Jeb's Taliban Hard
At Work In Florida
Covering-Up Murder, Pushing Drugs And Spreading Climate Of Terror,
Says Sarasota Man Who Claims Father's Murder
Being Hidden By Gov. Jeb Bush
By Greg Szymanski
According to Steve Esdale of Florida, 'Jeb's Taliban' is hard at work in his state covering-up murders, pushing drugs and spreading a general climate of fear and terror, claiming Gov. Jeb Bush is "real the kingpin of crime" and Florida's No. 1 "undercover crime boss."
Esdale has stepped-out on a dangerous limb with these accusations not because he has a political bone to pick with the Bush family or because he is a whacked-out liberal on an anti-Republican campaign. He has stepped out on a limb because he wants to get at the truth behind his father's untimely death.
And he has come to these conclusions after three years of serious investigation and first hand knowledge obtained after trying to get to the bottom of his father, Murray Cohen's, strange death officially listed heart failure.
But Esdale believes otherwise, saying his father was killed with a strong dose of Corazol, a drug made in Bulgaria to induce seizures in rats, given to his 71-year-old father by a Bolivian undercover agent working with the DEA to push drugs to children in Florida.
The story sounds like something out of a mysterious spy novel, but in 21st century America truth really is stranger than fiction, especially when dealing with the likes of Gov. Bush, another master of Illuminati deception placed in a position of power.
After a pain staking search for the truth every day for three long years, Esdale is still unable to pinpoint an exact motive for his father's murder, but claims he "heard something he shouldn't have" related to illegal drug running and/or was killed for his money, as the Bolivian undercover spy now owns his father's Sarasota house and property.
"I hope no one else ever has to go through what my family has been put through for the last 3 years, and what we are having to endure as justice remains unserved," said Esdale recently on Greg Szymanski's radio show, the Investigative Journal. For copies of Esdale's broadcast go to the archives section at both and "This is one of the worst cases of organized public corruption and obstruction of justice in U.S. history. The government is now allowing the murder of our own citizens."
And Esdale appears to be making these statements after sifting through the cold, hard facts, as he has collected more than enough probable cause evidence that even a first year law student could easily convince a jury his father was killed.
In fact, after looking solely at how the case was covered-up and how Esdale has been stonewalled and harassed by authorities all the way up to the Governor's office, the only way to summarize what has happened is to say "it stinks to high heaven."
"My father died of what law enforcement has ruled a natural death. However, I believe that my father, Murray B. Cohen, was murdered by his wife of just three weeks, Maria Cohen. My belief is based upon a number of things, one of which is a forensic audio analysis of a cassette tape copy of the 911 call made by Maria Cohen on the day of my father's death," said Esdale, adding he learned Maria has strong ties with Bolivian law enforcement and was working as a DEA undercover agent, as well as being given a front-job for the state of Florida in the juvenile division of the court system.
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