Handy Blueprint Of World Order

A Exclusive
By Douglas Herman
                                    "Illuminati" (1)
                    I                                          I
 Yale-educated(2)       Wall Street & Bank of England Bankers(2)
Global Elites                           ____________I_________
     ___I____                               I                     I                            I
    I              I                Intel Insiders(3)    Senators (3)    Media Magnates (3)         
Pentagon I   Zionists(3)              I____________
Civilians(3)             I______________________I____Crime Families (7)
    ___I_______                             I                                       I
  State Politicos(7)            Newly Rich Colonials(7)       Religious Leaders(7)
             ____I_____                           _____I________________
             US Career Military (10)        I                                          I
                             I                             Entertainers (11)            Artists (12)
Craftsmen, Caregivers, Small Businessmen, First Responders, Students, Laborers, Inventors, Farmers, Mechanics, Salespeople, Technicians, Etc (13)
                     Homeless, Unemployed Veterans, Imprisoned, Insane (14)
1, Illuminati is a catch-all name given to the Super rich, Very Old Money (VOM), politically-connected families of the world. Card-carrying, dues paying membership in Bilderbergers and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) required. Those at the top may, naturally, also qualify within either (or both) of number #2 levels. Membership in various secret societies a requisite.
2. Ivy League education (Yale and perhaps Harvard) and lineage to English royal family, plus position within tight strata of blue blood bankers, especially those which control the world's money, like Federal Reserve and House of Rothschild. CFR membership mandated. They own all the politicians of the world and nominate them at will and dominate their every move. Nationalist rogues, upstart idealists and disloyal maniacs (Saddam) are hastily removed.
3. Notice the interchangeable "Threes." A diverse group of top level CIA Insiders, US Senators, Pentagon and Cabinet level appointees, Zionists and Media magnates. GHW Bush once spent considerable time in almost every category before ascending to uppermost level of Global Elite. Granted, a person might occupy a comfortable niche in all categories: Zionist Media magnate with access to CIA secrets and Wall Street connections through secret membership in Mossad, but privy to all state secrets (conspiracies) who dabbles in Hollywood movie production and whose wife is either a Cabinet or Pentagon appointee or foreign ambassador, or heads a Washington DC think tank. CFR membership required, of course.
These "Threes" are the loyal footsoldiers (henchmen) of the uppermost levels, an entire bureaucracy with no national or religious loyalty, ever. Indeed, fluid movement allows high members of the top three groups to flow easily from Zionism to Nazism to Necrophilia to Catholicism to Sadism to Socialism without a twinge of conscience. Usually within the same lifetime.
7. You will notice that no levels exist between 3 and 7. The width of the chasm would astound the average citizen. Of course, a select few from the lower levels are allowed, purely as figureheads, to ascend to the upper elevations (Colin Powell) through long loyalty and abdication of all ethics. Thus a person may suddenly ascend (Bill Clinton) who does not appear to belong. But closer scrutiny indicates that person renounced all scruples, all decency, and every community loyalty at a young age for the amoral dictates of the upper strata.
10. Sometimes a career soldier or religious leader who visibly sold his soul (Pat Robertson) is allowed a period of servitude, an apprenticeship as a lobbyist for the military-industrial complex. They are then allowed into the antechamber of the club. In time, nomination to state level or national level political positions serve as rewards. These hopefuls never wield any actual power but carry out the dictates of the top two levels.
11-12. Entertainers and Artists wield superficial power over the people but rarely very much for very long. Independent thinkers or brilliant idealists (John Lennon) are hastily dispatched before they can sway the masses to think for themselves.
13. The masses, who wield no power. They naively believe they possess the power to change things, an idea encouraged by the Media magnates (3), who work with incumbent Senators (3) and state level politicians to continue the monumental charade. Occasionally, a brave US Senator suffers a pang of conscience but an unhappy accident (Paul Wellstone) effectively serves as a warning and deterrent to others. Of course, the loyal Media magnates (3) perform their part, together with CIA Insiders (3) to convince the masses the demise of this individual was purely an accident.
14. The untouchables. The truly powerful because they posses absolutely no power. But because they exist beyond even the concerns of the Illuminati, they are truly free and thus powerful-but almost never realize it.
Lastly, we understand that Threes are always directed from above. Some well known examples: the Roswell cover-up, the JFK cover-up, the TWA Flt 800 cover-up, the 911 cover-up. Threes take their orders from Twos and Ones and have no autonomy. Predictably we see what happens to whistleblowers (true patriots); the Media (3) effectively silences them.
Douglas Herman wends his way between levels 12 and 14 and writes for Rense regularly. He lives in that Illuminati playground of south Florida. You may email him at



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