Is This The Middle East
Map After World War III?
By Jack Manuelian
On the 91th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the Turks, I have written this article in dedication to the victims of that Genocide during World War I and after; also I dedicate it to my late father who survived that Gonocide and lived to full age.
By 1916 the British already had mapped a new Middle East and after World War One most of the boundaries of that map were implemented. Presently, on the eve of a likely Word War III, there is a new map of the Middle East in circulation which is known as the Bernard Lewis map, this pseudo-scholar Bernard is the well-known Armenian Genocide denier of Khazar origins "educated" in London but living in USA.
This is the same Bernard of whom Jeffrey Stenberg of Shiller Institute, in a 2002 lecture, said: "in 1974 the British oligarchy deployed one of its senior Arab Bureau intelligence officers-Bernard Lewis-to the United States to run the policy; basically to administer, as a kind of colonial gauleiter, the national security policies of the United States...the senior British Arabist, Dr. Bernard Lewis set up shop in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, and became the principal foreign policy and national security adviser to the Zbigniew Brzezinski government, when it came into power in 1977...Lewis developed a policy that came to be known, in the late 1970s, as the Bernard Lewis Plan, which was otherwise memorialized on the cover of Time magazine in January 1979, as the 'Crescent of Crisis.' What Bernard Lewis basically said, is that we are going to destabilize the entire Muslim world, the entire Persian Gulf region, because it borders along the south of the Soviet Union [by extension now Russia]. We are going to create an Islamic mess, a chaos, insurgency of wars, along the southern tier of the Soviet Union [now Russia]; and this is how we're going to destroy the Soviet Union [and by extension now Russia and her allies]".
On March 2003 or before that, when President Bush showed some hesitation on attacking Iraq, Bernard Lewis was brought to him who told our President something like this: "As Kamal Ataturk, who abolished the offices of Ottoman emperor and Sunni caliph in the 1920s, had brought into being a relatively democratic Turkey, attacking and then bringing democracy to Iraq would transform the entire Middle East--a transformation that would be beneficial to the long-term security of both the United States and Israel". By this ill advise it is as if Bernard Lewis has blown the trumpet for World War III to start.
According to a visionary by the name of Aloise Irlmair, an ordinary Bavarian man, a true Jew- not a fake one, the tide of World War III on the western Europe is turned when, "British airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea [which is located off Denmark]. Thus a death zone is created, a wide strip of land extending from the Black Sea up to the North Sea where no grass can grow, let alone humans live. The Russian supply lines are interrupted with this death barrier...nobody from the Russian armies fighting in western Europe will come back home alive ever."
In retaliation the Russian planes drop some kind of bombs in the North Sea [off England], and as Aloise puts it "then the water lifts itself as high as tower and fall down. Everything is inundated. There is an earthquake. The southern part of England island disappears under the water."
After the war, according to the hypothetical Bernard map, modern Turkey loses its eastern part to Kurdistan--the boundary of this new nation of Kurdistan extending from Caucasus in the north to regions of northern Iraq and Iran, along with eastern Turkey. Iran is divided into Iranistan, Arabistan (at the south of modern Iran), while big chunks of land in northern Iran are given to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Modern Afghanistan is divided into three parts, the other two parts being Pushtunistan and Baluchistan, the latter is absorbing a region of south Iran. One can see a drawing of this map of Bernard Lewis in
Iran stands to lose a lot since after the war she is reduced in the map to a small territory of land in the middle of modern Iran. Iran plays a big role in WW III, she is able to proceed to Greece and make advances toward Italy, however like Persian historical king Xerxes, the invader of ancient Greece, she will be forced to withdraw and most of her one million army destroyed. Iran also will help Arab northern African armies in their successful invasion of southern Spain. A Spanish king and his queen, presently a prince, will expel once again the Muslim armies out of Andalusia.
The modern state of Israel stands to gain most according to this hypothetical map (Egypt, like Russia, is a loser in WW III). Israel, where the false affection of zionist Bernard Lewis is, establishes a Greater Israel extending from the Suez Canal, including the whole of Sinai peninsula, to northern Lebanon, having some semi-autonomous regions in her empire like the Maronite and Druze entities.The Palestinians are big losers according to Bernard. Some Jewish leaders and students of the occult Kabalistic book "The Zohar" claim that it prophesies the coming of the Jewish Messiah (read the Zionist Anti-Christ) only after Muslim and Christian countries destroy each other in a great war, hence they are doing everythuing in their power to make such a war or a clash of two civilizations possible. While the Iranians believe that an apocalypse is needed in order for their Mahdi to show up.There is no need to mention that many Christians also believe that Jesus will not come unless an Armageddon is to happen. This is the job of a bloody "trickster" who has gone to each creed of religion with three sided game plan in order for them to KILL each other; it has nothing to do with a divine loving God.
I am often asked when will WW III start? and the answer is I don't know, I pray that it will never happen; but if I am allowed to speculate then I would say during a Democratic rule in the USA, anytime between 2008 and 2012. The Democrats are good in making big wars (like WW 1 and WW 2), but the Republicans are good in small wars. Also, it will happen during a period when United Nation is dissolved and is no more. Another sign is the papacy, the tribulations will start during the present pope, Benedict XVI, but his successor will be the last pope; and according to St. Malachy, the Irish saint of twelfth century whose predictions regarding the popes proofed to be quite accurate, he said that this pope "will sit upon the papal throne in time of extreme persecution of the holy Roman Church. He will pasture the sheep midst multiple tribulations, during which Rome will be destroyed and God, the powerful judge, will judge the populace."
USA will be attacked without a warning and without mercy by the Russians & the Chinese and their allies during a time when the U.S. Administration is occupied with an internal revolution and massive protests and civil unrests in USA; early signs of this internal revolution are protests are being presently made manifest.
As to the question how long WW III will last, the simple minded Aloise said: "I see three nines [27 years in total]. The third nine brings the peace. If everything is over, a large part of the inhabitants of earth have died, and the people are frightened of God anew.The laws which allow death of the children [murder by abortion] are invalidated after the war. Then peace will be. A good time, but the people have to begin again where their grandfathers began [with manual tools]."
This Article, written by the author "Predictions of WW III", ISBN: 0938294520, is not copyrighted.
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