Horrific Consequences
Of 'Guest Worker' Program
By Frosty Wooldridge
What will happen to the United States if the Senate gives a guest worker amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens?  The answer is simple: when you allow lawlessness, you invite more of it.
A reader said, "I live in Minnesota which is as far from the Mexican border as should be necessary to be out of the Mexican invasion but not so due to a local Hormel meat packing plant that thought it would improve its profits if it replaced all the union workers with Mexicans. They never had a shortage of workers; in fact, they had a waiting list of legal citizens wanting jobs there, but now they won't hire an American citizen because the Mexicans don't like working along side whites; and well, accidents happen.  I moved out of town so my kids could go to school without fear of violence.  Mexican gangs are rampant even in the elementary schools.  To add insults to injuries, I have often been harassed by Mexicans.   What really got me steamed is the other day I went to Walmart and a Mexican kid wore an Aztlan T-shirt.  Though in Spanish, it depicted the western USA combined with Mexico colored in with the Mexican flag.  Ironic given that he's living in Minnesota which isn't even in the 'Aztlan' territory.  Big business is making a lot of money off of their 'cheaper labor' but we are paying for it.  We must stop this invasion by citizen initiative and maybe we will get our country back before it's too late -- I'm losing hope."
Another couple wrote, "I guess we can't do anything but sit back and watch our country self-destruct."  To which I said, "Get your butts out of the Barker Lounger and start saving your country!  A republican form of government isn't a spectator sport."
Thankfully, last week, your activism killed the fallacious McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill as well as the Specter and the Hagel/Martinez bill. All of them heinous betrayals of our U.S. Constitution! 
I thank every American for his/her calls and faxes to your senators.  I thank Roy Beck and his staff of and the hundred thousand members and growing that kept up the pressure on their senators.  Additionally, thanks to Bay Buchanan with and William Gheen of for their relentless efforts on behalf of America.  Additionally, Dan Stein of and Craig Nelson of may take a bow for their countless hours working to save our Republic.  Thank you Mark Edwards of for his relentless work on behalf of America.  Thank you George Putnam in California for your tireless work on radio and writing columns exposing the fraud of this invasion. Thanks to Terry Anderson of ; I love you big guy!
What we demand is the passage of the House bill HR 4437. We accept nothing less!
Leading this charge back to the rule of law, thanks goes to Congressman Tom Tancredo whom I will vote for president of these United States in 2008. Along with him, Congressman Ron Paul, J.D. Hayworth and Jim Sensenbrenner stood up for America.  More to follow as we gain 'counter critical mass' of active and angry American citizens ready to stand, speak out, wave the flag and demand our country returns into the hands of our citizens.
Senator Frist better pull his head out of his proverbial behind and submit a border enforcement bill that secures our borders.  We need arrested and prosecuted employers of illegals.  We need deportations not excuses.  It matters little if they're looking for a better life when they cause our country worse consequences than 100 Katrina's!  We're sick of it and we're sick of Mexico's Fox not respecting the needs of his own people in his own country.  
Last week, I stood in front of Westminster's Shaw Middle School in Denver, Colorado with my Stars and Stripes thrust over my head-along with 200 mothers and fathers with flags standing tall in freezing rain.  We protested Old Glory being banned in that school or wearing anything that represented the flag so as not to hurt the feelings of the illegal alien kids attending that school.  Ironically, it backfired on the Mexicans and the principal.  Dozens of kids would not buckle under the ban. They were ejected from school.  
One U.S. Marine father told a TV reporter, "I demand this principal give an apology for this flag ban, wipe my daughter's slate clean for being evicted for wearing a flag and this principal needs to resign."
President Bush may call us a bunch of 'vigilantes' for standing up for our flag and our kids, but he better muffle his words around some of the angry mothers and fathers that stood with me in the school yard.
This is why we don't and won't allow a guest worker amnesty program.  A friend of mine asked these questions on the president's proposed guest worker program:
Will spouses and children be able to accompany the guest worker?  Just minor children, or adult ones as well?
       If any of those amnesty bills pass, a minimum of six million wives
       and as high as 10 million will cross our borders from Mexico along
       with a minimum of three kids each, which equals 18 million and  
       as high as 30 million Spanish speaking students dumped onto our
       schools.  If the other six to ten million single men--father
       two kids within the six year work visa, that's another 12 to 20
       million non- English speaking kids dropped into our classrooms.  Do
       we want that kind of nightmare on our already overcrowded schools?
       These stand as horrific consequences if our Senate betrays us with
       a guest worker program.  But it gets worse!
Will any or all of the above be able to demand government services in the languages of their choice, per President Clinton's Executive Order 13166?  Will the workers be required to have at least a minimal working knowledge of English?  
Do we want our English language displaced by foreign languages?  Do we want to subsidize translations into three or three dozen languages? Can our country withstand the Balkanization and chaos of multiple languages?  Do we want Paris, France's violence to become Paris, America?
Will the children be eligible to attend school, and if so, at whose expense?  In what language(s) will they be educated?
How will health care services - including birth control - be provided and paid for?
Will any children born in the United States, automatically become U.S. citizens?
Will the workers be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit?  Will children remaining in the home country count as deductions when calculating the EITC benefit?  How will the number of dependents claimed be verified?
Will IRS and Social Security charges be deducted from their wages?  Will they be eligible for Social Security benefits, either here, or later in their home country?  How many quarters of work will be required for eligibility?  (Six years equals 24 quarters, less than the 40 quarters required for U.S. citizens.)
Will workers be permitted to marry?  Will those who marry a U.S. citizen, or have a child while here, be able to stay beyond the six-year period?  Would a man who fathers an "illegitimate" child qualify for citizenship on petition by the child when it reaches legal majority?
How about Worker's Compensation and unemployment?
If the job for which the worker came to the United States disappears, will workers be required to take a different job, or returned home?  If relocation is required, who will pay the expense?  Will they be eligible for unemployment?  If so, who pays the premium?
Will child labor laws apply, especially in the fields?
Will the workers be able to purchase a car, and obtain a U.S. drivers license?  If so, will they be required to purchase automobile insurance, and will this be available to them at a cost they can likely afford?
Will children be eligible to attend college?  If so, at what tuition rate: in-state or out-of-state?
Will minimum wage laws apply?  How about the Davis-Bacon Act?
Will the workers be free to unionize to demand improved wages and conditions?
Will there be requirements for immunizations, and initial and periodic health clearances?  On what schedule?  Who pays?
Will workers come under any contract?  If so, enforceable in what courts?  Will public defenders be provided?  At whose expense?
What system of identification documents will be required?
If conditions have not improved in the home country after six years, what are the chances that the guest workers will go home?  Did the guest workers imported from Europe after World War II go home when they were no longer needed, or did they stay and send for their families to join them? 
Will workers and their adult spouses be able to vote in local elections?
How will the workers (and families) be housed and fed?
Will workers be permitted to travel home at will?
Given these difficulties, won't most employers of the illegal aliens still prefer illegals?
Taken as a whole, isn't this a system of Indentured Servitude?  If you think they're only picking lettuce, think again.  They're displacing our working poor and millions in our middle class.  If you think they benefit our country, think again.  They cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars while a few corporation heads make millions.  If you think we can withstand a massive onslaught by a foreign country, think again.  How many of you want to see your Stars and Stripes banned in your schools because illegal aliens want to wave their flag in our country?
As you can see, any guest worker program will bring chaos and violence to our country.  When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it's a recipe for the destruction of any civilization.  Again, join and tell all your friends.  Our senate is scheming along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and major corporations to ram a guest worker program down our throats in two weeks.  You must not "sit back and watch our country self-destruct."    Take action to save your country and you have the tools!
Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at ; Join ; Become a part of the "21st Century Paul Revere" bicycle ride across America coast to coast next summer with Frosty as he and his band of riders carry this message from the Golden Gate Bridge to the steps of the nation's capitol in Washington, DC. Inquire at his email address for full details on how you can participate:  We need 10 bicycle riders.  You will be provided meals and transport to origin and from destination. Retired RVs drivers will be provided meals and 50 cents per mile.  Start date is May 29, 2006.
Send donations to: 21st
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