Mexico's War On America
Resultant Collateral Damage

By Frosty Wooldridge
"If u dont like that sh*t, get the f**k outa here.  Go back to europe where there are no mexicans. this is our land and u white devils took it from us and the indians... ya baby we takin ova..... first l.a now Denver, then the rest of the east coast sucker.... hahaha," eloquently chortled an illegal Mexican into my inbox.
This writer fails to understand that red, brown, yellow, black and white Americans make up the United States.  More than 150 countries represent Americans.
Unfortunately, in the face of this illegal Mexican invasion, most Americans maintain 'political correctness' in the name of 'silent-assertion', which, as Mark Twain said, "Is the shabbiest of all lies."   Naively, Americans don't understand the implications of Mexico's methodical colonization of the United States.  
Once Mexicans gain majorities in our cities and voting blocks, they care nothing for political correctness, civil rights or the U.S. Constitution.  Another reader wrote, "I look into my crystal ball and see into the future, the year 2036,
exactly 200 years after Travis, Bowie, Crockett and my great, great, great grandfather James George and 176 others died defending the Alamo. I see my descendents' children in school, facing discrimination, violence, disease, drugs and an untenable learning environment. My descendants have been taxed out of their property and their wealth distributed amongst the teeming masses. The Texas legislator has been taken over by a radical Hispanic group and has just voted to secede Texas from the Union and join New Mexico , Arizona, and the southern half of California in becoming a part of the southwest that has been returned to the Nation of Altzan. Our federal officials in Congress are gutless and we have no Lincoln-type in the White House. My descendants curse me and question why I and their other ancestors let this happen to them. The tears will not stop flowing for what has been lost."
When it comes to collateral damage from this invasion, a Fullerton, California reader wrote, "I wanted to give you my story of how Orange County has gone to hell with the massive illegal alien Mexican population.  This week, I'm moving out of CA up to Washington State because it's better than living in fear after having been robbed three times in the past three months. I lived minutes away from Fullerton College in an apartment I paid for with an exceptional job I landed outside of high school working on the web.  I lived in a decent neighborhood that in a year turned to hell.
"A half dozen illegals moved into a one bedroom above me. Gang signs started appearing on street signs and I started getting watched coming home from work with a laptop over my shoulder driving a nice car. That car got stolen.
"In our courts, 90 percent of the cases and people in court are illegals driving without licenses and without insurance. It's insane and they hit and run on Americans all the time. My heart cries for America."
Americans bow their heads to collateral damage in every sector of our country: 
Collateral damage includes our schools suffering horrific overcrowding, violence, language chaos and failure rates unimagined 15 years ago.
Collateral damage includes our national language suffers from Bill Clinton's executive order # 13166 forcing taxpayers to pay for documents to be given in immigrants' languages at a cost of billions to our citizens annually.  Collateral damage from Clinton's bill means illegal and even legal immigrants may never assimilate.
Collateral damage means our working poor stand in unemployment lines while illegals work their jobs at slave wages-and, off the books--so no taxes are collected. Thus, the rest of us pay for illegals' kids in our schools while they use free lunch programs and medical care. 
Collateral damage includes thousands of hit and run accidents that Americans pay for daily in death and carnage on our highways.  For example, in Greeley, Colorado last year, 270 hit and run accidents were reported in a town with less than 100,000 people.  Three Coloradans suffered death by illegal aliens last year.  How many in your state?
Collateral damage includes 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis injected into America in the bodies of unscreened illegal aliens in the past five years. Another 7,000 cases of leprosy-carrying illegals crossed into America in the past three years.  Tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis, Chagas and other diseases arrived in the bodies of illegal aliens.  We and our children are at risk.
Collateral damage includes over 500,000 illegal aliens in our state and federal prisons costing us $1.6 billion annually.  What horrible crimes did they commit on our citizens to warrant felony convictions?  Over 11,000 MS-13 gang members currently operate in the USA as they distribute $128 billion annually in drugs and commit horrific crimes.
Collateral damage includes 100,000 illegal aliens and their advocates marching in the streets of Chicago on March 10, 2006, demanding their rights.  As non- citizens, they have no rights for breaking into America like common house burglars.
Collateral damage includes a 65 percent flunk out/drop out rate in Denver Public Schools last year with 30,000 illegals and 40 different languages. One in five teachers quit every five month cycle of the study and 30 percent of Denver teachers are quitting at the end of this year because the classroom have become so violent, uneducable and hopeless.  Over 2.1 million illegal alien kids in our American classrooms create substandard education for our children.
Collateral damage includes hundreds of Mexican TV and radio stations broadcasting across America in Spanish.  These stations make sure no immigrants, whether legal or illegal, assimilate into the American way of life. But rather, fracture this country into enclaves and, given enough time--creating uninvested, disloyal, non-citizens with different agendas that possess nothing in common with the American way of life.
Collateral damage includes growing 'racism' by Mexicans against Americans as shown by the vicious quote at the beginning of this piece-and more violently realized in Los Angeles, Houston and anywhere they gain greater numbers.  When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it stands as a recipe for the destruction of any civilization.
Collateral damage includes the massive fraud perpetrated on our society by those who hire illegal aliens, non payment of income taxes, use of free lunches for their children, free medical care that we pay for, document fraud, stolen identities, mortgage fraud, two-tiered level of law enforcement-with one tier for illegals-a striking absence of law enforcement.  Americans are getting killed, wrecked, robbed and raped in the process of this lawless invasion.
Accelerating collateral damage: the impending guest worker program along with legal immigration adds 60 to 70 million Mexicans and others into the USA within 10 years.  If you think gridlock, air pollution, crowded schools, cost of living, lowered quality of life and other problems are bad now-you ain't seen nothin' yet!
Corruption is a mechanism by which Third World countries operate.  As it pours into America, it's known as 'Third World Momentum'. Like a cancer, it metastasizes into every sector and level of government until this foreign cancer destroys the ability of our nation to function.  Law abiding Americans become victims in every realm of their lives.
If you keep sitting, waiting, watching and hoping our Congress and President Bush will do something, you are sadly mistaken.  It's time to pressure state governments to act.  Alabama Republican Scott Beason of Gardendale introduced a bill to criminally prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens.  Republican David Schultheis of Colorado and Democrat Andrew Romanoff craft a similar bill in the Rocky Mountain State.  Radio talk show host, Peter Boyles, of 630 KHOW in Denver, suggested employers of illegal aliens suffer a $20,000.00 fine the first time and a month in jail the second time they get caught hiring illegals.
Since Bush is in violation of his oath of office for five years running and in violation of Article 4 Section IV of the U.S. Constitution, it's up to states to defend themselves.  If they don't, the collateral damage to our states, communities, families and individual lives accelerates with the added three million illegal aliens crossing our borders annually.  This is a matter of life and death for our nation.
Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at ; Join ; Become a part of the "21st Century Paul Revere" bicycle ride across America coast to coast next summer with Frosty as he and his band of riders carry this message from the Golden Gate Bridge to the steps of the nation's capitol in Washington, DC. Inquire at his email address for full details on how you can participate: ; We need 10 bicycle riders.  You will be provided meals and transport to origin and from destination. Retired RVs drivers will be provided meals and 50 cents per mile.  Start date is May 29, 2006.
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