You Won't Like It!
By Frosty Wooldridge 
When you look at globalists like Senator Kerry, Condi Rice, Vice President Cheney, Senator Frist, President Bush and others in our nation's capitol, you're looking at men and women performing a frightening experiment on the United States of America.  You're also looking at men and women who have failed to stand up for the U.S. Constitution. 
They've failed their oath of office.  They contrived us into an un-winnable war; created a horrific national debt; opened our borders to unending illegal immigration; outsourced, insourced and offshored jobs stolen from our middle class-and finally, they abet lawlessness of 20 million illegal aliens-instead of preserving our rights as American citizens.
These leaders support globalism.  Their goal is to bring this country into line with the poverty and corruption of Third World countries like Mexico.  A reader said, "You Americans have been living an artificially high standard of living for far too long; its time you drop down to the poverty levels of the Third World.  Massive immigration will do that to you."
With one million legal immigrants pouring into our nation from Third World countries annually and over three million illegal aliens crossing America's borders each year-folks, that man must be laughing his head off at our sinking into poverty like millions in the Third World.
Globalization, or globalism, means centralization operating on a global scale - that is to say, centralization aiming at global dictatorship, a kind of ultimate expansion of tyranny. It follows that everything you see in the realm of politics, economics, human rights, and especially in all things seen as social engineering, reflect the endeavors of centralization.  This will not change course, nor will it self-destruct!  No!  It needs to be opposed!  
An interview with Mel Fowler concerning the debilitating aspects of America's dabbling in globalism may provoke an outcry, and later, fear of the future.
"I think most Americans have some idea of what "tyranny" means," Fowler said.  "It's a quaint word we haven't heard people use for quite some time. Because things that have been happening to us in our United States of America of late, the word tyranny is coming back into use. 
"Before our very eyes, the United States has been transformed from a settled, relatively good-natured, comfortable country into an imperialist, war-making state.  The whole world is mad at the United States! 
Fowler continued, "When I was a child, we were poor.  Even seemingly solid businesses struggled to stay alive.  We worried about unemployment, the depression and the approaching war (WWII) yet, in some way that's hard to explain, we were happy.  Or perhaps I should say we had faith that the underlying supports were still in place.   We were poor, and we didn't have anything.  We are still poor, but now most of us have everything we might want, and then some - most of it acquired by going into debt. 
"Now we have globalism. It is an extension, to include the entire planet, of everything the British Empire aimed at.  More than two centuries ago, Americans fought to free themselves from British Imperialism.  Globalism, the current form taken by the lusts for empire is guaranteed tyranny for us all, except for the globalist elites.  It is infinitely authoritarian in its mind set.  It would seem that the globalist center of power will be seated at such a distance that there will be no concern or need for democracy, constitutionalism, or legal protections for common people, whose numbers are to be so drastically reduced." 
The front line of the conflict we have with globalism is its very opposite, NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY. 
"Whereas globalism seeks to centralize authority, power and wealth in the hands of its elite," Fowler said. "The interests of common people are served, not by centralization of those items, but by the opposite of centralization:  by a distributive scheme regarding authority, power and wealth.   National sovereignty is the only thing you have that protects those things that you most treasure.  Without it, you have nothing.  Providing you are willing to join forces with others like you, with the retention of national sovereignty, you might just have a fighting chance.  If we lose our national sovereignty, hence our freedom and all else we care about, we will never get it back.  
"The overlords of globalism appear now to be attempting to sprint to their goal of world dictatorship, and we now have some other things to worry us, not the least of which is the destructive power of several million illegal aliens pouring into our country every year. 
"We have completely lost control of the political life of this country.  The two-party system works splendidly for the globalists who captured our country some time ago.  Those who see that the United States is in serious trouble are dismayed by the appearance that the great majority of our citizenry are not aware of it.  They go on as if life is sweet and getting sweeter. 
"As everyone knows, the two-party political system we have is rotten to the core. The public perception is that there are two ways to waste your vote:  (1) vote the ticket of one of the major parties or (2) vote otherwise (i.e., third party or write in).   
"Our legislative bodies are no longer responsive to the citizens and their needs, members of Congress and the Senate now answerable only to special interests represented by lobbying organizations such as AIPAC, the sources of wealth they depend on for necessary re-election money. 
"Our manufacturing facilities and manufacturing jobs with them have been moved overseas.  We are now dependent on China to produce and sell us what we need.  
"As a result of profligate spending on wars and the maintenance of the huge military forces thought to be necessary for the Imperial power our government in its dream-like condition believes it to be, the United States now has the greatest burden of debt in its history, both public and private, accumulated during the period in which we acquired the greatest number of new millionaires and billionaires ever to grace our land, while the U.S. economy now perches on the precipice of collapse and bankruptcy, Alan Greenspan having performed magnificently for Wall Street.  
"Our Constitution, laws and freedoms, are being trashed piecemeal by people who appear to place no value on those freedoms which the Constitution of the United States guarantees to its citizens, such people coming to America from various dictatorial regimes where they never acquired a respect for our love of freedom. 
"The United States and its national sovereignty, we are told, are soon to become a thing of the past, the territory it now occupies to become part of a "region" in the globalist scheme consisting of Canada and Mexico with the former United States in between. 
"We find that we have been substantially lied to about the purposes of environmental and land preservation measures, most of which we now know are tied into globalist endeavors under the sponsorship of the UN, to evict the public from most of the land we Americans thought of in the past as belonging to the people of our country for their use and enjoyment. 
"Farmers who wish to continue to be farmers will not be allowed to produce their own seed for crops of subsequent  years, but will have to apply to Monsanto or other corporate monstrosity for purchase of genetically modified seeds, from which only next year's crop may be grown. 
"Law enforcement in The United States is rapidly being consolidated under the federal government and The Department of Homeland Security with its political biases, its inattention to aliens coming into the country, its taste for annoying ordinary American citizens with inappropriate personal searches at airports, its preemption of responsibility for local police departments and County Sheriffs, and other outrages." 
Millions of illegal aliens marching in our streets in promotion of anarchy in the past two weeks without fear of our president manifesting his oath of office and our impotent Congress not standing for the rule of law--exhibit the worst behavior of our leaders.  It also shows you that the reader was correct, "You Americans have been living an artificially high standard of living; it's time for you to drop down to the poverty levels of the rest of the Third World.  Immigration will do that to you."  Globalism-you won't like it because it will make America country like their countries.  The American Dream dies with globalism.
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