UFO Performs Acrobatics
Over Phoenix
3 witnesses observed the videotaping of a UFO performing aerial stunts so astonishing it made it on the Channel 3 News in Phoenix. Once again, Jeff Willes' constant skywatching pays off big time...
To view part of the video click here
(Windows Media Player file - wmv)
Report from Jeff Willes of NFO
"I was out in the back yard skywatching late on 3-6-06. At 12:00 am one of the others skywatching with me saw a UFO come up from the trees about a mile away and then go down again. We ran up to the top of the roof leaving our tripods on the ground, forgetting them in all the action. When we got on the roof we saw not one but two UFOs shooting way up in the sky and then coming back down behind the trees. The UFOs shot up and came back down 3 times.  One of the craft would fly over upside down and then dive down. It did this 3 or 4 times. I took the tape to KYVK Channel 3TV here in Phoenix. They aired the footage on 3-10-06. They showed how the object flips over. I have been videotaping UFOs sense 1995 and have never seen anything like it."
Jeff Willes



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