Bush And Cheney
Must Be Impeached
By Ted Lang
All the indications are there.  No semblance of doubt is left.  With the sneering arrogance of a man who knows he is supreme dictator, not only in the United States of America but worldwide, his total control of the most powerful nation on Earth terrifies all nations and all people.  Has there ever been a president with such unlimited power before in America?  Never!  Bush is the first!
He signs documents authorizing illegal searches, seizures, arrests, kidnappings, torture and "preemptive strikes," thereby providing unquestionable and irrevocable evidence for his impeachment.  He has authorized the outing of a CIA intelligence agent during wartime, a war he initiated by lying to the American people and the members of both Houses of the United States Congress.  He lied in his constitutionally mandated State of the Union Address.  He and his suit-and-tie polished and highly paid "advisors" repeatedly smile and politely tell the people's representatives in Congress to drop dead and go to hell.  The president has divine right, God's blessing and therefore supreme power.
How can there be any modicum of doubt that this cruel and evil administration planned, executed and covered up the so-called terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001?  How can there be any doubt when no effort was made to immediately and quickly remove Bush from that Florida school on that horrible day?  And who but Vice President Dick Cheney was sitting in a bomb shelter bunker yelling at an aide to back off, and yes, the "drill" was still on, and yes, shoot down that plane over Pennsylvania.  The Bush administration did it!  They murdered 3,000 Americans to piss US off into a profitable war for oil, Carlyle and Halliburton.  They did it coordinating the interests of Israel, Larry Silverstein, and all the big money barons that have purchased power in America with cold hard cash.
Why is nothing happening?  Why can't this criminal and extremely dangerous internationally organized gang of high profile mass murderers and torturers be brought down?  The reasons are the same as those that led to the rise of Hitler.  The greatest factor in enabling organized gangsters and mobsters to ride herd over the people is secrecy.  A small group sitting in the corner of their favorite beer hall or tavern, talking trash, discovering injustices, real or imagined, getting worked up into a frenzy, and then another round of drinks.  Someone assumes or takes a leadership role.  Someone articulates his contempt and hatred for the status quo.  They meet more often, create the formalities of meeting routines, scheduled topics, and appoint "officers" and deputy leaders.  Sound familiar?
The Jewish-based establishment media is jumping through hoops to cover for Bush.  They marvel at what he's accomplishing for Israeli supremacy in the Middle East.  And in doing so, they are facilitating the Bush crimes thereby satisfying his voracious appetite for more power.  He's a little man sitting on the most powerful throne on Earth.  The media cover-ups preclude an informed citizenry, and with his control of the media, and their control of television and therefore the American people, we here in America are just as uninformed and propaganda vulnerable as were the German people before World War II.
Propaganda and disinformation are how Adolf Hitler came to power.  With little education, he had astonishing skills of oratory.  Benjamin Franklin also had no formal education but possessed a level of intelligence and inquiry rare for even the most highly educated intellectual.  If it were possible to bring them both back among the living, and to have them face off in a debate, Hitler would have torn Franklin to shreds.  Franklin's papers and memoirs exposed his poor oratory skills as uncovered in H.W. Brands' biography of the man.  But oratory is "show-and-tell," a "dog-and-pony" show.  It is a level slightly higher than that of snake oil salesman.
Bush has neither the intelligence nor the speechmaking skills of Hitler.  Bush was merely placed in this most powerful position by monetary arrangement.  And with his limited and severely checked intellect, he is all the more dangerous.  Cheney is our true dictator, but that matters little.  The only way to stop the most dangerous government that has ever existed on Earth is the immediate, if not sooner, impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.  This must happen quickly!
The growing and mounting evidence of crimes committed and continuously intended by this dangerous regime must be addressed as soon as possible.  Bush wants to level Iran.  Israel has ordered him to do this.  They are getting impatient.  But Bush's military is in a shambles due to the supervision of his criminal invasion of Iraq by empty Pentagon suits and the perfumed political princes of the military.  The fool on the hill will now strike with nuclear weapons, triggering World War III.  When America becomes most vulnerable sometime during its next war against one sixth of the world's population, the rest of the world will join forces and take this nation out. 
Bush cannot invade Iran.  He will have to carpet-bomb it with bunker buster bombs and nuclear warheads.  The rest of the world will wait for the right time ­ and it will come!  The only question is how will Bush pull it off?  Will there be another 9-11, perhaps around Easter, and this time using a nuclear device?  They've already slaughtered 3,000 innocent Americans, killed about 2,300 of our own military, slaughtered by bombing 100,000 or more innocent and defenseless Iraqi people, and caused well over 15,000 military casualties.  So what's a few hundred thousand or a million more?
As offered often in this space, the sure sign of a criminal regime is their manufacture of other news distractions.  If another incriminating memo, document, or report is uncovered, or more damaging testimony is revealed, and any such event considered an imminent threat to the Bush administration, a news distraction will be created to throw off a possibly errant member of the controlled press to allow the rest of the media to cover up the crime.  As the continuing and upward-spiraling magnitude of criminal activity is revealed, however, Bush and his advisors may get more and more desperate, and the need for a "big event" will be considered and in all likelihood be deployed. 
The unprecedented power of this most dangerous criminal regime must be dealt with now.  The exposed crimes will get worse and will be of increasing magnitude as courageous little people, and others slightly higher up, continue to nibble at Bush's false front.  This time, the man behind the curtain is a real terror, one who can unleash fire, smoke and death to millions.  And this unprecedented criminal power must now be met by unprecedented resolve.  Both Bush and Cheney must be impeached!  They have provided all the evidence needed for Congress to act on.  This is the Congress' last chance, as it is ours s and the world's.    
 © 2006 THEODORE E. LANG 4/08/06 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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