Ghost Triggers Camera?
From Kishor Jadeja
(556k gif animation taken from avi video, looped - allow time to load)
Download avi file here
I have a motion detector camera, connected to my PC, which barks when anything moves in front of it. I usually leave it running overnight to deter burglars etc... This morning (15/04/2006), at around 08:00, when I was watching some cricket on Sky TV, I heard the warning 'bark' coming from the conservatory. I went in to investigate, as everyone else was fast asleep (being a Saturday, just after Good Friday). No one was present in the conservatory, but something had triggered the motion detector, and hence the 'barks'. I checked the pc, and looked at the images produced, to discover a ghostly image peering into the conservatory from the garden, and then moving off!!!
I have attached the video for you perusal, and look forward to any comments that you may have. I state I was alone downstairs, no one else was present, and this was during this morning!!!
Kishor Jadeja
London, England



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