. It could be a total mess. This is when the NWO will move against Iran/China/Israel (perhaps using their new weapons to depopulate everyone there -- these new age weapons however will not damage the oil). Then they will walk around, kiss the cross, and emotionally misdirect the survivors into the new realities and relationship that will come into play. The only problem for the NWO with this envisioned NWO scenario is that China will win the war. Again, this is not me interpreting it. This result is in the bible.
You can get into your car and visit your Congressmen/Senators and defeat this threat by simply,,,
If each of you do the same thing individually where there are lines of people waiting in the hall to ask the same question (raise the same issues) the NWO will be hard pressed to push the civil warfare schematic. If you don't do it, and it happens, then our time is short together because it won't be long before the police state/martial law arises and they will be arresting Americans not Mexicans (the NWO is on the side of Mexico not America) and they will probably pull the Internet.
There are always lots of paths but I know where they are going and why. Thus they have planned to blow up the border all along but I only recognized when Bush was giving them such special benefits that he was in reality funding an invading force. Thus, the reason I connected this perceived reality with 700000 protesting peacefully: it confirmed the high end organizational structure in place for armed conflict.
You must spread the word about the reality why Bush gave more funding, help and assistance to illegals than to Katrina victims and other Americans in need of government assistance. The Lou Dobbs story can be made central to the point.
Extracts from recent SenderBerl E-mails
March 27 2006 Noon
STOP: I just figured out the prison camp dilemma -- what those prison camps were built for...
I also figured out why they wanted to interfere with my ability to communicate with you at this critical time domestically...
Dear Friends,
We are really coming to a moment in truth and history.
What have I just been writing about --the Moabites: they live to create what? Conflict. Mayhem. War.
Remember the Zimmerman Telegram? The NWO's relationship with Vincente Fox has always been a little too cozy and bizarre. Well, I just recognized that the NWO is planning a war between the American people and the Mexican and Latino people already here in the USA.
Now let me jump to the result. The intention is to resolve this forthcoming internal conflict, in the nature of a civil war, by doing away with the borders with Mexico, which you know is part and parcel of the NWO agenda.
Now, to get to this point there is going to be the type of civil war here in the USA that the NWO sought to ignite in Iraq.
Ehrlich: You can see all the hallmarks of the NWO Moabite involvement in what is taking place. They have opened the border to not only illegal aliens that cannot be counted any longer but to the transfer of weapons and this explains aside from drugs the presence of Mexican military forces on our side of the border.
Remember, don't fall for the propaganda. This is conflict, mayhem and civil war designed by the NWO for their own purposes. They could care nothing for those the conflict or battle is between. They only care for the results they aim on reaching. This could also wind up as the predicate for martial law and the police state they have readied the military and police regarding.
Link to Zimmerman Telegram (linked everything to NWO when we discussed NWO realities in terms of the USA and their backing the creation of Israel -- see Jan 24 and Mar 27 Emails):
March 27 2006 7:37 PM E-mail
Now let me highlight to you what is going on. The Congress as usual is only theater. The result will be ultimately open borders. Whether they have one road or ten roads to get there, you will see open borders because what is in play is the termination of the sovereign USA.
 Now, what is abhorrent about this is that we are already conquered. Bush represents the occupation enemy government. No foreign enemy has ever damaged this country more than he and his NWO cohorts. The picture of him as the High Priest of the Synagogue of Satan on 9-11 sort of fits the damage he has done to our country.
 Now, to fully understand what is going on, then focus on an invasion from Mexico. When we had a sovereign country, no one comes across at will with demands and flies their flag and threatens the country as we are seeing happen here, implicitly and explicitly.
I guarantee you that all the illegals are fully armed. When you see 700000 in LA march peacefully without any violence you know that this is a protest with a very high and powerful organizational structure and command. Thus, it is a no brainer to deduce that this structure also is ready to fully arm all these people protesting under the Mexican flag.
Bush says he can violate the law and now the illegal aliens say they can do so too. Sounds just like King Solomon's days. What really irritates me is that Bush says he is for harsh and strict laws to close the borders, he's for sending illegals back home, when it was Bush, under the pale of the threat of terrorism, who said to the Mexicans come on over and don't forget to bring your arm caches with you because I have reduced the funding for the border patrol -- and don't forget your flags! Since we conquered the USA, we the NWO will honor and respect your flag more than the American flag because it was you who stood ready to invade America and help us during WWI. We Moabites never forget our loyal friends.
March 28, 2006 E-mail 11:00 AM
What most people missed in the NWO's treatment of immigrants is the fact that illegals were given better government assistance than our own citizens.
They received health care and money and even priorities not given our own citizens.
While this reality was in front of everyone's face, no one asked why.
The reason no one asked why is because it seemed surreal.
Thus, we gave you the only possible answer to the riddle.
When you bring in a foreign army, they must be fed, armed, and paid.
What is different is that don't wear a uniform albeit they carry a flag. What is different is that they enter the country shooting. They like the Trojan Horse of times past first come into the gates. Then when the order comes they show themselves and catch their enemy by stealth and surprise.
So the cruel irony is that our Congress the mask for the enemy they hide and protect debates an immigration bill while the occupation government prepares to release the reality before us.
March 29, 2006 5:00 PM
DOBBS: OK. Tell me where the dignity rests. People are crossing our borders illegally. They are burdening our school systems. They are depriving our citizens of an education. Half of the Hispanic students, half of the black students in southern California, nationwide, are dropping out of high school. We are paying through Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, about $100 billion a year. We're suppressing wages because of illegal immigration for working men and women in this country who belong here as U.S. citizens. We're suppressing their wages.
Those in Mexico who are here illegally are shipping back $20 billion a year in remittances. It is the number one source of revenue for Mexico. Ahead of oil, for crying out loud. Is this any way for Mexico to behave as our neighbor? And I say to you it is not.
March 29, 2006 11:00 PM
You have to understand. A large number of the illegals are here for work. However, a large number are here as a foreign army that Bush and the NWO pay via cash handouts and even health care denied Americans. If anyone said that the Mexicans came here as a foreign army they would be laughed at for saying it. SenderBerl can say it because this is no more an extreme interpretation than any one of the numerous ones we have made during the past decade: many if not most which have proved true despite the odds. Not only do we say it WE EXPLAIN IT! Thus, this interpretation has as much chance of providing correct as all the earlier extreme ones.
If and when the violence starts, it will be the beginning of the police state process. I figure that this will happen with Bush also sandbagging the dollar, or admitting to 9-11, or invading Iran. The NWO plays a number of fronts at the same time. People are left  frozen unable to  think and definitely unable to act.
BLACKBURN, England (CNN) -- One day after Condoleezza Rice said the United States made possibly "thousands" of tactical mistakes in the war against Iraq, the secretary of state says she was speaking "figuratively, not literally."
Ehrlich: Condy, I think you should have taken the NFL post. I think there are some top people who want you out now when it is coming to crunch time.
However, I know why Bush is keeping you on. No, not that reason. For this reason: you are the martyr for past US injustices: who better to speak for the injustices done in the past against the Mexicans than she who shares those feelings and holds the SOS position in our government? I hear it now. Our SOS will support the right of return here in the USA and the shift of leadership and control to Mexican governors. I can hear it now, your saying "Nothing would be more American than that."
It's all a scam. A big scam by murderers. Murderers are those that kill people as part and parcel of their design. Thus, I said that when the bus bombs went off in Israel in 2002 to defuse the supposed peace process between the Palestinian Arabs and Jews innocent lives were taken and lost to mask the true covert design of what was taking place. Thus, lives will now be lost in America. The NWO will have brought war to our shores. The army is encamped. The weapons are here. The NWO strategists are working with the militaristic Mexican leaders who have firm control over all the illegals.
Knifings, bombings, car jackings, kidnappings, may soon start with of course the NWO propaganda ready to roll.
If you stop it now, lives will be saved. Once it starts, the NWO really has some awful designs in play. Since they are in control, you can't trust those out to stop or impede what will be unraveling. It will start across the border and at first they will probably allow a strong vigilante type of American response killing lots of Mexicans. This will unify the Mexicans all over the country here legally and illegally. This will make it a national crisis.
Pass all of it around. The more people know about it the more it diffuses the NWO strategy from taking place.




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