Open Letter To
Pentagon Employees

Ted Twietmeyer
What exactly is the government? A collection of laws, buildings, thousands of computers and billions of files?
NO. GOVERNMENT IS MADE OF EMPLOYEES WHO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. Without great EMPLOYEES all the computers, documents and buildings mean absolutely nothing.
All through world history when a government blatantly ignored it's people, a bloody revolution has always followed.
I am writing this letter to all our public servants who work in this building and all others connected with it. If you are not a public servant but know someone who is, please forward a copy to them. If you work there and have to read this for your job as an analyst, also read it for yourself, your family and friends. To paraphrase the words of the president uttered in 2001, "you're either with us, or against us." The past five years has now shown us the ugly head of tyranny, and just who is against us.
As a government employee, you already know that America and the government belongs to the citizens of The United States of America. Our beloved Constitution states this. It is the land of the free based on the very foundation of America.  It is NOT to be the land of slavery, suppression of liberties, destroying freedoms, promoting servitude, taking over sovereign countries using lies or creating suffocating tyranny across the planet. It cannot be a country where the whims and will of just ONE MAN runs all, decides everything. And snubs his nose at all checks and balances.
As a servant of the people, you are sworn to protect America from all enemies BOTH FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. This is not an option, possibility, wild idea or wishful thinking. It is a FACT and it is YOUR job to protect everyone - even that person you see on the street everyday. That child walking to catch the school bus with dreams and aspirations you see each morning driving to work. Millions of senior citizens you already know, and the millions you do not know count on YOU to do the right thing. You are closer to becoming one of these people with each passing day. Your watch and actions also affects all those who cannot care for themselves without help from others. If you disagree, I challenge you to prove me wrong.
These are just a sample of some 300 million people you are sworn to protect and that must come FIRST. If you are ordered to do something for the government that violates the Constitution or Bill of Rights, you are a criminal for doing so no matter what you are told or how you may mentally justify it. You'll know the order is wrong the moment you hear it or read it. The cover-all dog-eared "national security" label is used to justify any act that will infringe on either the Constitution or Bill of Rights. An alarm bell should sound off in your head when you hear it. If a murderer is guilty of murder, no man or woman can change that fact. So it is with actions of all government employees. They MUST place the Constitution and the Bill of Rights FIRST above all orders. That is their duty. If something is wrong, it MUST be questioned. They cannot act like mindless robots.
Thinking you have an ultra-secure job working for the government? Do you think that whatever befalls children, senior citizens and millions of others could never affect you? Think again. If the new pseudo fourth Reich which has illegally assumed power today has no use for the elderly - what will become of YOU when you are older, or perhaps even sooner if illness or an accident incapacitates you? Have you ever thought about this? You should.
Genetics is the key. Think about your family and your genetics. Do you or members of your family have ANY genetic imperfections? If either of your parents has any genetic defects then you will carry them, too. For those in power who are attempting to create a world-wide empire, be assured "defective people" have no place in their future. Why is DNA quietly collected by hospitals when an infant is born through a heel lance without the parent's permission, and sent to a repository? Is it because hospital staff have nothing more important to do? The failed third Reich of just 60 years ago was obsessed with genetics, too. It had a vicious campaign to wipe out "undesirable races" and exterminate all imperfect human beings. Are you confident that you, your spouse, family members or children could never be silently placed on a FEMA red or blue list? Think that can only happen to people like me that write and speak out? THINK AGAIN.
Left - close-up of plaque placed by Daughters of the American Revolution May 20, 1910
Right - actual Church pew where Patrick Henry said "GIVE ME LIBERTY OF GIVE ME DEATH"
(Photo credit - taken by author in 2003 with permission of the church tour guide - a retired US Marine)
Three hundred years ago, Patrick Henry stood up in a Richmond, Virginia church about 100 miles south of your desk. If you have never been there, you should go as soon as you can. Patrick Henry arose from his pew to boldly stand up against the king, with his lengthy but poignant speech about freedom and liberty concluding with "give me liberty or give me death!" Think about the meaning of those words, and the raw courage it took to speak them! Do you still believe we don't have a self-appointed king (dictator) today? Do you think we don't have anyone working toward creating an "American empire?" When was the last time Capitol Hill refused him something he wanted? Even those who go in front of senate hearings for approval, no matter how bad they or unqualified they are still are appointed.
Shortly after taking office, the new US attorney general declared that "Bush is above the law." Bush has declared "I'm the decider" whether the secretary of defense goes or stays. Isn't this the very same tune that Hitler sang as he took absolute power and made his appointments? Have you forgotten about our Constitutional system of "checks and balances" that are supposed to protect us from this? Is a cushy job in the occult-oriented pentagon and your home in southern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Fairfax, Alexandria, Dale City or any other bedroom community - more important than maintaining FREEDOM FOR ALL?
If our freedoms and liberties are taken away - what do any of us have left? What fills the void when freedom is gone?
Do you foolishly believe that any pentagon created and/or funded terrorist organization is truly our friend?
Patrick Henry and America's founding fathers KNEW this and more, since they lived under England's tyrannical government. Has tyranny raised it's ugly head again in the past 100 years?
Have you ever watched a farm animal? A one hundred pound farmer can easily make a half-ton cow obey him. Why? This is also the natural law and order established by GOD. But would the animal would be so cooperative if it realized when walking into a trailer, that it was on a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse? Would it still cooperate so willingly? Free choice is another natural law given to us by God which our government is seeking daily to destroy.
Sound familiar? Can you or I print fake, worthless money when we need it as the government does? Hitler did the very same thing, too. The German people had a fairly good life before the war. That is, until the global bankers decided to "teach the German bankers" a lesson by unleashing their house painter-puppet mad-man to raise hell in Europe. Millions lost their lives while this "lesson" was being taught to the bankers, by megalomaniac power families who worked the puppets behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the Swiss were praised by the world for their "neutrality" while quietly funneling money to the third Reich - all the while inspecting German POW camps to insure "humane treatment." Think all this can't happen again? If so, why not? What about that SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT of more than $300 million dollars to Haliburton for AMERICAN POW camps? Who do you think they are for? A goat herder they capture in the mid-east? Mexicans that cross into Arizona?
So how did bankrupt Germany suddenly fund a multi-billion dollar army? According to history it was with the help of your commander in chief's grandfather, Prescott Bush through American and Swiss banks. Make no mistake - the goal of a fourth Reich IS alive and well today. A blind man can see what's coming - can you? Are not the cameras on the interstate around Washington, like those on highways like Rt. 66 every tenth of a mile screaming "police state" at you? And NOT ONE of these cameras has ANY ability to "fight terrorism" - that shadowy scape-goat of the night created as justification for the police state.
The very freedom and lifeblood of America is at stake NOW - and ALL WILL BE LOST if you and others who work in the Pentagon continue to help make the fourth Reich reach full power. All that you need to do is nothing. If this happens, who will come to the aid of you, your family, friends and the American people? No one will. America has become the most hated country on earth strictly by design, not by accident. World hatred will insure the American people will have no one to save them from FEMA's extermination black ops such as Garden Plot and Cable Splicer.
If you know about a nuclear, chemical or biological attack or war game covertly planned to "go live" anywhere on the planet, it IS YOUR JOB and YOUR DUTY as an AMERICAN CITIZEN to immediately go public with that information. No people, country or reason exists on planet earth today which can legitimize such a horrendous genocidal act. Don't ever forget - if you plan to do nothing to change things, then you will be just as guilty of murder as the person who pushes the button or sets the timer. The blood and deaths of millions will be on YOUR HANDS for all time and eternity. As the expression goes, "it is better to have tried and failed, then never to have tried at all."
After a nuclear attack in America or overseas, many more will die over the following months and years from fallout and biologicals carried by the elements, heavy metal poisoning and contagions originating from dead bodies. Hiroshima and Nagasaki descendants and survivors are still suffering with horrific genetic mutations - even 60 years later. And those two bombs were very small event by comparison. Today's 100+ megaton weapons are 2,500 times more powerful than those used on Japan. It will be impossible to collect all the dead fast enough to prevent cholera and other epidemics.
There will be no turning back for government employees who read this and do nothing, doomed forever to wish they had done something to stop it when they still could.
Many government workers have come forward and have spoken out - and many more like you are desperately needed. The press is slowly coming out of it's suppression and long deep sleep, as they begin to realize the lies they were supporting and their future, too. Its unlikely that an attack will take place once publicized. If such an attack were to proceed, then the entire world would soon know exactly who ordered it.
Bringing all this information out into the sanitizing light of day is of the utmost importance.
Once freedom is gone and the new police state reaches full force, there will be no turning back. Saying "I should have done something when I could" later will be completely meaningless. Pets receive chip implants - do you also want to become a pet and faithful slave? Frederick Douglass once said, "A slave is someone who sits down, and waits for someone to free them." But the world will not come to our rescue, but will laugh at us instead.
Never forget - the military cannot finish turning America into a police state WITHOUT YOUR HELP to make it happen.
I've done all I can to encourage you to work for that which is true and right, and thank you for considering the above facts. Now the rest is up to you and your colleagues.
Ted Twietmeyer - The website with more than 170 unique US government visits just three months after it went online.




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