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H5 Detected In Poultry In India

(Reuters) -- India said on Tuesday (3-14-6) that it had detected a fresh outbreak of avian influenza in the western state of Maharashtra, the scene of the country's 1st brush with the virus in February 2006.
"Several poultry samples were received ... towards the end of February (2006). Some of these samples have tested positive for avian influenza (H5)," a government statement said.
Officials said that they were checking whether the latest outbreak was of the deadly H5N1 strain that has killed dozens of people elsewhere in the world.
They said 4 villages in Jalgaon district in the northern part of Maharashtra were affected by the outbreak.
Jalgaon is a district away from Nandurbar, where India reported an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain. [See map of Maharashtra.) Nandurbar is region No 39, while Jalgaon is No 32. - Mod.AS]
Hundreds of thousands of chicken were culled in the town of Navapur and neighbouring areas after that outbreak, and the authorities said last week they had contained the virus there.
In Jalgaon, the government said it would start the culling of chicken in the area.
"In these 4 villages, control and prevention actions will be started," India's animal husbandry joint secretary Upma Chawdhry told a news conference.
After the Navapur outbreak, India tested more than 100 people for bird flu but all the results proved negative.
The government said it would step up surveillance of residents of the 4 villages in Jalgaon.
H5 Suspected In Wild Birds In Romania
Romanian TV channel Realitatea TV
Morning News Edition
The Romanian town of Cernavoda is now isolated, under quarantine measures imposed following the discovery of dead wild birds there. No one is allowed to enter or leave the town. A suggestion to allow cars to pass through the town after disinfection was rejected by the authorities. The culling of the about 15 000 (domestic) birds began this morning. Schools and institutions are working at a reduced rate, as workers living in suburban areas have been prevented from attending to their duties.
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