Even More On 911 And
Fortuitous Events

By Karl W B Schwarz
Jon Carlson sent me a link that had photographs I missed.  We think they are quite revealing.
 If one wants to find some of the most aggressive research on 9-11, sometimes it pays to look at websites from other nations that do not buy off on the Official Bush Lie.  One such website is from Germany.
This is the Official Story of how Flight 77 impacted the Pentagon.
This is a reverse of that same path analyzing what columns would have been in the way for such a penetration to be the real story.
Note that the Pentagon link for the first photograph below is now a dead link.
Note that the Pentagon link for the next photograph below is now a dead link.  This one is very revealing if you look close.

Once they had cleared away the rubble, it is apparent in the photo above that the Official Story of the 757 blowing a massive hole through three rings of the Pentagon is very flawed.  The alleged tunnel to fit the Official Lie only exists on the outside of each of the three rings it appears.  It definitely did not penetrate all the way through the E Ring as a diameter hole that was more than the floor to floor height.
If you plot the path of the two massive jet engines, hardened devices that would have cleared their own paths, there are things still standing that would have been obliterated.  They were not obliterated and that is yet another piece of evidence that the Official Story is a complete lie.
Note that there is no "tunnel" bored through the Pentagon by Flight 77. 
You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words and when they are dead linked the reasons for that should be explored.  They were so proud of that Pentagon re-building program, at least certain non-revealing photos.
Many websites are challenging the truth and there are many questions the US government avoids answering.
They have to be careful because one slip up, one slip of the tongue and their house of cards is going to come crashing down.  They have to keep you spooked and thinking this is all about protecting you from the foreign boogeyman.  
Our sources have informed us that there was a group of ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] working in this part of the Pentagon that were investigating the $120 billion Brady Bond scam I have reported on recently.  Reports are that this matter went all the way to the top ­ Nicholas Brady and George H W Bush.  Those are the same documents that another person and I took to the offices of Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau and no response, no apparent action.
That may just be conjecture that ONI was onto something but when you weigh the Bush Family Secrecy Forever Doctrine, where he has classified things going all the way back to when his father was with CIA, there might be something to it.  Bush has even classified things that happened during his father's presidency even though there is no legal basis for doing that other than something might be discovered about this entire GWOT scam.  Bush has even put the lid on matters when his father was vice president in the Reagan Administration.
Reportedly the Zero Coupon Brady Bonds were secured by bogus gold collateral certificates and for that to have happened someone inside of our government had to have given bogus documents the color of authenticity.  I think Americans deserve to know who would do such a thing and why they thought felony conduct was OK with Americans.
That same Brady Bond scam that was to have closed in late September and early October 2001 and the bonds were reportedly at Cantor Fitzgerald, WTC 1.  Fortuitously they were destroyed on September 11, 2001.
Odds are the SEC records in WTC 7 that were fortuitously destroyed when that building was "pulled" included this apparently bogus Brady Bond deal too.
We know that key records that would have proven the fraud of Global Crossing and Citigroup and their shadow network Cable Systems Holdings, Ltd, also of Bermuda so the records would be out of the reach of the United States Bankruptcy Court, were in WTC 1 on the 83
rd Floor.  Fortuitously they were destroyed too in WTC 1 as the SEC records were destroyed later that day in WTC 7.  I was directly involved in going after those records and we knew exactly what we were looking for because we had an inside source at Global Crossing.
How lucky can these folks be?
Another tenant on the 83 rd Floor was Lava Trading, LLC, a company that developed highly advanced trading software.  The same reason that Global Crossing was built (global trading network by former Milken co-defendants) and touted to the moon by none other than Citigroup, who had the Cable Systems Holding, Ltd along for the ride.  Guess what?  Citigroup bought Lava Trading, LLC.  How fortuitous.   
How many deals could the deal doers do if the deal doers could do deals?
Months ago I received an email from an individual regarding another person that was on the 83rd Floor on September 11, 2001.  We already knew about Global Crossing Holdings and what they were hiding from the world, but had not paid attention to this person or company until Citigroup purchased Lava Trading.
Mr Schwarz: I am an independent voter so your message and platform has so found a home here with me.  I am a researcher and it keeps me very busy with feeding info to 9/11 groups and in general educating people.  Thermite brought those buildings down and by a fluke I might have discovered the source of those internal explosions.  On 9/11 at 9:05am in the stairwell of the 83rd floor of the North Tower was a man with a transceiver.  Witness's thought it was a radio but after doing a background check on this person, I am not convinced of that.
His name was Charles E. Allen and he was an executive at Lava Trading LLC whose fortunes vastly improved after 9/11.  Mr. Allen is a pilot, top of the heap computer expert (Microsoft, Saudi banks, Swiss banks and Ross Perot Systems) is married to a Middle Eastern woman, knows top Saudis and spent many years in the Middle East.
In short more than qualifies in my book as a man worth taking a look at.  If you have any questions just ask.  With hope for success in your endeavor,
Just paying attention to Lava was not enough.  This tip came from someone that was in WTC 1 and saw this person (allegedly) in the stairwells.  When you weigh the WTC 7 destruction of many stock fraud investigations, of which Citigroup was smack dab in the middle of many of them as were Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and others, Citigroup gained huge when 9-11 happened.  Wall Street and their prime customers stole hundreds of billions from unsuspecting investors and only paid back in fines to SEC pennies on every dollar they plundered.
When you go one step further and understand why the major banks wanted a proprietary global trading network under their control, it becomes easier to understand why Global Crossing and 9-11 might not be as disconnected as they might seem.
Citigroup was the most heavily fined Wall Street firm regarding these fraudulent activities and its former CEO Sanford Weill is a known Zionist.  Maurice Hank Greenberg, former CEO of AIG is another well known Zionist and only a fool would pass over Goldman Sachs and their desires in the area of Israel and globalization.
If you look at the bulk of what they were fined for, it basically comes down to Enron, WorldCom and Global Crossing as the most egregious of their actions in defrauding the public.  What do they have in common?  Energy and communications.  Remember, Enron Energy Services was one of the 21 energy companies that defrauded California ratepayers in 2000 and 2001 with two-way trip fraud.  WorldCom and Global Crossing both provided fiber optic networks that are used in communications, trading, money laundering, intelligence, military, etc.  Enron pipeline right of ways is where much of the fiber optics were installed and Enron had a separate fiber optics "bandwidth trading" division as well.
The head of that Enron division, Thomas White, was fortuitously named Secretary of the Army so we could go attack Afghanistan rather than face prosecution for fraud at Enron.
Most Americans have no idea how many national security issues were involved and Bush overrode them in selling Global Crossing to Singapore based ST Telemedia.  I was there; I was on the front line fighting what our government was doing in covering up a huge corporate fraud and government complicity in it.
When Lincoln stood up to the banks he was assassinated.  When Jackson did, they wanted him dead but he maintained an eye for an eye policy to defend himself.  His popularity with the military could not be taken lightly.  Kennedy wanted to address the Federal Reserve abuses and he is no longer with us.  Reagan did too, and he was shot.
What has happened through the past three presidencies is a complete sell out of America for the good of the greedy among us.
Many of the US offices of foreign banks involved in the Leo Wanta matter, the $27.5 trillion created to wage economic warfare on certain nations, were probably housed at WTC too.  That is not a stretch since the United States government guaranteed that they would convert all of those foreign currencies into US dollars.  If records were there and were destroyed, how fortuitous that day was for the US parties behind that colossal scam.
How fortuitous that Domink Suter (one of the Five Dancing Israelis) was released and managed to flee to Israel about the same time that the FBI identified accounts in Europe with his name on them that were involved in 9-11 financing. How fortuitous indeed.
How fortuitous that some or all of the pre-9-11 shorting of stocks that led back to Israeli interests and profiteering on 9-11 might have been destroyed with WTC Building 7 too.  The same applies for those Americans that were so fortuitous to know that something was about to happen.  That might explain that smile on Harvey Pitt's face in that SEC article about all of those investigations that were compromised when WTC Building 7 was "pulled".  He sure looks like he is smirking to me.  Larry Silverstein might have been protecting his Zionist buddies when he told them to "pull it".
You see, when certain prominent butts are on the line I do not believe in coincidences.  The "coincidences" of 9-11 just flat out do not add up.
It is indeed time for that Grand Jury and make sure there is not a Neocon nor a Zionist among those seated on that jury.
Gosh, the Bush Administration sees no evidence of price gouging by Big Oil.  Certainly not since Big Oil is so tight with their family and family interests.  Doing all they can do, to fleece America and the rest of the world.  Can't you see them working so hard for America?  It is hard work to undermine the dollar to the point that it is the single biggest reason oil is skyrocketing and getting an additional boost from all the talk of war and terrorism.
If such evidence surfaces, watch out for another fortuitous destruction of those records.
Fact, Iran is a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and as such has the right to develop nuclear energy inside their own nation.  Fact, Israel is not a signatory to the treaty limiting non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
It is another WMD fable, as in W's Mass Deception.
Best regards,



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