If You Are Democrat Or
Republican, You Are
A Fool Or A Wimp

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to
"Vote: the instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country."  -- Ambrose Bierce (Devil's Dictionary)
I've known lots of fine folks who proudly called themselves registered Republicans or Democrats. Heck, many of my own siblings have voted Republican or Democrat. I respect and admire millions of otherwise sane folks who have voted for either party. I admire them, but never for their voting.
If you call yourself a Democrat today you are either a fool or hopelessly naïve. If you call yourself a Republican you are either a wimp or a bully. Probably both.
To quote an angry little bigot, who happened to be right when he said it: There ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats. If there's a difference between Lieberman and Delay I'd like to know.
The Average Congressional member of either party represents (A) Lobbyists for pricey war toy manufacturers and (B) lobbyists for Israel. If that weren't true, America wouldn't be flat broke and living on borrowed time and money. Nor would we be conducting fucked-up wars in the Middle East for ill-defined reasons, most of them having to do with A & B.
The evening before the 2004 election, Broward County (Florida) Democrats sponsored a rally and free Jimmy Buffet concert. Volunteers skipped along the queue giving away free Kerry- Edwards T-shirts. I remarked to those in line that the vote was already in and counted and the victor already decided. I was hushed and hissed but turned out I was right. BushCo carried the state (again) by rigging the black boxes and striking blacks from the election rolls.
You would have thought the outraged Democratic voters would have stormed the warehouse where the black boxes were stored and smashed them, but you would have been wrong. Wimps don't act like Paul Revere and the Raiders, although they were once big fans of their music.
The wimps are represented by people like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and Joe Lieberman, wimps all, beholden to that Lobby which the mainstream media dares not cross but assures us does not exist.
The wimps nominate other wimps like themselves, who roll over when the first reports of a rigged election arise. But what sort of wimps vote for a war but don't want to fight it? And then, when they discover the war was based on a lies, damn lies and statistics, they continue to pour men, money and materials down the rat hole?  The Democrats are whiners and wimps while the Republicans are wimps and bullies. The Ass Party is no different than the Quagmire Party. The Pachyderms are the party of bad ideas and worse performance, while the asses are simply asses.
You hear a lot of grumbling lately from former Pentagon generals about that bad idea called the Iraq War but, aside from Jimmy Carter, (who got Bushed out of office by the October Surprise), not too many Dems opposed either the war or the Neocons. Why was that?
The Dems are dumb and dumber. The party of Jimmy Carter could have just as well nominated Jim Carrey in 2004 and that comedian would have performed a helluva lot better than John Kerry did.  At least "Truman" Carrey would have shown a whole lot more backbone or, at least, a funny bone. Spineless AND humorless best defines the Dems.  Maybe they're keeping mum until later this year, deluded in the belief that all those black boxes somehow got fixed. Sure they did, just like the next election.
 By contrast the Republicans are just plain repugnant. Not one among them with the scruples of a wolf. Indeed, wolves resemble early Christian saints compared to Republicans.
Part bully, part wimp, the average Republican adheres to the holy scriptures of the Wall Street Journal. New age crusaders but without the swords, registered Republicans prefer other folks sacrifice for some felonious idea of a holy land. Enraptured evangelicals, disgruntled veterans, wealthy Presbyters and fifth column Jews, they swear jihad against the Islamic hordes that threaten our mini-malls and golf courses, content to let others do the fighting (except for the disgruntled vets).
To be a wealthy Republican is to be a wimp, the worst sort of phony and fake, a pampered huckster, hypocrite and con man. To be a poor Republican today is to be part bully and part bitch. You get to bully others in the name of freedom (or have the US Army do it), condoning torture, theft and murder of myriad small countries. But in the meantime you get screwed and your children and grandchildren get robbed and raped.
Not that the Dems are much better. Most of them are too dumb to even realize 911 was an inside job. Except for McKinney, not one of them protested the Kean Commission whitewash.  The last tough guy among them got assassinated while in his airplane, for the courage to veto a war. Wellstone was his name.
If you vote, particularly Democrat or Republican, without striking at the whole fraudulent structure, you are either a fool or a wimp, or altogether misguided.  But not to worry; your country is bankrupt and national elections will soon be as redundant as the currency and as anachronistic as the Constitution.



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